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Jupiter is a significant, also the largest, planet in Hinduism. It is known as the Guru Graha (Guru means teacher) in Indian astrology. Since Planet Jupiter is considered to control the mind and intelligence of all humans, Jupiter Transit is a pivotal event. 

According to Vedic astrology, planet Jupiter has the power to play with the intelligence and decision-making skills of human beings. When it’s transiting between different zodiac signs, it affects different people differently. It can topple or balance the financial and emotional condition of every person.


Legends of Planet Jupiter in Astrology 

Planet Jupiter has many mythological legends attached to its existence. There are 2 that are incredibly popular in astrology. According to the sacred Hindu Vedas, Jupiter was the Guru of Gods, Guru Brihaspati. He used to counsel all Gods in political matters. Once he visited Lord Indra (God of Heaven) in his court. But Indra was so consumed with pride that he did not greet his Guru. Seeing how proud Indra had become, Guru Brihaspati decided to teach Indra a lesson. He left the council of Gods and went invisible. Guru shukracharya, who was the counselor of the demons, took this as an opportunity and advised the demons to attack the Gods. As a result of fighting a war without a Guru, the Gods suffered a defeat. Lord Indra, personally, had to suffer through a series of misfortunes until Lord Shiva finally eased his pains. So, Rigveda makes mention that a person (even a God) who disrespects a teacher falls for his own doom. Another legend is about the wife of Planet Jupiter, Devi Tara (the goddess of the sky). According to Hindu legends, the Moon (Chandra Dev) was enchanted by the beauty of Devi Tara. It resulted in an affair between the two. They, Devi Tara and the Moon, had an illegitimate Child, Planet Mercury. It is believed to this date that Jupiter bears animosity with Mercury since it reminds Jupiter of the infidelity of his wife.


Significance of Planet Jupiter in Astrology 

Jupiter, in Vedic astrology, is the ruler of the 9th House and the 12th House. It makes Jupiter also the ruling/Lagna lord of Sagittarius and Pisces. When Jupiter is strong, it blesses the natives with the wealth of immense knowledge and intellect. However, if weak, angry, or afflicted, Jupiter takes away the capacity of thinking rationally. Natives with a weak Jupiter also suffer from problems in their married life.


Meaning of Jupiter Transit

When the Earth is moving between the Sun and Jupiter, that transit period is known as Jupiter Transit. It’s that time of the year when Jupiter is passing between different zodiac signs.


Effects of Jupiter Transit 2021 on All Zodiac Signs

Jupiter transit 2021 in Aries will make the natives extremely lucky. It’s the time of the year that will bring financial gains. Aries natives should expect a salary hike during this period. Jupiter transit 2021 in Taurus will be a bag of mixed joy. While the natives will go through a rough patch at work, the relationships at the home will improve. The natives will feel especially close to their mothers. Jupiter transit 2021 in Gemini will be very auspicious for married life. Couples will experience peace and harmony. However, the health of the in-laws of the natives can get affected badly. Jupiter transit 2021 in Cancer will not bring positive results. The natives will suffer from monetary losses. It will bring bad luck and misfortune for the children of the house too. Jupiter transit 2021 in Leo will make the natives very good at making decisions. This will be a happy time for students too. Married people trying to get pregnant might get good news. Jupiter transit 2021 in Virgo will be good for students but bad for married couples. Married people might also suffer from monetary losses other than frequent fights over petty matters. Jupiter transit 2021 in Libra will be a little bit good and a little bit bad. Natives looking for love will find love. But, there won’t be mental peace due to financial problems. However, students preparing for competitive exams might succeed during this time. Jupiter transit 2021 in Scorpio will be the time when the natives can make property investments that will reap benefits later on. But, the health of the mother might deteriorate very badly. This will be a particularly hard time since the family life of the native will be negatively affected. Jupiter transit 2021 in Sagittarius might bring the finances crashing down during the first half of the year. However, after September, luck will favor the natives and there will be constant financial gain. The health of the natives will also improve. Jupiter transit 2021 in Capricorn will bring very auspicious results. The family life will flourish and the natives might also get a promotion at work.  Jupiter transit 2021 in Aquarius will be a wonderful phase for married couples and couples in a relationship. Unmarried couples might get married and married couples who want children might get pregnant. However, health will be a serious concern for these people. Jupiter transit 2021 in Pisces will bring monetary success. But the marriage will suffer and so will the health.


Jupiter Transit 2021 Dates

Capricorn to AquariusTuesday, April 6th, 2021 at 01:50 AM

Aquarius to Capricorn (Retrograde)Tuesday, September 14th, 2021 at 11:43 AM

Capricorn to Aquarius (Direct) – Sunday, November 21st, 2021 at 02:06 AM