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All You need to know about Sirius Gateway 2022

All You need to know about Sirius Gateway 2022

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A mystical energy gateway between Earth and the star Sirius has activated annually during the first week of July, bringing with it raised vibrations and spiritual advancements, we call it Sirius Gateway.

The Sun’s alignment with the star Sirius, which is situated at 14 degrees in the tropical zodiac of Cancer, opens up this gateway of energy.

The Sirius Gateway 2022 takes place on July 4th and July 5th 2022. However, Sirius energy is still present during the entire week. It is a gateway that opens and joins us to a more elevated realm.

Because of the alignment in the universe, the ancients generally thought it was a gateway to heaven. This time of year, the energies of the Sun and Sirius are in alignment. Due to the Sun’s interference, we are unable to see Sirius. After this time, Sirius will begin to migrate away from the Sun, and you’ll be able to see it rise in the night sky. Sirius rises steadily in the sky.

During the Sirius gateway 2022, the Sun, which is also the source of energy for everything, activates its energy. Therefore, now is the time to align ourselves and ignite our energy. The Sun, who is known as the ruler of all the planets, will thus activate during the opening of this gateway. Our mind, body, and soul would ultimately become activated as a result. In turn, this would charge every single cell in our body and promote cell renewal. The higher selves within us are accessible. We can achieve harmony between the body and the soul thanks to this lovely gateway.

How can we use Sirius Gateway 2022 more effectively?

You can use some time tested methods to harness this high-frequency energy:

• First, get rid of laziness and low energy by cleansing your mind and body as it is generally thought that being drowsy may hinder success.

• Next, be very precise and clear about your goals. Make an effort to connect with your goals. Trust your objectives, have complete faith in yourself, and then pay close attention to your intuition.

• You can light a blue candle to receive the right clarity and advice. Imagine having a blue cloak to protect you.

• There is blue light all around you. Consider a blue light travelling through your crown and third eye chakra, then down through each chakra in your body. This light is nurturing your mind and spirit while balancing your chakra.

• Play your preferred mantra or music for meditation as sound therapy. Afterwards, just focus on your breathing and thoughts. You’ll get through using your intuition.

This time is ideal for chakra balancing, sound bathing, manifesting, journaling, meditation, and self-healing. So let the Sirius energy work miracles through your intention to receive it.

Sirius gateway 2022: Important things to keep in mind

• Make an effort to step outside of your everyday routine and comfort zone.

• Give up looking for the mysterious battleground.

• Take advantage of this lovely energy by treating yourself.

• Engage in the things that will refuel and energise you.

• It’s time to start charging for the upcoming year. Plan a quick getaway or adventure with your friends, family, or loved ones.

• Try to avoid contentious debates. Keep your cool and unwind as a result.

• Prioritizing self-care and personal time is very important. tim