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Amavasya 2022: Know the Dates, Timing, Rituals & Significance

Amavasya 2022: Know the Dates, Timing, Rituals & Significance

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The date and time for Amavasya 2022 are listed below for your convenience. Amavasya is made up of two words: “Ama,” which means “together,” and “Vasya,” which means “to reside.” It refers to the lunar phase of the new moon when the moon is not visible in Sanskrit. According to the Hindu calendar, the day of Amavasya is a major time of power, when people fast to seek the blessings of the sun and moon gods. Amavasya is the best day to do Shraddha rituals and Kalsarp Dosha puja to pacify the ancestors.

Amavasya is regarded as a moment of enormous power in Hindu culture and religion. Except for the Karttika Amavasya – the Amavasya of the Hindu holiday Diwali – the majority of Amavasya days are considered unlucky. Every month, the Amavasya day is regarded auspicious for forefathers’ devotion, and poojas are performed. Ashwin Amavasya or Pitru Paksha (Mahalaya), the dark fortnight of Ashwin month (September-October), is especially important for making oblations to dead ancestors.

Monday Amavasya, also known as Somavati Amavasya, has specific religious importance in Hinduism. A fast on this particular Amavasya is thought to protect women from widowhood and ensure progeny bearing.

Amavasya Beliefs And Traditions

  • Monday’s Amavasya is considered significant since it is believed to ward off widowhood in women and ensure progeny bearing.
  • On the day of Amavasya, performing the puja to worship the forefathers gives happiness and prosperity.
  • In Rameshwaram and other sacred temples in Tamil Nadu, people offer unique oblations.

Amavasya Rituals

  • Take a bath in the morning.
  • Lord Vishnu and the peepal tree are both worshipped.
  • Fasting in order to obtain blessings and absolve oneself of sins.
  • The Brahmins are given donations, food, new garments, and sweets.
  • Planet Mars is also worshipped to remove Mangal dosh.
  • It is also customary to perform Hawan and Shanti Puja.

Amavasya Date and Time

Amavasya Name Date and Time
Pausha Amavasya Begins – 03:41 AM, Jan 02
Ends – 12:02 AM, Jan 03

Magha Amavasya Begins – 02:18 PM, Jan 31
Ends – 11:15 AM, Feb 01

Phalguna Amavasya Begins – 01:00 AM, Mar 02
Ends – 11:04 PM, Mar 02

Chaitra Amavasya Begins – 12:22 PM, Mar 31
Ends – 11:53 AM, Apr 01

Vaishakha Amavasya Begins – 12:57 AM, Apr 30
Ends – 01:57 AM, May 01

Jyeshtha Amavasya Begins – 02:54 PM, May 29
Ends – 04:59 PM, May 30

Ashadha Amavasya Begins – 05:52 AM, Jun 28
Ends – 08:21 AM, Jun 29

Shravana Amavasya Begins – 09:11 PM, Jul 27
Ends – 11:24 PM, Jul 28

Bhadrapada Amavasya Begins – 12:23 PM, Aug 26
Ends – 01:46 PM, Aug 27

Ashwina Amavasya Begins – 03:12 AM, Sep 25
Ends – 03:23 AM, Sep 26

Kartika Amavasya Begins – 05:27 PM, Oct 24
Ends – 04:18 PM, Oct 25

Margashirsha Amavasya Begins – 06:53 AM, Nov 23
Ends – 04:26 AM, Nov 24

Pausha Amavasya Begins – 07:13 PM, Dec 22
Ends – 03:46 PM, Dec 23

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Amavasya good day?

The Amvsy day of each month is regarded auspicious for the worship of forebears and poojas. Religious people are not allowed to travel or work, and must instead focus on the Amavasya ceremonies, which are usually performed at home in the afternoon.

2. What are the effects of Amavasya?

It is commonly observed that on Amavasya, our subconscious or mind is vulnerable, and our feelings and actions are influenced on the Full Moon night. On this night, our mental and bodily states become slightly unbalanced. On this night, all of our feelings and emotions are amplified.

3. What is the importance of Amavasya?

Amavasya, or no-moon day, is a notable day in the Hindu calendar because the moon is not visible. Amavasya’s literal meaning consists of two words: ‘Ama’ means together, and ‘Vasya’ means to reside. According to Hindu traditions, Amavasya is a powerful season when people give fasts to the Sun and Moon Gods.

4. What should we not do on Amavasya?

Wheat grains and flour should also be avoided throughout this period. You should avoid buying wheat, especially during the month of Bhdra’s Amavasya. It is stated that if you eat wheat purchased on this day, it will go straight to your ancestors, which is considered unlucky.

5.Does Amavasya affect mood?o:p>

In Amavasya, people believe that everything is severe. On Amavasya, if they are mentally unbalanced, they will feel even more unbalanced. The gravitational force of the moon pulls everything upwards on this day, including your blood and vitality, enhancing human emotions and traits to their pinnacle.