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Aadi Krithigai 2022: Date, Time, Celebrations and Significance

Aadi Krithigai 2022: Date, Time, Celebrations and Significance

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The Aadi Krithigai celebration takes place in the Tamil month of Adi or Aadi. The date of Aadi Krithigai in 2022 is July 23. The event honours Lord Muruga, also known as Subramanya.

In addition to Aadi Krittika, Kirthigai, Kritika, and Krithika, the celebration is also known as Aadi Krittikai. Thousands of people flock to Tamilnadu’s Murugan Temples to participate in the festival’s enthusiasm.

Krittikas, the six stars of the Pleiades, who happened to be traversing the heavens at the time, happened to hear the gurgling of a joyful baby coming from the Saravana lake, a marshy lake in the Himalayas that was thickly covered with reeds at the time.

Aadi Krithigai Date 2022

Saturday, 23rd of July

The six maidens raced to take up the adorable newborn, overcome with parental love. Each of them wished to take the youngster in their arms. Muruga is claimed to have metamorphosed into six different forms in order to satisfy the six maidens’ maternal compassion. The ecstatic krittikas each took a baby in their arms and suckled it while lavishing attention on it.

The six babies represent synergy of

  1. Desire (Kama)
  2. Consciousness (Shiva)
  3. Earth (Parvati)
  4. Fir (Agni)
  5. Water (Ganga)
  6. Space (Krittika)

Why Krithigai Nakshatra in Aadi month is important?

The Krithigai star, also known as the Nakshatra, is thought to be extremely auspicious for the worship of Lord Muruga. Even more significant is the fact that the month of Aadi falls in the Dakshinayana punyakalam – the month in which the sun deity shifts his direction from north to south – making it the first month in the year.

  • On the day of Aadi Krithigai, devotees hold a flower Kavadi, which means “flower kavadi.” It is celebrated in Murugan temples all across the world in a magnificent manner, with numerous ceremonies performed.
  • On the day of Muruga’s birthday, temples dedicated to him, also known as Skanda and Shanmukha, practise special rites and prayers.
  • Special rituals and poojas are performed at Lord Murugan temples throughout the world on this day, including those in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, South Africa, and Singapore.

Significance of Aadi Krithigai

The Skanda Purana goes into greater detail on the circumstances surrounding Lord Muruga’s birth, alleging that Lord Shiva produced Muruga in the shape of six flames from his Third Eye, which was then absorbed by Lord Muruga himself.

  • Six celestial nymphs or maidens known as ‘Karthigai Pengal’ raised these flames in the form of newborns at Saravana poikai.
  • Lord Murugan was transformed into one of these six offspring by Goddess Parvathi. As a reward for their selfless service, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi bestowed immortality on the Karthigai Pengal and their descendants.
  • Honoring them is also the same as adoring Lord Murugan.
  • By paying homage to the Karthikai star, one is also paying homage to Lord Karthikaya. The day of Aadi Karthigai, all Lord Murugan temples perform special poojas and abhishekams, which are open to the public. Traditional poojas and intricate rites are performed in Palani, Thiruttani, Swamimalai, Thiruparangundram, Tiruchendur, and Palamuthircholai, among other places.
  • These six temples, known as Aaru padai veedu, are claimed to be where Lord Murugan resides.
  • Thousands of worshippers come to these temples during the Aadi Karthikai festival.
  • Lord Murugan Kavadi is given to pilgrims at the Thiruthani Sri Subramanya Swamy shrine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Adi krutika?

It is an important celebration in Tamil Nadu, and it is known as Aadi Krithigai. It occurs during the Tamil month of Adi, also known as Aadi. The Aadi Karthigai or Aadi Krithiga is a temple dedicated to Lord Muruga or Subrahamaniya, and it is located in the city of Aadi. On the day of the festival, we prepare special Aadi Krithigai Recipes.

2. Why do we celebrate Aadi Krithigai?

In Tamil Nadu, Aadi Krithigai is a festival that commemorates the majesty of Lord Murugan and is one of the most important festivals of the year. Many devotees participate in special pujas, yagnas, and Murugan chariot processions in the hopes of aligning their lives with kindness and prosperity.

3. What is special about Aadi Kiruthigai?

As a result, the Karthigai nakshatram of the Aadi month garners particular attention and is regarded as particularly fortunate because the Sun begins its southward trip on Karka Sankranti, which falls on July 16 this year.

4. Is Kiruthigai auspicious day?

It is extremely auspicious since it occurs during the Uttarayana season, which is when the Sun begins its northward trek. For the gods in heaven, the Uttarayana period represents the beginning of the day.