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Name Numerology Decoded |  How Effective is the Name Numerology Calculator?

Name Numerology Decoded | How Effective is the Name Numerology Calculator?

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Numerology is a unique astrological connection between alphabets and numbers.

It might come as a fascinating surprise, but, according to astrology, every number in numerology has its unique vibratory influence.

It is this influence that astrologers use to predict the future with the help of name numerology by alphabets.

So, what’s the concept behind name numerology?

You might have noticed that parents usually organize a pooja, also known as naam karan, for their new born kids. It is done in order to find out which alphabets are lucky for the child according to the date of birth. The child is then named using the lucky alphabet only.

In other words, your birth number, your destiny number, your lucky number, and even your path number and soul’s urge number depend upon your name. Hence, the entire hype behind name numerology by alphabets.

That said, let’s now help you explore a bit about which alphabet resonates with which number according to numerology.

Correlation Between Numbers and Alphabets

According to the Chaldean Numerology Chart, different alphabets associate with different numbers.

  1. Number 1 is the lucky number for alphabets A, I, J, Q, and Y.

  2. Number 2 is the lucky number for alphabets B, K, and R.

  3. Number 3 is the lucky number for alphabets C, G, L, and S.

  4. Number 4 is the lucky number for alphabets D, M, and T.

  5. Number 5 is the lucky number for alphabets E, H, N, and X.

  6. Number 6 is the lucky number for alphabets U, V, and W.

  7. Number 7 is the lucky number for alphabets O and Z.

  8. Number 8 is the lucky number for alphabets F and P.

Do note that in some numerology charts like the Chaldean Numerology Chart there’s no number beyond the number 8 since number 9 is considered to be a very sacred number.

That said, let’s now take you through the benefits of future predictions with the help of name numerology by alphabets.

6 Benefits of Name Numerology

The mystery revolving around the future has always fascinated people. So, when the future is actually predicted with the help of name numerology by alphabets, here’s how it can benefit you.

It Can Make You Wealthier

One of the reasons that some people end up being wealthier than others is that they get better promotion opportunities at work. You can get those opportunities too, if only you know which career will be better for you. And that’s the one thing that an astrologer can predict with the help of your path number.

Also, name numerology by alphabets is able to offer predictions about the time that’ll be most auspicious to start a business.

All in all, you will be provided with many options to make money and gather wealth.

It Can Make Your Domestic Life Blissful

An astrologer will be able to predict the kind of people you shouldn’t be dating. It will give you a better chance at deciding which person would be better off as your life partner. Needless to say, when your spouse is understanding and loving, your domestic life will be blissful.


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It Will Make You Spiritual

Knowing the future makes a person wiser since they get to know the real meaning of life beyond just fortune and material possessions. Being spiritual has its own benefits.

  • You’ll feel peaceful.

  • You won’t get affected by negativity.

  • You’ll not suffer from mental troubles since your attitude in life will be very positive.

As a result of this, more and more people would want to be around you. Precisely, you will never be lonely.

It Can Give Make You Powerful

When you know which path is right for you, you’re able to make better choices.

Whether it’s your domestic life or your work life, you’ll be known as a problem solver. This reputation of being a problem solver will improve your reputation as well as your social status – people will blindly believe in you. That’s how you’ll ultimately get powerful.

It Can Make you Wiser

Powerful, yes. Wealthy, yes. Famous, yes. But, what everybody cannot be is, wise – wise in terms of forgiveness.

Knowing the future can, however, actually make a person more forgiving. When you know how karma affects your present and future, you’ll be more willing to do good. Such people are good philanthropists and they are generally very calm.

It Will Improve Your Intellect

Knowing what’s better gives a person the first requisite for success – focus. You’ll be able to channelize all your concentration towards achieving your goal. With the amount of knowledge that you’ll acquire in the process will improve your intellect.

This is also one reason that such people are:

  • Better leaders.

  • Respected by everybody.

So, precisely, knowing the future – in fact, even having a rough idea about it – can actually bring good luck since you’ll already have an idea of what’s better for you.  

Future prediction with the help of name numerology by alphabets can definitely bring good luck.

How Effective is the Name Numerology Calculator?

In astrology, name numerology calculator is a very effective modernized tool that can predict everything about your future. Just as a Chaldean numerology chart reveals your destiny number, birth number, and lucky number, the name numerology calculator uses the same concept to predict your future.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is name numerology by alphabets accurate?

Yes. Name numerology by alphabets can reveal a lot about your future. Whether it’s your love life or your professional life, the predictions are very accurate.

2. What is the importance of name numerology by alphabets?

It is used to make predictions by finding out your lucky number, destiny number, and path number. The predictions can help you in choosing the right career.

3. Can numerology predictions make you rich?

Yes. Astrologers use alphabets to find out many things like the lucky name for your business, lucky day you should start a business, and even the shares you should invest in.

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