Want to Get Lucky? – Try these Secret Astrological Tips | 100% Proven

Want to Get Lucky? – Try these Secret Astrological Tips | 100% Proven

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It is an undeniable fact that Luck plays an important part in one’s success. We all need the luck to succeed.

Astrology is one ancient science that has the ability to improve our luck as well as our fortune if we follow certain principles as advocated by it.

For example, it is a proven fact that worshipping Lord Ganesha before starting a new job can boost your chances of success.

In Hindu culture, we associate certain deities with certain days of the week, hence as per astrology if we do certain activities that please those deities, we attract luck and thereby prosperity.

Here we have compiled day-wise astrology tips that can help to bring luck in your life and eventually success you are looking for.

These tips will help you live a happier and prosperous life.


Monday’s suggestions

Lord Shiva is honoured on Monday. Beginning your Monday with a blessing for Lord Shiva is a good idea. You might begin by pouring water on ‘Shivling’ in the morning. This can help you get the most out of the rest of your Monday activities. Monday is a good day to work in finance or begin a new job. If you’re having trouble deciding which job route to choose, career prediction astrology can help. On Monday, avoid wearing black and instead wear white. A white colour is said to bring good luck in Vedic astrology.

Tuesday’s suggestions

Tuesday is ruled by Lord Hanuman. On this day, dress in red. It bestows positivity and optimism on the recipient. This cure will also help you overcome barriers in your life and prepare you to meet challenges. If you are unable to wear red on Tuesday for any reason, bring red roses with you. This will improve your luck on this particular day. Before you go on Tuesday, eat coriander in any form that is readily available at your expense.

Wednesday’s suggestions

Lord Ganesha, Hinduism’s fortunate deity, is the governing deity of Wednesday. Wearing green garments on this day will please Lord Ganesha and will help you overcome your life’s hurdles and challenges. If you are unable to wear green clothing on Wednesday, keep a green handkerchief in your pocket to wish you luck. In the morning, offer ‘Modak’ to Ganesha. On Wednesday, offering Gavan Ganesh ‘indoor’ can help you overcome your sadness and pain. You’ll have a lot of luck with this.

Thursday’s suggestions

Thursday’s governing god is Lord Vishnu. It’s also a fantastic day for lovers. The best day to arrange a good trip is Thursday. Your path will be more fruitful as a result of this. The colour for Thursday is yellow. This is the day to wear yellow apparel, according to astrological money forecasts.

Friday’s suggestions

The goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi, celebrates her birthday on Friday. This day favours money-related chances, according to financial astrology. You should be aware of your financial horoscope for Friday. You should go to Maa Lakshmi Temple to seek his blessings. On this day, you should gift Maa Lakshmi Kamal or pink-coloured flowers. Flowers can be placed in your home or office for good luck. Apart from that, wearing pink-coloured clothing will satisfy the deity. Before you leave the house, make sure you consume some yogurt.

Saturday Suggestions

The Lord of Saturn is Shani Dev. On this day, offer black brinjal to appease Shani Dev. This will assist you in resolving your issues. This cure will help boost your day’s good fortune. To get the most out of Saturday, ghee should be consumed before leaving home.

Sunday suggestions

Sunday’s governing deity is Surya or Surya. This is the greatest day to resolve any issue or conflict you may be having in your life. The journey completed on Sunday should be fruitful. On Sunday, eat the pan before leaving the house. ‘The colour white is ideal for Sundays. On Sunday, one should dress in this colour.