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Aquarius gemstone: Find out what your lucky stones are here!

Aquarius gemstone: Find out what your lucky stones are here!

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Aquarius is an air sign and is the eleventh sign in the zodiac. People having this zodiac sign are humanitarians, and they mostly work for a social cause. 

Aquarius people are truth-seeking, progressive, innovative, and unpredictable. Ruling planets Uranus and Saturn decide their life events and personality traits. 

The zodiac gemstones can influence the effects of the ruling planets positively. For instance, by wearing an Amethyst gemstone, you can draw the energy of Uranus better, and the planet will also reduce your troubles. 

If you want to know more about an Aquarius gemstone and how to wear it, read on!

What is the Aquarius gemstone color?

Amethyst, a violet-colored stone, is the Aquarius gemstone. You can wear this gemstone to improve your business and success in your career. 

Amethyst is a stone of awareness, and it will provide passion, creativity and temperance to the wearer. 

The Aquarius gemstone color is uplifting, and the wearer will start seeking truths around themselves. 

As Aquarius people have strong communicative skills, Amethyst can further strengthen those skills. The Amethyst gemstone also improves the relationships and interpersonal traits of the wearer.

Are there specific gemstones for Aquarius men?

Garnet and Jasper are highly beneficial for an Aquarius man. Amethyst brings many positive changes to the life of an Aquarius man. 

The stone will attract the energy of the ruling planet Uranus, and the person will face fewer troubles in life. 

Amethyst will help the man think positively and rationally. It will also improve faithfulness in relationships. 

  1. Astrologers suggest Amethyst as a remedy to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. 
  2. The Aquarius gemstones will transform the man emotionally and spiritually. 
  3. From ancient times, people used to wear jasper stones. Even today, among the traditional societies, you will see shamans and priests wearing the stone. They believe that the stone has magical healing properties and use it as amulets. 

An Aquarius gemstone invokes humanitarianism in an Aquarius man. Similarly, Garnet is a friendship stone that will connect the wearer to primordial energy and bestows strength to the Aquarius man. You can style the gemstone as a ring or a chain around your neck. 

What gemstones should an Aquarius woman wear?

An Aquarius woman is creative and caring. She likes surprises and supports non-conformist ideologies. Natural therapies best suit her nature, and an Aquarius gemstone reflecting the cosmos fits such a woman. 

Turquoise, Jasper, and Garnet are some of the stones that will suit an Aquarius woman. 

These stones match the likes of an Aquarius-born woman who likes to wear vintage clothes and unique pieces of clothing. 

Lapis Lazuli is an indigo-colored gemstone that imparts creativity, honesty, and wisdom to the wearer. 

Here are some other benefits:

  1. The gemstone color will make the Aquarius woman stand apart amongst the crowd. 
  2. Besides the benefits, she can also flaunt the gemstone as a fashion statement. 
  3. Similarly, an Aquarius gemstone color turquoise reflects happy and vibrant nature that suits the personality of the Aquarius-born woman. 
  4. The stone will bring luck in money, love and friendship. 

Emerald is another Aquarius gemstone that will bring wisdom and enhance the intellectual capabilities of an Aquarius woman. 

Some believe it has the power to reduce labour pain. It is also a healing stone to cure skin, respiratory, brain, and other diseases.

Do you have an Aquarius moon sign? Here is what you need to know! 

You have an Aquarius moon sign if you were born when the moon was in your zodiac sign. Moon signs shape your emotional life. 

If you have an Aquarius moon sign, you will have a caring, creative, and unique persona. 

Blue sapphire is the gemstone as per your moon sign. This Aquarius gemstone will be a perfect fit as a finger-ring. 

The pure blue hue will give a refreshing look regardless of your outfit. Apart from the appearance, the gemstone will enhance your overall well-being. 

Other important benefits are as follows:

  • The stone has strong powers that will clear your path from obstacles. It will bring you success, prosperity, and growth. 
  • Both men and women can wear this stone to evade negative energy and evil spirits. 
  • The stone tries to please Saturn and will yield positive results to the wearer. 
  • Vedic Astrologers suggest wearing the stone-studded with a gold ring in the middle finger of either hand.

To know more about Aquarius gemstones, you can contact an astrologer. As per your birth time, the astrologer will suggest suitable stones along with their effects. 

Some mantras can enhance the effects of wearing gemstones. Your astrologer can inform you more about these mantras and how to chant them. For instance, one has to chant the “Om Bram Brim Braum Sah Budhaya Namah” mantra 51 times to improve the results of wearing an Aquarius gemstone like Amethyst.

What to look for while buying gemstones?

You should buy only certified gemstones, as there are many look-alikes in the market today. Only authentic gemstones will give the expected results, so you should avoid getting cheated by finding more about spotting genuine gemstones.

Concluding thoughts 

As an Aquarius native, you possess lots of unique personality traits. Wearing an Aquarius gemstone will further enhance your personality and surround you with a positive aura. 

These gemstones have the power to attract the energy of the ruling planets that will significantly reduce the issues in your life. 

Even though Amethyst is the most popular gemstone for Aquarius today, other stones are equally powerful and unique. 

These gemstones are also a piece of fashion statement that will suit the style of an Aquarius woman. The humanitarian nature of Aquarius is hard to do away with, but wearing an Aquarius gemstone can help balance your social work and your personal life by finding an equilibrium between the two.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which gemstone is good for Aquarius?

Amethyst is the finest gemstone for Aquarius, according to gemstone astrology. For Aquarius, this is a particularly lucky stone that attracts luck and happiness. This purple-colored gem is both beautiful and helpful.

2. What Colour is Aquarius birthstone?

The color Aquarius is said to strengthen relationships and give courage to those who wear it. Amethyst is the birthstone for people born in February or under the sign of the aerator. This lovely purple color is associated with royalty.

3. Which Colour is unlucky for Aquarius?

Colors that are neutral or muddy, such as brown, dark blue, or earthy green, are considered inauspicious for Aquarius. The energy of Uranus is dampened by these hues, which attracts calamity.

4. What is Aquarius spirit animal?

The Otter has always inspired the Amerindians because it behaves differently than any other animal. Because it is long, slim, and coquettish, it is the incarnation of femininity for them.