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Alyssa Milano Net Worth 2024: Career, Income, and Success

Alyssa Milano Net Worth 2024: Career, Income, and Success

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The American singer, producer, and actor Alyssa Milano is worth $10 million. In the 1980s, Alyssa Milano’s breakout role on “Who’s the Boss?” catapulted her to fame. She had a busy 1990s acting career, appearing in multiple TV movies. She was a main character on the hit TV show “Charmed.” The film “Hall Pass” and the short-lived sitcom “Romantically Challenged” are among her other prominent roles.

Alyssa Milano’s Net Worth

Alyssa Milano, who is 51 years old as of October 2024, is said to be worth $10 million. The majority of this wealth was amassed through her appearances in the television series Charmed, which aired in the 1990s. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that her season earnings were around $2 million, or about $90,000 for each episode.

Name Alyssa Milano
Net Worth( 2024) $10 Million dollars
Profession American actress, producer, activist, and former singer
Date of Birth 19 December 1972
Age 51 years old
Height 157 cm(5’2”)
Weight (134 lbs) 61 kg
Birthplace Bensonhurst, New York, United States
Nationality American

Who is Alyssa Milano?

American actress, producer, and activist Alyssa Milano is well-known for her many talents and her dedication to social justice. Her meteoric rise to stardom and widespread recognition began after her birth on December 19, 1972, in Brooklyn, New York, thanks to her several memorable roles in film and television.

With her stage debut in a stage version of “Annie” when she was just eight years old, Milano launched her acting career at an early age. From 1984 to 1992, she starred as Samantha Micelli on the popular sitcom “Who’s the Boss?” and quickly moved on to television, where she became famous. Her comedic timing and acting chops were on full display in this breakout role, further establishing her as an accomplished performer.

Milano proved her versatility as an actor by taking on a wide range of parts in movies and TV shows throughout her career. “Charmed” (1998–2006) and “Mistresses” (2013–2014) were two of her most successful television series, and her performances on both captivated viewers. She was already well-established in the entertainment sector before her television work; her film credits include “Commando” (1985) and “Fear” (1996).


At the age of seven, Milano’s babysitter accompanied her to an audition for a traveling production of “Annie.” No one from Milano’s family gave their consent for this to happen. Milano outperformed over 1,500 other girls during the auditions and was cast in one of the four lead roles. During her 18 months on tour with the production, Milano and her mother saw every state in the US. When they got back to New York, Milano started doing commercial work for TV and stage performances off-Broadway.

At the tender age of eleven, Milano made her cinematic debut in the 1984 August drama “Old Enough.” The Sundance Film Festival awarded the picture the Grand Jury Prize. When the ABC sitcom “Who’s the Boss?” premiered in September 1984, she earned the role of Tony Danza’s character’s daughter. It was that year that the show was shot and produced in Los Angeles, and her entire family relocated there to support her work. She was a mainstay on the show for all eight seasons—196 episodes—until its 1992 finale. This part catapulted her to stardom, making her a teen idol and paving the way for a slew of other acting opportunities. For instance, in “Commando” (1985), she co-starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger at the tender age of twelve. From 1991 to 1992, she was a theatrical star in Los Angeles, appearing in shows such as “Butterflies Are Free,” “All Night Long” by John O’Keefe, and Wendy Wasserstein’s “Tender Offer “.

A Japanese record producer saw Milano perform and gave her a five-album recording contract. “Look in My Heart” (1989), “Alyssa” (1989), “Locked Inside a Dream” (1991), and “Do You See Me?” (1992) were her only studio albums. In her own words, Milano has characterized the albums’ overall style as “bubblegum pop,” and she has been somewhat critical of their craftsmanship. She performed well for herself internationally; in Japan, she even reached platinum status. She would “much rather have [her music] released where it’s appreciated than laughed at. “, she said, explaining why she didn’t pursue a music career in the US. Among her ongoing endeavors were the production of the teen fitness video “Teen Steam” and her starring roles in numerous films and television shows, including “Crash Course” (1988), “Dance til’ Dawn” (1988), and the independent feature “Where the Day Takes You” (1992). When Milano wanted to break away from the “nice girl” reputation she had built up on “Who’s the Boss?”, she starred in a string of erotica flicks including “Embrace of the Vampire” (1995) and “Deadly Sins” (1995). There were multiple naked moments featuring her in this movie.

Milano played the role of Jennifer Mancini on “Melrose Place” from 1995 to 1998 for the fifth through seventh seasons. “Charmed” cast her after she left “Melrose Place,” and she plays the role of Phoebe Halliwell. The series aired for eight seasons, ending in 2006. Starting with the fifth season, Milano took on the role of producer on “Charmed,” in addition to her role as an actor. Following her appearances on “Mistresses” (2013–2014) and “Insatiable” (2018–2019), she has continued to star on other shows. In addition to her television roles, Milano has made appearances in films such as “Hall Pass” (2011) and “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend” (2010).

Property Listings

Alyssa spent $975,000 on a West Hollywood, California, property in October 2005. Alyssa put the house on the market after experiencing financial difficulties, as we said earlier. She had a $2 million goal in the past. Alyssa bought a 7,700 square foot house in Bell Canyon, California, for $1.6 million in 2001.

Highlighted Relationships

Actor Corey Haim was Milano’s boyfriend from 1987 until 1990, although he battled addiction the whole time. He supposedly refused professional aid despite Milano and his manager’s best efforts. Scott Wolf, another actor, became her fiancé in 1993. But a year after they got engaged, they broke off their engagement and never looked back. Even though she was using birth control at the time, she became pregnant with Wolf in 1993 and had two abortions while they were still dating. She confirmed this in 2019. After dating for a year, Milano became engaged to Creative Artists Agency agent David Bugliari in 2008. The ceremony took place in August 2009 at the residence of Bugliari’s family. They welcomed a son in August 2011 and a daughter in September 2014 into the world.


Alyssa Milano’s tale is a perfect example of the ups and downs of a complex career; it shows that she is not only financially resilient but also determined to succeed in a field where the two typically go hand in hand.