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Has Bad Vastu affected You? Let us check it out

Has Bad Vastu affected You? Let us check it out

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What is Vastu?

Vastu refers to the perfect balance of the five elements, namely, Earth, water, fire, space, and air, as well as the subtle energies that exist in the environment. These tiny forces are not visible, yet they could be felt.

These subtle energies, such as electromagnetic, solar, and gravitational energies, when in harmony, generate a pleasant Vastu environment and enhance our quality of life.

However, when these energies are not in harmony, we face many setbacks and problems in life.

Here are some common problems faced by people due to bad Vastu alignment:-

Are you feeling suffocated in your house/office?

Some places have very dull energies; one feels depressed and low in energy.

What to do?

Check to see whether the northwest corner of your plot is higher or heavier than the southeast. How is your Southwestern part?

Examine the floor levels in the directions of the southwest and northeast. A Vastu flaw occurs when the floor levels in the southwest are lower. A pillar, staircase, or heavy product store should not obstruct or burden the magnetic energy line that flows diagonally from the north-eastern corner.

Do you feel stagnated growth in your life?

Every day, you put in a lot of work but don’t get the outcomes you want. You’re experiencing slow growth, and your company isn’t expanding as quickly as it should be. Even if you are deserving of promotions, you are not receiving them.

What to do?

Your main entrances should not come in the Southwestern corner of the plot. Southwest is an end it should not be a start.

Magnetic energy travels from northeast to southwest, and if a door or gate is present, the energy is lost. The sun rises in the east and sets in the southwest, indicating that this corner is the finish.

Are you and your family suffering from health issues?

If you don’t take care of your health, you won’t be able to enjoy your prosperity Regular health issues, major operations, and accidents are all important issues and sources of stress.

What to do?

Examine your toilets. In any event, the toilet should not be located in the plot’s or room’s north-east corner. The north-eastern orientation is seen to be auspicious. It is a very delicate area that should not be made dirty.

Do you face a lot of resistance in your home and office?

You may be a parent or a son at home, and you may be the boss or a subordinate at work, but you always feel opposed. You may have power, but you don’t know how to utilise it correctly, and no one respects you.

What to do?

Check what is behind your back. When you sit or sleep with a window or a door in your back, it makes you powerless. Check which side of the room you are seated in. If you sit with your back to the west, you will lose your hold on energies. Also, Check which room you are in. You will not feel secure in this room if it is in the northwest part of the house. You will not be able to get overpowering abilities here.