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Marriage Muhurat in 2022 | शुभ विवाह मुहूर्त

Marriage Muhurat in 2022 | शुभ विवाह मुहूर्त

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“Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on Earth”.  Marriages, or Vivah, have a great meaning in a person’s life. It’s that unique day when two people promise to experience and pass on together, bonded by a special relationship, as they begin their new daily routine. As a result, this article provides a comprehensive list of the coming Shubh Muhurats for Marriage in 2022 (Shadi ka Muhurat 2022).So, when should you have Shadi ka Laddu in 2022 and begin your Vivah? What, dates, or periods do you think are unlucky for you to do so? To comprehend, you must see a lot. You bond yourself to your partner not only with joy but also with grief. Whatever comes your way, you experience all of the highs and lows with them. Thus, not only do you require horoscope and guna matching to set marriages or nuptial knots, but you also need a Shubh Muhurat for Marriage (2022 में शुभ विवाह मुहूर्त). Shubh Muhurat 2022’s Importance in MarriagesMarriage is as sacred as any other aspect of your life. It has a significant and powerful impact on your life. A Karmic connection, according to Vedic astrology, is linked to the nuptial knot of marriage. As a result, selecting a Shubh Vivah Muhurat in 2022 is critical for the couple, their future lives, families, and all those with whom they are linked. Take a look at how the Shubh time and date for the Vivah in 2022 affects marriage:
  • A Shubh time establishes a positive Karmic bond between two souls who are destined to be together for the rest of their lives.
  • Tithi symbolizes mental and physical harmony as well as calm. As a result, before organizing a wedding, opt for a colourful one.
  • Marriages that are planned according to the Shubh Muhurat have a better likelihood of lasting and stability.
  • Furthermore, it eliminates the chances and possibilities of separation in a Vivah.
  • A Shubh Vivah Muhurat in 2022 would help you in staying united in your married life, preventing constant friction between you and your to-be spouse, creating a trust to respect each other and also having a romantic life.
 Marriage Muhurats In January 2022
DateShubh MuhuratNakshatra
January 1507:15 AM to 02:34 PMMrigashirsha
January 2002:44 PM to 08:31 PMMagha
January 23 to 2412:50 PM to 07:30 AMHasta
January 27 to 2802:16 AM to 07:10 AMAnuradha
January 29 to 3006:03 PM to 02:49 AMMula
Marriage Muhurats In February 2022
DateShubh MuhuratNakshatra
February 05 to 0607:07 AM to 07:06 AMRevati
February 11 to 1207:50 PM to 03:11 AMMrigashirsha
February 18 to 1904:42 PM to 06:56 AMUttara Phalguni
February 21 to 2204:17 PM to 06:53 AMSwati
February 2206:53 AM to 03:36 PMSwati
Marriage Muhurats In April 2022
DateShubh MuhuratNakshatra
April 17 to 1807:17 AM to 05:34 AMSwati
April 19 to 2005:02 PM to 01:39 AMAnuradha
April 2110:22 AM to 09:52 PMMula
April 22 to 2308:14 PM to 05:48 AMUttara Ashadha
April 2305:48 AM to 06:54 PMUttara Ashadha
April 28 to 2904:29 PM to 12:26 AMUttara Bhadrapada
Marriage Muhurats In May 2022
DateShubh MuhuratNakshatra
May 02 to 0312:34 AM to 05:39 AMRohini
May 0305:39 AM to 04:16 PMRohini
May 09 to 1011:31 PM to 05:34 AMMagha
May 1005:34 AM to 06:40 PMMagha
May 11 to 1207:28 PM to 05:32 AMUttara Phalguni
May 12 to 1306:51 PM to 05:32 AMHasta
May 1305:32 AM to 06:48 PMHasta
May 1705:29 AM to 10:46 AMAnuradha
May 18 to 1911:36 PM to 05:28 AMMula
May 20 to 2105:28 AM to 01:18 AMUttara Ashadha
May 20 to 2110:32 AM to 05:25 AMUttara Bhadrapada
May 2605:25 AM to 06:19 PMRevati
May 31 to 0106:07 AM to 12:34 AMRohini
Marriage Muhurats In June 2022
DateShubh MuhuratNakshatra
June 06 to 0706:55 AM to 02:26 AMMagha
June 08 to 0905:23 AM to 03:27 AMUttara Phalguni
June 11 to 1208:47 PM to 02:05 AMSwati
June 12 to 1311:58 PM to 05:23 AMAnuradha
June 1305:23 AM to 09:02 PMAnuradha
June 14 to 1511:47 PM to 05:23 AMMula
June 1505:23 AM to 03:33 PMMula
June 21 to 2205:24 AM to 05:24 AMUttara Bhadrapada
June 2205:24 AM to 11:57 PMRevati

Marriage Muhurats In July 2022

DateShubh MuhuratNakshatra
July 03 to 0405:06 PM to 05:28 AMMagha
July 05 to 0612:16 PM to 05:29 AMUttara Phalguni
July 0605:29 AM to 11:43 AMUttara Phalguni
July 08 to 0912:14 PM to 05:30 AMSwati
Marriage Muhurats In November 2022
DateShubh MuhuratNakshatra
November 21 to 2212:14 AM to 06:49 AMSwati
November 2403:04 PM to 07:37 PMAnuradha
November 25 to 2610:45 PM to 06:52 AMMula
November 27 to 2809:34 PM to 06:54 AMUttara Ashadha

Marriage Muhurats In December 2022

DateShubh MuhuratNakshatra
December 02 to 0306:57 AM to 06:58 AMRevati
December 07 to 0808:46 PM to 07:01 AMRohini
December 08 to 0907:01 AM to 07:02 AMMrigashirsha
December 0907:02 AM to 02:59 PMMrigashirsha
December 1409:14 AM to 11:42 PMMagha