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Health Problems due to Planetary Misalignment and Easy Tips on Astrology Remedies in Health

Health Problems due to Planetary Misalignment and Easy Tips on Astrology Remedies in Health

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Vedic astrology signifies the importance of planets and stars in human life. Today, we will be taking you through the different health problems that these planets can cause and some easy tips on astrology remedies in health to make things better.

The specific placement of these cosmic powers determine how a person will do in life. And, needless to say, these planets also have a huge role in terms of health.

Let’s get started.


The Sun

Sun or Surya dev is the bearer of life on earth. If the sun in your birth chart is not at ease, you’re likely to face health problems like headache and migraine, bile and acidity. You might also suffer from heart disorders and eye problems.

Easy Tips on Astrology Remedies in Health Problems Caused by the Sun

  1. The Concept Behind Free Gifts – Accept gifts from no one else but your parents.

  2. Change your food habits – Turn into a vegetarian and don’t forget to drink a glass of sugared water every morning before stepping out of your house.

  3. Do Charity – Whether it’s donating dark red clothes to the poor or feeding monkeys, these remedies will please Lord sun and he will restore health and peace in your life again.

The Moon

An enraged moon in a birth chart can affect your health in a specific manner – it takes away mental peace. So, you’re likely to suffer from irritation and restlessness, disturbed sleep, depression and anxiety, and long spells of fatigue and sadness.

However, it isn’t very difficult to please the aggravated moon. When you Respect Your Mother, the moon (Chandra deva) will slow down his rage. You can, thus, enjoy a peaceful life with the blessings of your mother. Also, stop keeping birds in a cage. Caging them will displease the moon and that might affect your health badly. Instead, set them free and feed them regularly.


Planet Mars, the Lord of desires and energy, can impact your health if present in the wrong houses in your natal chart. If this planet gets aggravated, you will develop a lot of fear and will be afraid to try anything in life. In order words, Mars can make you a coward. Also, you’ll be more likely to suffer from a head injury and will have to suffer from health problems like acidity, constipation, and indigestion.

Easy Tips on Astrology Remedies in Health Problems Caused by the Planet Mars

  1. Make Donations – Offer sweets in a temple, feed a cow regularly, donate blood to the needy, donate as much as you can for the farmers and the army.

  2. Plant a Tree – This tree has to be a specific tree, Neem. Grow it in your house and see the impact.


Mercury, the Lord of intelligence, governs how the mind of humans works. If this planet gets restless in your birth chart, you’re likely to make bad decisions and it’s also possible that you’ll suffer from skin disorders.

Easy Tips on Astrology Remedies in Health Problems Caused by Mercury

  1. Do not wear any new clothes without washing them first.

  2. Making a donation of rice and milk in a temple will offer a lot of relief.

  3. Turn vegetarian and stay away from alcohol.


The planet Jupiter is the Lord of fortune and peace. If it misalings in a natal chart, you’ll suffer from disorders like liver diseases, diabetes, and even Cancer. But there are ways to avoid these ill effects in the following 2 ways.

  1. Yellow is Your Lucky Color – Wear yellow clothes, wear a sandalwood tilak on your forehead, feed bananas to the old and needy, and wear yellow gold jewelry.

  2. Your Family is Your Shield – Help your brothers and sisters in their work. Also, use things that belong to your father whether it’s his car or his pen.

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The planet Venus, the Lord of harmony and beauty, if weak in a birth chart, can cause health problems like eye diseases, kidney problems, and skin problems. If you want to strengthen Venus in your birth chart, then, always wash your clothes before wearing them. Making donations to the needy will also help you – offer sweets to the old and poor and also donate cow ghee at temples.


The planet Saturn, the Lord of power and rage, is one of the fiercest planets in the birth chart. If weak or misaligned from its own house, it can cause long-term health problems like Arthritis, Paralysis, and Skin diseases.

Easy Tips on Astrology Remedies in Health Problems Caused by Saturn

  1. Help and Donate whenever you can – Help people who are blind and donate footwear.

  2. Milk Habits – Not drinking buffalo milk and not drinking milk at all at nights will offer relief.

Rahu and Ketu

Together these two make the shadow planet. If they are weak in your natal chart, you’ll most likely develop phobias from a lot of things. Rahu is also responsible for many incurable diseases. Ketu, on the other hand, causes speech disorders like Stammering and many other problems like Chickenpox.

Astrology Remedies in Health Problems Caused by Rahu

  1. Rituals like placing 5 radish in the direction of the head of your spouse and then submerging them in running water every morning is one way to restore harmony in your married life.

  2. Feeding birds is also known to please Rahu.

Astrology Remedies in Health Problems Caused by Ketu

  1. Avoid the Color Red – It’s not lucky for you. Don’t wear red clothes or red jewels.

  2. Donate to the needy – You can donate sweets and blankets to the poor.


  1. Making donations is the one common that pleases all planets and gods.

  2. It’s important that you get your horoscope read by an astrologer to find out which of these planets is weak in your horoscope so that you can remedy the actual problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the astrology remedies for good health?

Respecting your mother pleases Chandra dev (the Moon) and he will bless you with good health. You can also plant a Neem tree, help blind people, and make donations to the needy and poor.

2. What are the best astrology remedies for mother's health?

Chanting OM daily is known to give energy to your mother. You can also take a coconut and keep it at the bank of a flowing river, in such a way that the river’s water is touching the coconut all the time. It is known to remove the omen of death from your mother’s head.

3. What are the best astrology remedies for the longevity of life?

The 8th House and the 3rd House decide how long the life of a person will be. Donating cow ghee in a temple is known to please the planet Venus that can bestow you with a long life. Pleasing the planet Saturn is also a known remedy.