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Amelia Dimoldenberg Boyfriend: Is She Dating Anyone?

Amelia Dimoldenberg Boyfriend: Is She Dating Anyone?

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The ‘Chicken Shop Date’ online series chronicles the romantic relationships of English comedian Amelia Dimoldenberg, who has a lengthy history of romantic relationships.

It might be said that the longest dating history of any celebrity belongs to English comedian Amelia Dimoldenberg. That being said, it is merely because Amelia’s renowned online series, Chicken Shop Date, involves her going on “dates.”

Amelia has been interviewing famous people for her hit web series since 2014, first musicians and then anyone else in the celebrity world. The show highlights her clumsy and silly personality as she “dates” different people. Contrary to popular belief, Amelia does not date a large number of men. So, who has she dated?

Who Is Amelia Dimoldenberg?

Comic, journalist, YouTuber, and TV host Amelia Dimoldenberg is from England. Chicken Shop Date is a web series in which she sits down with rappers, grime artists, other YouTubers, and Premier League footballers for fried chicken interviews. She also happens to be the CEO of the show. Her signature sarcasm, deadpan humor, and uncomfortable silence have made her famous in interviews.

Her resume includes work as a comedian, writer (for publications like Vogue and The Guardian), and documentary filmmaker (for networks like Vice Media and Channel 4). The Big Narstie Show, Celebrity Come Dine With Me, and Don’t Hate the Playaz are among Amelia’s television appearances. In September 2019, she was ranked as the 77th most influential person in the UK by The Sunday Times. In October of that year, she was included in the Progress 1000 list of “London’s most influential individuals” by The Evening Standard.

Who is Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Boyfriend?

In a 2019 interview, Amelia Dimoldenberg admitted that she had been seeing someone for a year and decided that was enough. There appears to have been no ill will between the TV actress and her ex-partner, even though they are no longer together.

The comedian brought up the topic of relationships and how she thinks many people find it more difficult to have meaningful relationships because of social media.

According to Dimoldenberg, it’s important to communicate, not to leave anything unanswered, and to convey one’s sentiments, even if one has been in a relationship for a long time.

Is Amelia Dating Rapper Aitch?

Despite Amelia and Aitch’s brief romance, it ended with them going their separate ways. They later came to terms with the fact that they would get along better as friends and exchanged best-friend bracelets. Watch the video down below to see Amelia and her guest talk about love and more!

In response to Aitch’s admission that he will find it difficult to sit back and watch Amelia go on dates with rappers every week, Dimoldenberg said that Amelia loves dating and cannot stop doing it. For the time being, we don’t know whether Amelia is in a relationship.

Amelia had originally planned to have a romantic dinner with Andrew Garfield at her Valentine’s Day party, but she quickly changed her mind after hearing Central Cee’s explanation of how Andrew might happen. Amelia went on to say that Valentine’s Day is too stressful and that Cee might even fly her somewhere since that’s more his style. Amelia revealed that Louis Theroux was the one who made her feel the most awestruck when questioned about her biggest fan moment.

Amelia Dimz Past Relationships

Following the virality of a TikTok video in which Aitch was seen going out with an unidentified woman multiple times in March of last year, Amelia Dimz began dating the rapper. It turns out that the woman in question was Amelia Dimz. In a later Instagram post, the rapper himself put an end to the dating rumors by confirming them with the caption “Amelia Armstrong,” a mushy pun on Aitch’s last name.

The rapper continued to post about his second date with the then-mystery female on TikTok, so they were both comfortable with the spotlight. They had to go on a second date because they enjoyed the first one, he spilled the beans even further.

In subsequent interviews, Dimoldenberg discussed their relationship, revealing that she is quite fond of him and that they often hang out. But fans couldn’t help but notice Amelia’s appearance in Aitch’s Baby music video. Some even thought it was all an elaborate advertising stunt!

Following their Golden Globes short talk, in which Andrew Garfield and Amelia displayed flawless chemistry, fans have been cheering for the couple. And let us not overlook the discussion of their astrological compatibility. Amelia did bring up the name of the Spider-Man actor while discussing the ideal Valentine’s Day date.

Amelia Dimoldenberg YouTube Channel

March 2014 saw the launch of Amelia’s self-titled YouTube account, when she uploaded her debut video, “GHETTS l CHICKEN SHOP DATE,” while still a college student. She became recognized as the host of the show thanks to her hilarious interviews with prominent people.

Amelia has interviewed more than fifty celebrities since starting the channel, including Burna Boy, ArrDee, Jack Harlow, and many more. Her channel is currently one of YouTube’s most popular, with over 1.4 million subscribers.

How Rich Is Amelia Dimoldenberg?

Our calculations put her net worth at $900,000, which is about equivalent to £505,000. Earnings from YouTube and brand partnerships provide the bulk of her income.