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Top 12 Ken Block Quotes – 12 Ken Block Scared Quotes

Top 12 Ken Block Quotes – 12 Ken Block Scared Quotes

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Authorities and Hoonigan Industries, Ken Block’s automotive apparel line, have confirmed his death at age 55. Block was a popular YouTuber and professional rally driver.

According to the statement released by the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office, Block was riding his snowmobile down a steep slope when it “upended” and crushed him. He was pronounced dead at the site.

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What we’re seeing now is more saturation in the market. When we started making skate apparel 15 years ago, this was a small market.

That was one of the coolest things for us. We grew up sneaking in there.

We’ve been talking about it for a couple of weeks. We’re going to play some old songs, songs from the new recording coming up and we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves for keeping the evening entertaining.

My heart goes out to Dean and Ginger both. We have a long history with them, and we hope for the best.

I absolutely love my daily driver Ford Raptor, especially since I live out here in the mountains of Park City, so to build out this mountain assault vehicle with a Raptor as the base platform made total sense to me. It’s an absolute beast of a machine and I’m stoked with how it’s turned out. Next up is for me to take it deep into the backcountry ASAP to help me and some friends slay some powder on our snowboards for a video project due out later this year.

As a concerned citizen and a frequent flier, I am alarmed at what appears to be a real degradation in Alaska’s service. Important customer service, like maintenance and safety.
—Ken Block

Yeah, you might get tired of playing a song night after night, but then when the people start singing along to every word it’s always incredible. We are a lucky, lucky organization.

We were never far off from Travis, and when I attacked midway through the rally Travis turned up his speed even more and kept us at bay. We had a good time fighting it out and the cars were perfect.

Everything feels good, we are driving carefully with the aim to finish. It was definitely scary driving on that flat, but we certainly lost less time than if we had stopped on the stage to change the tyre!

I don’t think it’s any secret that Sister Hazel as a band has always walked the walk with regards to joining worthy causes. We’ve always felt like if our vehicle can be used to call attention to some of that, we’ll do it and get a lot of gratification out of it.

Today has definitely been better than yesterday. We are having to do a little bit of sweeping but it is generally not too bad and I am still really enjoying the roads – I love being here!

The road conditions are so variable here, there is ice, snow and everything in between. But a podium finish is a definite possibility if we stay smooth and adjust to the slippery conditions.