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Aamir Khan Horoscope Analysis | Janm Kundli, Zodiac Sign

Aamir Khan Horoscope Analysis | Janm Kundli, Zodiac Sign

Aamir Khan Horoscope

Horoscope Chart 

aamir khan birth chart

Planetary Combinations

Aamir Khan was born under the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is the final of the Air signs, and it is ruled by the cunning Saturn. Aamir Khan is a paradox in himself as an Aquarian. Aamir Khan’s personality is characterised by a number of basic features, including his ability to express himself clearly and his confidence.

Jupiter’s conjunction in the 2nd house, the House of Gains, and the 11th house, the House of Fortune, helped the actor to consolidate his money and advance in the business world. The Moon in Cancer provided the strength to develop acting maturity.

Saturn and Mars are the givers of strength in Amir’s horoscope. In addition, Ketu in the tenth house is a positive influence on his personality. As Saturn conjuncts Ketu, the actor will experience obstacles in his life as he strives to go forward after reaching a goal.

Different planetary positions have important effects on our various facets of life, according to Vedic astrology. Both personal and professional lives are impacted. Aamir Khan’s name, fame, and extraordinary personality are due to his planetary positions.


Astrological Highlights

Rahu and Ketu are in Aamir Khan’s Kundli’s fourth house, as well as his workplace, indicating great results in his career. These two planets are also bestowing upon him invisible energies. Because Venus is in the lagana side, it has a good effect, and this is the master key to his happiness.

Venus is also in its destiny place, which has a beneficial impact on achieving a wealthy lifestyle. His physical appeal and female fan base are due to the planet Venus.
Mars is also in his partnership sign, which gives him strength in his personal relationships. Kundli is able to undertake new work for the society because Mars is present in his workplace. Due of Saturn’s presence on his lagana side.

He is a dedicated and hardworking individual. The positions of Mercury and the Sun in his horoscope are problematic for him. He could end up in hot water if he says too much. He will never fail if he can manage his remarks and make calculated moves. Overall, his horoscope is highly positive and indicates that he will achieve great success in his later years.

The first house, or ascendant, corresponds to the Aquarius zodiac sign, according to Amir Khan’s Surya Kundali. Furthermore, its lord, Saturn, is in the Shatabhisha Nakshatra, while the Sun is in Aquarius’ Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra.

The Sun’s and Saturn’s powerful conjunction gave him the intuition to select the proper path and inspired him to give his all. In addition, Venus in Aquarius is located in Jupiter’s Nakshatra. This assisted the Lagaan actor in honing his craft.

The favourable alignment of Venus and Saturn encouraged him to pursue a career in acting, while Mercury retrograde in Pisces is currently transiting the 2nd house, posing obstacles to his academic advancement.

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