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Follow these Vastu Tips to Keep Arowana Fish at Home to ward off Evil Forces

Follow these Vastu Tips to Keep Arowana Fish at Home to ward off Evil Forces

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According to Indian mythology, Lord Brahma developed the Vastu-shastra regulations at Vastupurush’s request for the development of mankind. It is critical to consider Vastu when building your home, and if any Vastu-dosh remains, it can be corrected without disrupting the home’s atmosphere. There are numerous options for removing a house’s Vastu-dosh. It is always preferable to determine the Vastu-dosh before building a home, but if there is still a Vastu-dosh after construction, there are numerous options for addressing it. One such approach is the one we’re debating right now.

Arowana fish is of great importance

The importance of goods stored inside or outside the home is described in Vastu-shastra. Whatever is stored inside or outside the house has an impact on the flow of positive or negative energy. One of them is the Arowana fish. It is highly advantageous to have Arowana fish inside the house. The Arowana fish, like the Goldfish, is considered auspicious in Vastu-shastra. This fish is thought to be a symbol of good health, riches, and power.

Having an Arowana fish idol is also beneficial

The Arowana fish protects the home from negative energies and promotes the flow of positive energy. If you can’t maintain live Arowana fish in your home for whatever reason, you can keep an idol of a golden Arowana fish clutching a coin in its mouth. This idol should be placed in your home facing either north or east. The Arowana fish, according to some zoologists, settled in the foothills before the earthquake. Keeping this fish is similar to setting an alarm since it allows you to detect an earthquake and evacuate to a safer location before the natural disaster arrives.

Arowana Fish Aquarium Placement According to Feng Shui

Because of the fish’s aggressiveness and consequent size, most fish keepers retain only one Arowana per tank. An aquarium can be placed in a variety of feng shui configurations. These are some of them:

  • Southeast: The Southeast is the wealthy sector, therefore putting an Arowana aquarium here will bring in enormous money and lots of it.
  • North: Another good location for an aquarium is in the career sector. Prepare for a meteoric rise in your profession.
  • East: When an aquarium is installed here, the health sector will benefit greatly. It is possible to experience improved health.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does arowana fish bring good luck?

In your home, the arowana fish provides good health, excellent health, and riches. The arowana fish, often known as the golden dragon, is regarded as a potent emblem of good fortune in Vastu. Happiness, great love, health, money, prosperity, and personal power are bestowed upon the possessor of the Vastu arowana fish.

2. Which fish is lucky for home?

Goldfish should be kept in the house, according to Vastu Shastra. Goldfish are quite beneficial to the house’s good fortune. They are thought to be the most sacred and prosperous of all the fishes.

3. Which type of arowana is lucky?

Because of its red hue and coin-like scales, the Asian arowana, also known as the dragon fish, is thought to bring good luck and fortune to the Chinese.

4. Can arowana and koi live together?

Yes, the two fish can coexist. The easiest approach to ensure that your Koi and Arowana can coexist in a pond is to make sure that they are the same size or that the Koi is larger than the Arowana. It’s better if the fish are the same size because neither will be intimidated or attack the other.