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Alix Earle Boyfriend: Is She Single or Dating Someone?

Alix Earle Boyfriend: Is She Single or Dating Someone?

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The relationship between TikTok star Alix Earle and Braxton Berrios was finally confirmed in November 2023, following months of speculation and sightings. The couple went to the 2023 ESPYs together, claiming they were “not exclusive,” but now the internet sensation claims they’re in a committed relationship.

The wide receiver was allegedly unfaithful to Sofia Culpo, star of TLC’s The Culpo Sisters, which has contributed to the holdup. Despite denials from Earle and Barrios, Culpo has gone on social media to suggest that the NFL star cheated on her.

So far, this is all the information we have regarding Braxton Berrios’s relationship with Alix Earle.

Who is Alix Earle?

American social media star Alix Earle, 22, became famous for her fascinating videos on TikTok and other platforms. She has built a sizable following on TikTok and Instagram while earning a degree in marketing from the University of Miami. Having over 2.4 million Instagram followers and 5.8 million TikTok followers, Alix Earle has a significant impact on the world of social media.

It all started when she started documenting her life as a University of Miami student on TikTok, sharing her exploits, college experiences, and wild parties. She became a social media sensation thanks to the engaging and accessible content she created. Her enduring popularity as a TikTok celebrity is largely due to her knack for establishing genuine connections with her audience.

In addition to her fame on TikTok, Alix Earle gained notoriety for her role on the hit podcast “Call Her Daddy,” in which she candidly revealed her romantic relationships. By appearing on this podcast, she was able to reach a wider audience and give listeners a glimpse into her life.

The dedication to knowledge that Alix Earle has shown throughout her career is quite impressive. Despite her growing star power and popularity on social media, she made it a point to finish her marketing degree at the University of Miami. Her commitment to her studies is indicative of her will to juggle her rapidly expanding professional life with her studies.

The Earle family had a construction company owner for a father named Thomas “TJ” Earle, Alix’s relative. Alisa Earle and TJ Earle were married before they divorced, and she was born into that union. After then, TJ Earle remarried, and Alix’s stepmother Ashley Earle (previously Dupré) is his wife. This dynamic exemplifies Alix’s capacity to adapt and flourish in many personal circumstances while also highlighting the diversity and resilience within her family.

The rise of Alix Earle, a recent alumna of the University of Miami who became an internet star because to her genuine and imaginative content, shows how young people may make it big in the internet era. She is a role model for aspiring influencers and content creators because of her commitment to her studies and her online presence.

Is Alix Earle Single?

Since May 2023, when they were seen together multiple times, Alix has been romantically linked to NFL player Braxton Berrios. They were spotted at Westhampton, New York’s Palm Tree Music Festival the month after. A snapshot of Alix and Braxton seated together was released on the official Instagram page of the music event.

While Alix did state that she is “single” on the September 2023 episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, she did mention that she is still “seeing” a specific NFL player. The couple is not ready to put a label on their relationship just yet.

The Breakup of Alix and Tyler: A Dramatic Unfolding

The whole Alix and Tyler scandal started when Alix broke the news of their breakup on a live feed. Their split was the subject of gossip and news coverage after the livestream footage went viral. The fact that Tyler didn’t mention Alix on Instagram was said to be one of the reasons. But this wasn’t the real reason they broke up, says Alix. One of the many problems in their poisonous relationship, she said, was that she was never posted about by her partner on social media.

Is Braxton Berrios Still Dating Alix Earle?

On July 12, 2023, after months of dating rumors on TikTok, the two finally made their red carpet-debut at the ESPY Awards. A source did, however, inform E! a few weeks down the road. The two are “not exclusive or official,” according to the news.

“Alix had stated repeatedly and publicly that she wanted to have a fun summer with her friends and not jump into anything too serious,” the insider commented. Luckily, Alix was in Los Angeles. already on her way to work when she made the spur-of-the-moment decision to go out with Braxton for fun.

Alix Earle’s Net Worth

Alix Earle has a net worth of $6 million, as per our analysis. Being a popular American social media personality has contributed significantly to Alix Earle’s wealth.