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Facts About the Taurus Zodiac Sign


The Taurus zodiac sign was known as The Great Bull of Heaven by the ancient Greeks.
Its earliest mention dates back to the Bronze age. It’s a fixed Earth sign that’s mostly
associated with both passion and compassion.


Looks of Taurus Zodiac Sign Individuals


Venus, mythologically, used to be the Roman Goddess of passion, love, and beauty.
Since Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, these people are blessed with intense good
looks. Taurus women have smoky eyes and a delicate feminine figure with perfect
curves. They have a fair to the rosy complexion. Taurus men are tall. They’re wheatish
to fair, athletic and muscular, and strong around the shoulders. They have the build of a
warrior and intense bold eyes.


The Personality of Taurus Zodiac Sign Individuals


These people are stubborn, but it doesn’t mean they’re keen to poke everybody around
them without a reason. They tend to be silent and harmless bulls as long as someone
doesn’t light up their tails.

Taurus women are closed books for the opposite sex. It’s very hard to tell what’s going
on in their stubborn minds. They are rare beauties and they know it. They enjoy the little
pleasures of luxury in their lives without any guilt. They are materialist but that’s not all.
These women do a lot of charity and the best part is, they don’t do it to get the praise or
approval of other people. Taurus men, just like the ladies, enjoy the riches that they’re
blessed with by birth. They’re, however, very stubborn and headstrong. They take
challenges very seriously. If they bear animosity with someone, it’s close to impossible

to get them to change their opinion. Whether it’s Taurus men or Taurus women, if they
don’t like someone, they make sure that that someone knows it.


Career for the Taurus Zodiac Sign Individuals


Taurus zodiac sign individuals have an uncanny and never-felt-before kind of love for
music, food, jewels, and fine clothing. Hence, they can be very good chefs and
fashion designers. They’re exceptionally creative. They can be poets, painters, and
jewelry and fashion designers too. Being an Earth sign, one cannot ignore their love
for nature. Hence, they also do very well as environmentalists, wildlife
photographers, and forest rangers.


Married Life for Taurus Zodiac Sign Individuals


The Taurus zodiac sign individuals are unpredictable, but they make their marriage
work anyway. They’re exceptionally good in bed and have a very big sexual appetite by
the blessings of Venus. They’re always emotionally available for their partners.
They spend a lot of money buying luxurious gifts for their better halves. Having said
that, it’s their stubbornness that’s the reason behind clashes in their married life. Despite
that, they’re very dutiful and honest. They get angry pretty quickly but are even quicker
to apologize.

Their married life is a rollercoaster that their partners really enjoy.


Taurus Zodiac Sign as Friends


They make good enemies but even better friends. One of the easiest ways to make
Taurus-borns lock horns with you is by hurting their friends. They take the damage
done to their loved ones very personally. They are very possessive about their
people and will go to any extent to protect them. Being in their bad books for hurting
their friends is a very bad idea. Anybody who has Taurus people as their friends are
very lucky and truly blessed.