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You shall have to face a lot of disturbances at the start of the week. But do not panic as all the disturbances will vanish mid-week and you will have a comfortable 2nd half of the week If you feel that you are being misunderstood by someone then do not try to explain yourself. It is better to keep shut and not say a single word. You should be cautious while lending money to someone you do not know. Do a proper background check of the person before lending money. There are chances that you might be insulted by your partner this week. so do not rush or hurry any decision and be attentive to your partner. your business will pass through a dull phase as no new gains can be seen. you may even lose your present clients if you are not careful enough This is the best week for buying assets and vehicles as some profitable deals may come in your way. Though you may have to travel a bit to get to the client. If you are having certain misunderstandings in your marital relationship then it will get over now and the relationship between husband and wife will get stronger. Be careful in whom you call your friends as it may not always be the case. Also, keep the friends who tend to lie a lot at a safe distance. You may have enough free time to give yourself the time you need. Take up new hobbies or work on what gives you happiness so that your brain gives out more serotonin to make you happy.