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The 5th house is the house of children. Malefic planets in this house result in child problems. However, there are several astrological remedies for childlessness. 

A marriage without children is like monsoons without any rain. The truth of the hour is that whether or not a couple can have children depends upon planets and houses in the Kundli. 


Planetary Combinations and Doshas Responsible for Child Problem 

The 5th house is the key and has all the answers. Malefic planets Rahu and Venus (Shukra) sitting in the 5th house together means the couple will not have children. Rahu in the 5th House of the mother can lead to the death of the child upon birth. Saturn sitting in the 5th House with evil eyes on the Moon means the mother will be barren or the child will die soon after birth. Pitra Dosh and Kaal Sarp Dosh in the Kundli also create problems in having a child.


Astrological Remedies for Child Problem

Astrologers offer many solutions for couples who do not have Santan Yog in their Kundli. The concept behind such remedies is to remove malefic planets and inauspicious doshas from the Kundli. 


The natives with pitra dosha in their Kundli suffer a lot. Such people should conduct a Pitru Tarpan Puja to remove pitra dosh from the Kundli. Feeding wheat flour dough to crows on the day of Shradh is another way to remove Pitra dosh. These people can also donate new red-colored clothes to Brahmins during the month of Shradh. Kaal Sarp Doshin a Kundli is the Karma of killing snakes and innocent animals in a past life. Such natives should fast every Nag Panchmi to seek forgiveness. The natives can also submerge 108 pairs of Nag-Nagin metal idols in a flowing river. The native should also recite the Panchakshari Shiva mantra (Om Namah Shivay) 108 times every day, offer water to a peepal tree every Saturday, and recite the Rahu Beej Mantra to remove Kaal Sarp Dosh. Weak Rahu or weak Venus in the 5th house delays child birth indefinitely. The natives can conduct a Navgraha Shanti puja at home. It is also recommended to buy a Sri Rahu Yantra and worship it every day. Pleasing Lord Shiva also reduces the malice of Rahu. The natives should make donations in an orphanage to appease Venus. Natives should also recite the Venus beej mantra, fast on Fridays, and worship Maa Jagdamba and Lord Parshuram to appease Venus. Saturn in the 5th house is another reason behind the child problem. The natives can wear a Blue Sapphire ring to seek the blessings of Saturn (Shani). However, it should be done only upon the recommendation of an expert astrologer. Offering Shani Daan to the needy and poor people can also appease Saturn. The natives can also visit a Shani temple on Saturdays and offer mustard oil as a token of respect. Astrology has many other alternative remedies for childless couples too. The natives should buy and worship a Santan Gopal Yantra. Laddu Gopal is the baby form of Sri Krishna (incarnation of Lord Vishnu). If Lord Vishnu is pleased by the devotion, he can bless the couple with children. Gomti chakra remedy is another solution. The natives should rotate a gomti chakra around their heads 7 times during the Holika Dahan festival and burn that gomti chakra in the Holika Dahan bonfire. The native should also worship a Banyan tree every Thursday. It will please planet Jupiter who can bless a couple with children.