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Basoda 2023 Date, Time, Rituals, and Significance

Basoda 2023 Date, Time, Rituals, and Significance

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Basoda, one of the most important and well-attended celebrations, takes place in the eight days after Holi. In certain places, the celebration is held the Thursday or Monday after Holi. The northern Indian states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh give the day its greatest significance.

The Goddess Sheetla is appeased at the Basoda Festival in the hopes of warding off illnesses like chickenpox. During Sheetala Ashtami, a strange custom of sacrificing stale food is practiced. The food required for the Sheetala Ashtami puja is prepared the day before.

Basoda 2023 Date

Wednesday, 15 March 2023

Basoda Celebration

Ashtami (the eighth day) during Krishna Paksha in the Hindu calendar month of Chaitra is when Basoda is celebrated. If you use the Gregorian calendar, you’ll know that it occurs sometime in April or March.

Since the festival of Basoda takes place when the seasons begin to shift, this time of year is also considered to mark the beginning of summer. Many diseases and infections can spread at this time of year because of the fluctuating temperatures. Goddess Sheetala protects her followers against the spread of infectious diseases by bestowing her blessing upon them.

Rituals of Basoda Puja

  • Literally translated, the word Basoda means “Basi” or “Stale.” On Sheetala Ashtami, it is forbidden to cook over an open flame in accordance with Hindu customs.
  • People will make a full meal the day before Basoda and eat it on that day. On that day, you can only eat old food; no newly prepared meals or baked goods are allowed.
  • Basoda is celebrated with a variety of sweet and savoury treats, including Sweet Chilla, Gulgule, etc.

Basoda Mantra

हृं श्रीं शीतलायै नमः॥

Significance of Basoda

The celebration is known as Sheetala Ashtami throughout most of India. Devotees pray to Sheetla Mata on this day for health and safety from the pandemic. It is believed that those who worship Diana on this day would be protected from contracting smallpox because she is the Goddess of this disease.