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Moon Transit 2021

Planet moon, according to Vedic astrology, is a feminine planet and is known as Chandra Deva in Hinduism. It signifies beauty and love, and it affects the mind too. Moon transit is the fastest amongst all other planetary transits. Since the Moon Transit can affect the physical and mental health of a person, astrologers keep a keen eye on this phenomenon. 


Legends of the Moon in Astrology 

There are many popular mythological legends about the Moon. However, there are two legends that most astrologers believe in. The first legend is about the birth of Mercury (Budh Graha), the illegitimate child of Chandra Deva. It is believed that Chandra Deva fell in love with the beauty of Tara Devi who was the wife of Guru Brihaspati (Planet Jupiter). He cast a spell on Devi Tara and consummated with her. The illegitimate child that was born to him and Tara was Mercury. Mercury is believed to carry the grudge against Moon because he had to carry the taboo of being illegitimate. That is why the Moon and Mercury are enemy planets. The second legend is about Rohini, the wife of Moon. It is believed that Chandra dev married 27 daughters (now known as the 27 nakshatras) of Rishi Daksha under the condition that he will love each one of them equally. However, the Moon fell in love with one of the daughters, Rohini. It made Rishi Daksha furious and he cursed that the Moon would lose its luster. Astrologers believe that the waxing and waning of the moon is the result of the curse of Daksha.


Significance of the Moon in Astrology 

Vedic astrology mentions that the Moon is the ruling planet of the 4th house (the house of relationships, wealth, and cultivation) in the birth chart. Hence, the Moon is also the ruling planet of the cancer zodiac sign. When the Moon is strong and has a kind eye, it blesses the natives with mental peace, harmony in relationships, and a lot of material possessions. However, when angry or weak, it creates all sorts of hardships for natives. Such people suffer from clouded judgment, lose their property, and feel depressed and restless. 

One of the Vedic significations of the Moon is Mother (being the ruler of the 4th house). Hence, it determines the love of the native for the motherland. It is believed that if the moon in the 4th house is afflicted, the natives leave their country and settle abroad. 


Meaning of Moon Transit 

The moon travels between different zodiac signs. This time of travel is known as Moon Transit. The moon is known to take approximately just 54 hours to enter a zodiac sign. During the transit, it affects the mood and emotions of the natives. 


Effects of Moon Transit on All Houses in a Birth Chart
The Moon transit in the 1stHouse brings positive results in the lives of the natives. These people get to spend a lot of time with their partners and friends. They gain a lot of wealth and fame. At the same time, they become very caring and giving. The Moon transit in the2nd House gives mixed results. The natives spend more time caring for nature, the needy, and poor people. It is a time of self-realization. However, this inclination towards public welfare takes their focus away from their family and friends. It affects their family life badly. Also, the natives face a lot of financial problems. The Moon transit in the 3rd House is an auspicious time. The natives get to travel a lot during this time. They bond with their friends and family. It is also one of the best times for romantic relationships to flourish. However, the only concern is that the natives might get over-emotional. The Moon transit in the4thHouse makes the natives extremely attached to their mothers. This can damage their relationship with their spouses. The natives might also have to face financial challenges. The Moon transit inthe5th House is a bag of both joys and sorrows. The natives get a lot of support from their families and lovers. However, the work-life suffers since these people are very emotional during this time and might make silly decisions. The Moon transit in the 6th House brings excitement to work. There are new opportunities to earn more and get a promotion. The love life flourishes too. However, the natives might suffer from minor health issues like recurrent body pain and fever. The Moon transit inthe 7th House makes the natives very caring towards the needy of society. But, this self-analysis comes at the cost of personal relationships that can get very bitter because the natives fail to spend time with their families. The Moon transit in the 8th House makes the natives short-tempered. There are chances that these people will make bad decisions at work. It leads to a heavy financial crisis. The Moon transit in the 9th House is the time of learning. The natives become hardworking. The results might not always be favorable and might leave the natives feeling negative. But, the willpower of the natives becomes so strong that they bounce back from failures and negativity every single time. The Moon transit in the10th House is a productive phase for the natives. They get to learn new things and meet new people. The natives also make more money. During this phase, the natives do tend to get over-emotional. But, with the support from their lovers, they are able to make correct decisions every time. The Moon transit in the 11th House makes the natives very popular between friends and colleagues. These people earn name and fame. They get opportunities to earn more. However, the family relationships suffer during this phase. The Moon transit in the 12th House brings out the creative side and hidden talents of the natives. They are appreciated for their hard work. However, the natives find it hard to control their emotions. It can make them depressed and anxious.