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Alina Becker Age: Know Her, Height, Boyfriend, and Net Worth

Alina Becker Age: Know Her, Height, Boyfriend, and Net Worth

Alina Becker is a cosplay model and Instagram star hailing from Russia. She has a stellar reputation for her incredible takes on characters from series like Nier: Automata, Cowboy Bebop, and Metroid. A friend of Becker’s shared her first Instagram post in 2017 when she was using the alias “Japp Leack.” From there, her journey began. She went on to become a legend among cosplayers after that. Her impeccable taste and stunning good looks have made her a legendary cosplayer on the site.

How Old is Alina Becker?

Alina Becker was born into a relatively affluent household in Russia on September 22, 1999. She attended an illustrious university for her graduate studies, but her passion for modeling dates back to her childhood. Her true calling, meanwhile, appears to be in the cosplay and modeling industries.

As a model and cosplayer, Alina is currently dominating the industry, particularly online. She has an impressive Instagram account full of photographs of herself cosplaying as various characters from various media, including League of Legends, anime (including Junko Enoshima), and Cowboy Bebop. Additionally, she has a large following on social media and has used it to promote a wide variety of goods.


Cosplay model Alina Becker got her start in the industry while still a high school student. In the cosplay world, she is well-known for her talent and dedication to the craft. Alina has amassed a sizable online fanbase thanks to the awe-inspiring costumes she wears when playing League of Legends and anime. She promotes her modeling gigs and the brands she endorses on social media.

Not only has Alina been featured in news and magazine publications, but she has also worked with several talent agencies and models. Modeling and social media influencer extraordinaire, she exploits her massive online following to sell her wares. Thanks to her perseverance and commitment, Alina has also participated in other cosplay events, one of which was in 2018 when she wore a costume inspired by a character from League of Legends.

Alina’s knack for connecting with her audience on social media and her one-of-a-kind talent are the main reasons for her success. She began her Instagram account in 2017 and since then, her modeling and cosplay photos have amassed a significant following. As a trailblazer in the field, she has inspired a new generation of cosplayers and models.

Alina Becker Height and Weight

Alina Becker stands at a modest 167.64 centimeters, or around 5 feet 6 inches, tall. She is 121 pounds, or 55 kilograms. She possesses captivating green eyes and beautiful brown hair. She has an attractive and charming demeanor to match her breathtaking good looks.

Alina Becker Boyfriend

The subject of Alina’s relationship status has been trending recently. No one has come forward to corroborate that she is in a relationship as far as we can tell. Nevertheless, whispers suggest she may be in a relationship, but she prefers to keep their relationship private.

Considering how prominent her profession is, it’s understandable that Alina would like to keep her private life under wraps. But maybe she’s simply enjoying her time as a single person, concentrating on her career and interests. No matter how you slice it, she’s crushing it in the modeling and cosplay industries, and we can’t wait to watch her work!

Alina Becker Net Worth

As of February 2024, Nadia Amine is thought to have a net worth of $850,000. Her principal source of income comes from Twitch, where she makes money from ads, contributions, and sponsored subscriptions. Her earnings come from things like film views and ad income, and they may go up much more if she were to introduce a new product.