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How Astrology Can Help You Lead a Happy Married Life? | The Science Behind it

How Astrology Can Help You Lead a Happy Married Life? | The Science Behind it

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The relationship of two individuals as husband and wife is a holy and beautiful bond that introduces a whole new spectrum of emotions into the partnership. Marriage presents the couple with the fundamental idea of living and introduces them to the concept of caring and duty.

However, based on current sociological statistics, there is an alarming number of couples that have difficulties in their married life and have trouble believing in the concept of an open, trusting connection with their partner.

But the biggest issue is – Why is it so difficult for individuals to be truly happy in a long-term committed relationship?

So to put it more directly, the response to this question is: “People enter into marriage, which by the way is the most significant element of their life. They are, however, totally unaware of how crucial this choice is for them.” It is only sensible to take all significant decisions only after having thoroughly investigated the issues and having used the safeguards that assure good and happy consequences.

Nowadays, perhaps the majority of marriages, especially in the West, are based on gut sensations and people’s views of the rosy image they have created for themselves of their future married life.

However, as soon as reality strikes, they are quickly struck by the realization that they have just experienced only a small fraction of their married life.


The Importance of Astrology in Marriage

Have you ever wondered Why the failure rate for marriages is all-time high?

 This is because Vedic Astrology was not incorporated into their marriage.

Vedic Astrology, which has been in use in India for centuries, incorporates several other elements of daily life. For example, the marriage process itself is viewed as a part of this Vedic Astrology system.

Vedic Astrology or Astrology helps greatly comprehend which bodies in the sky are giving signals as to which marital alliances are possible, in order to enable a couple to make well-reasoned judgments early on when it comes to getting married.

In other words, Vedic Astrology or Astrology using the concept of Kundli matching can judge whether the union of marriage is well suited or not. How well astrology works can be seen from the proof that there is a substantially low divorce rate in the Indian community as compared to the west.

Similarly, even after marriage, if certain tiresome karmic elements are present in the lives of a couple because of their individual horoscopes, marriage issues astrology may give substantial help in finding remedies to resolve marital strife.


Astrology for Relationships: How Do the Stars Influence Marriages?

One of the other major functions of horoscope matching (or Kundli matching) is to predict a couple’s compatibility and to provide the cosmic blueprint of how the boy and girl’s life would unfold if they get married.

Some of the ways in which compatibility is judged include:

Sexual Attraction

These are all areas that should be signified by the planets in the natal horoscopes of the couple in such a way, that the couple would gel with each other properly and become an instrument of fulfillment for one another. Therefore by proper Kundli Matching, the real compatibility between the couple is ascertained and hence a harmonious marriage is ensured.

A great deal of information about how their fate is anticipated to play out may be found in the individual horoscopes of the boy and girl. Placing planets in the horoscopes of a couple that have unfavourable effects on their marital bliss would alleviate or lessen many of the negative impacts of such placements on the couple’s overall happiness.

Astrology may examine planetary configurations and placements that have an impact on the lives of married individuals, and also on the lives of their spouses. The houses in a horoscope are associated with the many domains and reflect what the astrologer has found significant in determining the destiny of a marriage. This group consists of:

2nd House: family

5th House: Children

7th House: Spouse/Marriage/Social Acceptance

8th House: sexual organs

11th House: Desires realized

12th House: Bedroom

The presence or aspects of malefic planets such as SaturnRahu (North Node of the Moon or Dragon’s Head) and Ketu (South Node of the Moon or Dragon’s Tail) in these houses is a negative sign as these malefic planets damage these houses and thereby diminish their positive influence on the marital life of a native. 

Another important astrological-based remedy is the treatment of Mangal ( Mars). Mangal is a very volatile planet in terms of astrology, and if it is positioned in the nativity chart of a native, the effects can be harmful.  The issue of an ill-placed Mars is exacerbated in cases of marriage, as that Mars transforms into a fierce, bad-results-delivering figure. Even though Manglik Dosh or Mangal Dosh is very harmful, if left untreated, it can cause irreparable damage to a couple’s marriage. It is possible that, in the event that a Manglik Dosh stays untreated for an extended period of time, his or her spouse will die prematurely. Consequently, it is quite important to seek the assistance of an expert astrologer to identify the Manglik Dosh and get it healed by using strong astrological remedies.

So What Should You Do?

Knowing there are numerous permutations and combinations when it comes to planetary placements and aspects, and knowing how significant those outcomes are, it is vitally necessary for us to act quickly and intelligently.

Therefore it is always prudent to Consult an Astrologer and get have your Kundali matched before getting into the union of marriage.