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In terms of astronomy, a solar eclipse happens when the Moon comes in between the Sun and Earth. But, its meaning and significance are a lot deeper in astrology.

Solar Eclipse is known as Surya Grahan. It is a very significant event in astrology since Vedic texts record many legends about the curses on the Sun that cause an eclipse. The time of the eclipse is considered inauspicious and Hindus practice a lot of precautions for as long as the eclipse lasts. 


Mythological Legends Behind Solar Eclipse

The Hindu legend is the legend of Rahu and the eclipse. It is believed that, during Samudramanthan, when Gods were getting Amrit (elixir of immortality), one clever demon, Svarbhanu, disguised as a God and drank the Armit. Surya (the Sun) recognized the demon and told Lord Vishnu who severed the head of the demon. He survived since he was immortal by the time his head was severed. The head was known as Rahu. Rahu was so angry at the Sun that it engulfed the planet, causing an eclipse. The eclipse didn’t last long since the Sun was too hot and Rahu couldn’t hold it inside his mouth. Some other popular legends exist in other parts of the world too. According to Chinese legends, a powerful dragon devoured the Sun. The God of birth, Zhang Xian, had to kill the dragon to restore the Sun in the sky. According to Vietnamese legends, a big frog once swallowed the Sun playfully, causing an eclipse. However, the master of the frog coaxed its pet to release the Sun and it did. 


Types of Solar Eclipses 

There are basically three types of Solar eclipses, Partial Surya Grahan, Total Surya Grahan, and Annular Surya Grahan. During Partial Surya Grahan, the Moon blocks the Sun only partially. During Total Surya Grahan, the Moon blocks the Sun entirely. It causes complete darkness. During the Annular Surya Grahan, the Moon again covers the Sun entirely as it does in Total Surya Graha. However, since it’s far from the Sun during the Annular Grahan, only the central portion of the Sun is blocked. Thus, the Sun appears like an empty Halo hanging in the sky. 


Astrological Precautions to Practice During Solar Eclipse 

The Sun is the planet of sustenance. Its absence due to a curse is a major inauspicious event in astrology. Hence, astrologers advise many dos and don’ts that one must follow during the Solar eclipse. It is recommended that pregnant ladies should not step outside the house during the time of the eclipse. Rahu and Ketu can cause harm to unborn babies during a Solar eclipse. It is also advised to not cook anything during the eclipse. In fact, it is advised that whatever food is cooked even after the eclipse is over should be purified by putting a tulsi leaf in the food. Many people fast during the day of the Solar eclipse. One must not eat or drink for as long as the eclipse lasts. Astrologers also suggest chanting the Mahamrityunjaya mantra and Gayatri mantra if you have old people, toddlers, and pregnant women in your house. Last, do not forget to take a bath after the eclipse ends and change into clean clothes.


Solar Eclipse 2021 Date(s)

1st Surya Grahan – Thursday, June 10th, 2021 at 12:00 AM 2nd Surya Grahan – Saturday, December 4th, 2021 at 12:00 AM