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Saturn transit

Planet Saturn in Hinduism is known as Shani Deva. When it sits in the wrong house, it causes Sade Sati (meaning, 7.5 years). The negative effects of Sade Sati continue for 7.5 years. Hence, Saturn is one of the most feared planets after the planet Mars. 

Saturn, in Vedic astrology, is the planet of Karma and Justice. Since it is the planet that keeps a record of all past life deeds of a native and offers results (both, good and bad) accordingly, its transit is officially one of the most important events in astrology. 


Legends of the Planet Saturn in Astrology 

According to popular mythology legends, Shani Dev (Saturn) is the Son of the king of all planets, the Sun. The Sun had a beautiful dutiful wife, Sandhya. The constant heat from her husband was unbearable for her. She did have 3 children with Surya dev. When she got too tired of the burning pain she felt whenever the Sun came close to her, she created her lookalike using her shadow. The name of the lookalike of Devi Sandhya was Chaya. Soon after creating Chaya, Sandhya left her husband and children in the hands of Chaya and asked her to take care of them in her absence. Shani was the Son of Devi Chaya and Planet Sun. When Shani (Saturn) was born, Surya Deva could not believe that his child was black in color. The moment Shani lay eyes on the sun, the Sun went into an eclipse. Angry and sad, Surya Deva accused Devi Chaya of infidelity. Chaya, who was a true devotee of Lord Shiva, pleaded with the Lord to prove her innocence. Lord Shiva then appeared in front of Surya Deva and told him that Saturn was, indeed, his son. Lord Shiva also blessed Saturn to be the Lord of Justice and Karma


Significance of Planet Saturn in Astrology 

Planet Saturn, according to Vedic astrology, is the ruling planet of the 10th House (the house of Karma, social status, and fame) and governs the 11th House (the house of wealth, fortune, and relationships) too. It is also the ruler of the Capricorn zodiac sign and the Aquarius zodiac sign. Saturn is usually considered to be a malefic planet but that’s not the entire truth. Saturn plays the role of a teacher. He treats human beings like his students, and punishes them for their sins, and rewards them for their good deeds. When Saturn is weak or angry, it curses the natives with sorrow and hardships. Such people lose money and fail to succeed in their careers. But, when Saturn is strong in the birth chart of the native and is well-placed, it makes the natives rich, popular, and successful.

The bottom line is, Saturn is not a bad planet. It is the planet that blesses the natives who have done good deeds and punishes the ones who have done evil in their past lives. 


Meaning of Saturn Transit 

Transit in astrology refers to the movement of the planets. All planets keep moving between different zodiac signs, and so does Saturn. So, Saturn transit is the time of the year when Saturn leaves one zodiac sign and enters a different zodiac sign. Since Saturn moves very slowly ( it can sit in a zodiac sign for 2.5 years and in a house for 7.5 years), astrologers study its transit with keen interest. 


Effects of Saturn Transit on All Zodiac Signs 

Saturn will not be transiting in 2021. It will sit constantly in different zodiac signs. Hence, the effects of Saturn will be different for everyone. 

Saturn in Aries in 2021 will make the natives very busy at work. It will affect the family relationships badly. The natives will taste success at work but will go through extreme stress due to a heavy workload. Success will come at the cost of an estranged relationship with parents. Saturn in Taurus in 2021 will be very auspicious. The natives planning to travel abroad for studies will succeed. It is also the time for monetary gains, success in career, and cordial relationships with spouses and siblings. The natives will most likely be able to buy luxurious property. Saturn in Gemini in 2021 will bring a lot of stress at work. Domestic life will suffer due to frequent fights. The natives will not be able to get recognition at work despite working very hard. The mental health will be affected too and the natives might go through depression and loneliness. Saturn in Cancer in 2021 will be particularly very tough for married couples. The natives will have major conflicts with their spouses. The health of the natives will be a cause of concern throughout the year. However, it will bring a lot of financial growth for natives who own a business. Saturn in Leo in 2021 will affect the health of natives badly. These people will most likely suffer from air-borne diseases. Students, however, will enjoy a spree of good luck. Saturn in Virgo in 2021 will bring good luck for the natives. The natives will get success in their careers, earn a lot of money, and will enjoy good health. Natives in love might get married this year. Saturn in Libra in 2021 will bring financial growth and stability to the lives of the natives. These people will enjoy good health. However, the health of parents might be a cause of concern. The natives will most likely benefit from investment in land too. Saturn in Scorpio in 2021 will make the natives very lucky and the luck will continue throughout the year. These people will be able to overcome financial problems from the last year. It is also the best time to reconcile with siblings. Saturn in Sagittarius in 2021 will be good for finances and married life. However, the natives will have to go through extreme stress due to workload. Saturn in Capricorn in 2021 is the time of financial gains. The natives might acquire paternal property and sudden wealth, resolving all financial problems. However, the health of the natives will not be favorable. These people will have to work harder than their colleagues if they want to achieve growth in their careers. Saturn in Aquarius in 2021 will bring a lot of hardships for the natives. Their married life will hit the rocks and health will also be a cause of major concern. A spree of failure at work will make things even harder. Saturn in Pisces in 2021 will bring overall satisfaction for the natives. Married couples will be able to spend quality time together. The natives will gain financial success at work and their health will remain good too.


Saturn Transit Date(s) in 2021

Saturn is not in transit in 2021.