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9 Behaviour signs of a Selfish Husband | Take Action and Save Your Marriage

9 Behaviour signs of a Selfish Husband | Take Action and Save Your Marriage

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When you’re married to a selfish man, it can feel as if your relationship is one-sided and that you don’t have any support from your spouse. You don’t know what to do because your married life is beginning to suffocate and frustrate you. Because a selfish spouse never sees your feelings as real, you’ve learned not to expect anything from him or her. Their selfish behaviour can sometimes be traced back to their childhood experiences, such as being an only child, never learning to share, or developing insecurity complexes over time. The birth of a kid, work stress, or male bigotry are all factors that could make your husband more selfish.

You’ll have to put your foot down and say enough is enough with the selfish behaviour at some point. No woman should have to cope with a selfish man or always feel guilty.

But before doing that, you need to find out whether your Husband is a selfish man or not, for it you need to keep an eye on some of his behaviour, Here is the list of 9 behaviours that you need to observe:-

He aspires to be the more powerful partner.

A greedy husband always wants to be in charge and pushes his power well beyond the relationship’s acceptance rate. With his power, he makes you feel less worthy in the relationship and belittles you.

He constantly puts himself first.

If you have a selfish husband, you know that he constantly puts himself first, regardless of the situation. He is so preoccupied with himself that he could care less about your demands and needs.

He isn’t available when you need him.

When things are rough in our lives, we need someone by our side to console us and be there for us when the going gets tough. Unfortunately, if you have a selfish husband who doesn’t get it, he won’t do anything to cheer you up or even notice if you’re depressed.

He has no regard for you.

 Regard can be demonstrated in a variety of ways, but a selfish husband demonstrates his lack of respect and care for you in a variety of ways. Disrespect in a marriage can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including being cut off in the middle of a conversation and showing little to no regard for your feelings. Because a selfish man is unappreciative and indifferent, he will not value your time, energy, or love. He is unconcerned about your schedule and makes no effort to accommodate you.

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He is unconcerned about your desires.

Different hobbies and interests might always exist between spouses. That is very natural. What is not normal, though, is if your husband does not support your interests and then expects you to support him.


He employs you and treats you as a slave.

An egotistical spouse will most likely hang on to sexist stereotypes from the past, such as a woman’s place in the kitchen and responsibility for all home work. He’s so self-centred and inconsiderate that he won’t even try to help.

He is unconcerned about your friends and relatives.

Husbands and wives usually show respect for each other’s relatives and friends. In the best-case scenario, they get along or grow to love one other’s family and friends as much as they love their own. A selfish husband, on the other hand, doesn’t give a damn about your family and friends and is very frank and honest about his feelings. He is also unconcerned about what others have to say because he has no regard for anyone.

He is always criticizing you.

Your selfish husband will never be satisfied, no matter how hard you try to satisfy him, and as a result, he will continuously criticize you.

He doesn’t say anything nice about you.

Women like it when their husbands compliment them on their appearance, but a woman with a selfish husband would never know what it’s like because their husband would never do such a thing.

What should be Your Action?

 “Dealing with a selfish husband is practically impossible. He’s not going to change for you. “So, if you want to keep your marriage for any reason, you should seek the help of a therapist and healer. You may not be able to restore your marriage, but you can keep your sanity and dignity by changing the way you think about your relationship and your selfish husband.”

One behaviour change you can do is to notice when he isn’t being selfish and compliment or tell him that you appreciated whatever he did that was a small change. That way he can change the way he thinks and you can positively reinforce him and he will use your appreciation to encourage himself to do better.

Selfish people do not change for the sake of others, and when they do, it is only for their own benefit. A selfish person finds it difficult to be selfless, while a selfless person finds it hard to be selfish.

Always remember not to tolerate the agony and to speak up if he makes you feel bad. If you believe he would listen to others over you, seek the advice of a marriage coach or therapist. Finally, even if it is difficult, you should strive to have a positive attitude; in order to do so, you must invest in yourself.