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Sun in 6th House – Find Out How Sun in 6th House Synastry Affects Relationships!

Sun in 6th house makes people confident. However, the conjunction of Sun with other planets can change the dynamics. Find

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Sun in 7th House – Find Out How Sun in 7th House Synastry Affects Relationships!

Sun in 7th house is labeled as bad for partnerships. However, it can be good if the Sun is exalted.

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Moon and Mars Conjunction – Know its Meaning and Effects in the 2nd House?

The Moon and Mars conjunction is known as Chandra Mangal Yoga. Find out what happens when it's happening in the

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Ketu in the 1st House – Find Out if Ketu is Bad in the 1st House and notable Ketu Remedies!

Ketu in the 1st house is quite significant in Vedic astrology. Find out what happens with Ketu in the ascendant

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वैदिक ज्योतिष तथा ज्योतिष शास्त्र में मीन लग्न (Meen Lagna)

मीन - “जल तत्व” की लग्न है। इस लग्न के जातक धार्मिक होते है तथा धर्म से जुड़े कार्यों को

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