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5 Unrealistic Expectations that Destroy Relationships

5 Unrealistic Expectations that Destroy Relationships

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We are living in an era of Romanticism, where we have beliefs about what love is like, what we should be expected from love and how relationships should be. However, lot many beliefs are just unrealistic expectations, which create serious relationship issues. Nobody is immune to falling prey to the same set of false relationship expectations that individuals have, which can be fatal to our prospects of maintaining effective relationships in the midst of it.

Let us explore these 5 Unrealistic Expectations that can destroy Relationships:-

Our soulmates will always be able to relate to us.

The thought that anyone could ever genuinely comprehend us, with all of our emotional baggage, mood swings, and frustratingly illogical behaviour is perhaps the most selfish and absurd assumption we have about love. The truth is that no one can read our brains, no matter how much we care about them or how long they put up with our craziness.

Understanding this fact can help in striving towards any form of understanding in a relationship and brightens the prospects of maintaining effective relationships for a long time.

There is someone out there who is a perfect match for us.

Compatibility should be an achievement of love, not a precondition. Being compatible with someone takes months — if not years — of communication and understanding about each other.nAs a result, with enough patience, we can technically be ‘compatible’ with anyone, dispelling the belief that there will be that “Only One” destined for us. There can be a number of The Ones in reality.

Unlike popular love mythology, there isn’t a single individual who will connect with us on all levels. While the initial excitement of dating can make it seem that way, fantasy eventually gives way to reality.


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We will be ‘completed’ by our partner.

Leaving aside the fact that relying on another person to complete us in any manner is unhealthy, the notion that there is someone out there who can fill the emptiness left by all our past relationship woes and childhood issues and make us feel ultimate ‘whole’ is incredibly risky for any relationship.

Expecting your partner to fix all of your self-esteem issues puts a tremendous amount of strain on a relationship. A really healthy relationship is one in which two people come together with an understanding of their own personal baggage and a willingness to work through it.

It should never be your significant other’s responsibility to ‘complete’ or ‘correct’ you.

True love is eternal.

There’s a reason why over half of all marriages currently end in divorce: long-term love is extremely difficult. The secret to long-lasting partnerships is a lot of discipline, strategy, and hard effort, not unending love, endless sex, or romance (though such things never hurt), but a lot of discipline, plan, and hard work.’

Your True Love will adore each and every one of you.

Consider this for a moment. Is it realistic to ask someone to adore every feature of another person? Would you love yourself if you were in your partner’s shoes, complete with their mood swings and obsessive control-freak tendencies? Finding every fantastic and appealing aspect of someone isn’t what love is about. It’s also not very realistic, given that we all have our own less-than-appealing aspects and emotional baggage. If we anticipate adoring every aspect of our spouse, only to find out a few months or years later that they have a feature we don’t agree with, we’re likely to interpret this as a deal-breaker and conclude that the relationship is doomed.

Instead taking a gentler, more tolerant approach, aiming to cherish our partner’s loveable traits while also allowing ourselves to be okay with the more difficult aspects of their personality has a brighter prospect in maintaining effective relationships in the long term.

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