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Is Aquamarine a Lucky Gemstone for Pisces: How does a Pisces Birthstone Help?

Is Aquamarine a Lucky Gemstone for Pisces: How does a Pisces Birthstone Help?

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Every zodiac sign has both strengths and weaknesses, and the Pisces zodiac sign is no different. A Pisces-born suffers from unknown fears and phobias that do not let the natives rise to their full potential. A lucky gemstone for Pisces is helpful in such cases. 

Aquamarine is Pisces birthstone since it’s the gemstone for Jupiter that rules the Pisces zodiac sign. Jupiter is the ultimate planet of wisdom and confidence: the two qualities that Pisces zodiac sign doesn’t have. 

When a native wears a lucky gemstone for Pisces, Jupiter rises to its full powers and that marks the onset of good luck and wisdom. 

Want to know how to energize a Pisces birthstone and the many benefits of wearing an energized lucky gemstone for Pisces? If yes, this in-depth post will be a path-breaking discovery. 

Dive in to explore the details!

The lucky gemstone for Pisces: How to energize a Pisces Birthstone?

A clear aquamarine gemstone is the luckiest gemstone for both Pisces men and women. There are though certain conditions that have to be fulfilled for the gemstone to heal the natives emotionally and spiritually.   

You have to energize this gemstone of Jupiter to seek the blessings of the planet and bring change in your life. Here’s how you can do the same:

  • Buy a high-carat aquamarine gemstone. Nothing less than 1/10th of your weight will serve the purpose. Only a clear, high-quality Pisces birthstone is capable of unleashing the blessings of Jupiter. 
  • Use only a platinum or silver band to fix the gemstone. When you are wearing the ring, it’s important that the stone gets in direct contact with your skin. 
  • Once you have the ring, you should energize it on a Saturday morning, between 5 AM to 7 AM. 
  • Purify the ring with Ganga Jal, chant the Shani beej mantra 108 times, and wear the ring on the middle finger of your working hand. 

Once you’ve worn an energized lucky gemstone for Pisces, give the crystal some time to show the benefits. 

Lucky Gemstone for Pisces Men 

Although there’s nothing that can beat aquamarine, there are some other options too if you can’t afford a very high-carat aquamarine. You can also count on the following gemstones:

  • Amethyst
  • Bloodstone
  • Ruby
  • Jasper

Lucky Gemstone for Pisces Women  

Aquamarine, again, is the best choice. But there are more options. Bear in mind, any lucky gemstone you wear will have to be energized though. 

The options for a lucky gemstone for Pisces women besides aquamarine include:

  • Amethyst
  • Bloodstone
  • Rock crystal
  • Sapphire 
  • Jade

Lucky Gemstone for Pisces Moon Sign 

If your moon sign is Pisces, you’ll benefit more by wearing a yellow sapphire gemstone. However, as already mentioned, the stone will have to be first energized. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Nothing less than 2-carats will offer astrological benefits. 
  • Once you have a 2-carat yellow sapphire, get it fitted in a gold band. 
  • Clean the ring with Ganga Jal. 
  • Following the purification, chant the mantra, ‘Om Gram Grim Graum Sah Gurave Namah’

Wear the energized yellow sapphire ring on the ring finger of your working hand. 

Top 4 benefits of wearing a lucky gemstone for Pisces

Pisces Zodiac sign has its fair share of cons. For instance, these natives suffer from many unexplained fears in life. They find it very hard to step out of their comfort zone and it hinders the path of their success. 

When the natives wear a Pisces birthstone, all the negatives are overcome. Here are the benefits of wearing an energized aquamarine for Pisces. 

#1. It makes the natives courageous

An energized Pisces birthstone helps the natives overcome all fears and phobias. When you wear an aquamarine crystal, the stone invigorates the powers of Jupiter. 

  • The natives become quite intellectual. 
  • They get the confidence to step out of what comforts them and take risks.
  • Since they discover confidence and take chances, they start getting a lot of success in their careers. 

#2. It makes the natives peaceful 

One of the best things about wearing a lucky gemstone for Pisces is that it blesses the natives with peace of mind. 

Energized aquamarine restores the mind-body balance. Hence, the natives feel a lot more settled. They feel content and satisfied with what they have. 

  • It heals the natives emotionally. They feel a lot less depressed
  • They feel closer to God and experience the power of spirituality. 
  • They become more compassionate and are able to find true happiness.  

Did you know that a lucky gemstone for Pisces can ward off negativity? It is known to make the natives look at the bright side even when the situation isn’t very ideal.

#3. It brings an influx of luck  

Wearing a lucky gemstone for Pisces brings a lot more than just mental stability: 

  • The wearer becomes good at solving problems at work. 
  • This newfound quality earns them promotions and rewards. 
  • They make a lot of money and make very powerful connections.  

#4. It’s beneficial for students too

Jupiter, as already mentioned, is the planet of wisdom and intellect. It is, in fact, one of the most important planets for studies and academics. 

Students who are aiming at getting into better universities can, thus, benefit a lot from wearing an aquamarine. This Pisces birthstone can help in improving the focus and inculcate confidence in students. 

Concluding Thoughts:

Pisces people have a lot of potential that is, at times, hampered under a load of fears, negativity, and pessimism. These people refrain from taking action to such an extent that others might think of them as lazy. 

When a Pisces person wears an aquamarine crystal or some other lucky gemstone for Pisces, Jupiter starts imparting its qualities to the natives. This makes the natives very brave and vocal. 

A lucky gemstone for Pisces can also improve the love life and married life of the wearer. Since these people start communicating better, they’re no longer misunderstood. 

All that you have to keep in mind is that energizing a Pisces birthstone will be the key. As long as the Pisces birthstone is purified, the wearers will start getting success, and luck will start favoring them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Pisces wear aquamarine?

The planet Neptune, which is pleased by wearing this gemstone, is the most essential planet for the Pisces zodiac sign. Pisces males can benefit from wearing the aquamarine stone since it has a delicate, subtle, but long-lasting effect on their personality. This stone has a strong influence on Pisces people.

2. How does aquamarine help Pisces?

The Aquamarine gemstone, ever cool-headed, encourages the Pisces’ shapeshifting element to move fluidly through life rather than becoming stagnant and stuck. It also balances mood swings and strengthens the throat chakra, allowing Pisceans to speak up without fear of being judged.

3. Which metal is good for Pisces?

Amethyst appears to be the closest stone to Neptune, whereas germanium and strontium appear to be the closest metals. Thursday is the lucky day for people born under the Pisces zodiac sign, and seven is the lucky number.

4. Which Colour is unlucky for Pisces?

Pisces people should avoid bright hues like dark red and black. They are considered unfortunate colours for Pisces because they induce negativity. Furthermore, the dark colours amplify emotions, which is not good for the sensitive Pisces.