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Riyan Parag Horoscope Analysis: Kundli, Birth Chart, Zodiac Sign, and Cricket Career

Riyan Parag Horoscope Analysis: Kundli, Birth Chart, Zodiac Sign, and Cricket Career

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Riyan Parag birth details

Planetary Combinations

Riyan Parag is an Indian cricketer who was born on November 10, 2001. On January 29, 2017, he made his Twenty20 debut for Assam in the 2016–17 Inter State Twenty-20 Tournament. He was picked to India’s squad for the 2017 ACC Under-19 Asia Cup in October 2017. On November 17, 2017, he made his first-class debut for Assam in the 2017–18 Ranji Trophy. He was picked to India’s squad for the 2018 Under-19 Cricket World Cup in December 2017.

With 248 runs in seven matches, he was Assam’s best run scorer in the 2018–19 Vijay Hazare Trophy. At a base price of 20 lakhs, he was purchased by the Rajasthan Royals in the player auction for the 2019 Indian Premier League in December 2018. In the 2019 Indian Premier League, he became the youngest cricketer in the league’s history to score a fifty. At the age of 17 years and 175 days, he accomplished the accomplishment. Sanju Samson and Prithvi Shaw shared the previous record of 18 years and 169 days.

Rahu in the 11th house implies that Riyan Parag is a skilled businessman. Riyan parag is a hard worker who is always on the go. Riyan Parag is a wealthy man. Riyan parag perceives a shortage and weakness in children’s happiness. In the case of women, there may be an abortion or a miscarriage. Riyan Parag enjoys playing the stock market.

Riyan Parag is a successful self-made businessman. Riyan Parag faces challenges and setbacks throughout the course of his luck, but thanks to his bold actions, he achieves his aim. He may have developed an addiction to intoxicants. Riyan Parag is a devout Muslim who performs his official duties admirably and meticulously. He is well-known for his sage advice. Riyan Parag is always interested in learning about shastras and philosophy. Riyan Parag may be suffering from ear problems. Rahu is associated with professional achievement, financial gains, honours, and esteem. Riyan Parag has a lot of comforts.

Astrological Highlights

Riyan Parag was born under the sign of Scorpio. The fearful triplicity’s fifth sign is Leo. Riyan Parag is a charismatic individual. Riyan Parag is expected to have light hair and a broad, round face. He’ll have a reddish complexion. Riyan Parag is a confident and energetic sports competitor. Riyan Parag is a polite and ambitious young man. Riyan Parag may be irritable and will be separated from his mother. The majority of Riyan parag have a prominent brow.

Riyan exudes a noble, stately, and royal demeanour. Riyan Parag will have a great time with his friends and family. Riyan Parag is the project’s leader and in charge of the troops. Riyan Parag is a very open and honest person. Riyan parag is a man of strong convictions. Riyan Parag has an enraged demeanour. Riyan Parag appreciates the arts and music. Riyan Parag is self-assured in his abilities. Riyan Parag has a small family. Riyan Parag is similar to his parents. Riyan Parag enjoys a variety of styles. Riyan Parag is well-liked by the government and society.

Riyan Parag enjoys doing research. His thoughts are stable, and he should not be a victim of flattery. Riyan Parag is a romantic who knows how to cheer up his lover. Riyan Parag is an ideal lover who is easily seduced by love. Riyan Parag is a passionate person who enjoys a lot of creature pleasures. Riyan Parag’s mansion will be magnificent, and he will live an aristocratic lifestyle. Riyan Parag will be surrounded by royals. Riyan Parag will be respected and honoured in his family and society. Riyan Parag will have a lot of government support.

Riyan Parag will be wealthy, educated, helpful, and kind if he is born in this nakshatra. Riyan Parag will be successful in business and live a comfortable life. Riyan Parag will have a large number of servants and will be a devout Muslim. He will have a peaceful connection with his wife and be devoted to his parents, but he will be overly strict and harsh. Parag will have a clear mind and act in a clear manner. His liver will be in poor condition. Because Riyan Parag was born in the gund mool nakshatra, he must conduct puja.