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Best Male Zodiac Sign to Marry: Best to Worst

Best Male Zodiac Sign to Marry: Best to Worst

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Every girl grows up with the dream of getting married to a knight in shining armour. But, if you’re seriously thinking about getting married, then, we are assuming that you’re already a smart grown-up woman who should understand that the world is quite different from what children assume it to be. It’s not without any reason that so many marriages either break or partners lose the spark after the Honeymoon Period. So, if you don’t want to end up as one such estranged couple, you must know everything about the best male zodiac sign to marry.

We have created this guide to specifically take you through the best star sign you should marry, but, first, we would like to take you through some blunders that women do when getting married.

  1. Marrying a Boy in the Body of a Man – Remember, a boy in the body of a man looks good only in movies. When it comes to living with such men, it’s quite frustrating. Not only they’re mama’s boy, but they’re also irrational and demanding.
  2. Marrying Men with Attitude – By attitude here, we mean someone who’s rude, sometimes romantic, but most aggressive. It is thrilling to date such men for a while. But spending the entire life with someone who cannot control their temper isn’t a good idea.
  3. Marrying for Looks – Physical attraction doesn’t last forever. Even if Zeus – the Greek God – comes on earth and marries you, you’ll eventually stop noticing the physical features after a point in time. What you’ll crave is the little moments of romance. So, in one simple phrase, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Having said that, let us solve your problem in greater details by taking you through the best male zodiac sign to marry – best to worst – so that you have an idea about what you’re getting into.

  1. Taurus

Did someone ever tell you that there’s no such thing as a Perfect Husband? Well, they might not have met Taurus men then. You won’t have to make even the slightest bit of adjustment or emotional compromise with your feelings to accommodate his needs. A Taurus man is generally brought up by a strong woman who teaches him how to treat a woman right, especially his woman.

Here are some factors that make Taurus men the best male zodiac sign to marry.

  1. They will never clip your wings.
  2. They do not have a male ego.
  3. They are easy to communicate with.
  4. They’re extremely loyal to their wives.

So, if you want a man beyond just money – a man with enough decency to provide for you and care for you – Taurus is the right zodiac to get married to.

  1. Sagittarius and Pisces

We couldn’t really decide which of the two is better. It will come down to what you like most in men.

If hardcore romance with a bit of jealously is your cup of tea, a Sagittarius is the best male zodiac sign to marry for you. But, if you prefer someone who is romantic but a bit sentimental at the same time, then Pisces is the best male zodiac sign you should marry.

Traits that make Sagittarius Men Loving Husbands

  1. They will love you even if you get fat and all wrinkly.
  2. They will never cheat on you.
  3. They know how to rekindle the spark in a relationship.

Traits that make Pisces Men Loving Husbands

  1. Like the idea of getting flowers and hearts? Pisces is the zodiac sign for you.
  2. They believe in financially securing their family.
  3. They will always defend you whether you require defending from their family or anybody else.
  1. Capricorn

Third, in our list of best male zodiac signs to marry, Capricorn men can be ideal for women who do not mind being told what’s right for them once in a while. That said, they do not mean to control their wives or dictate them in any way, they’re just a bit possessive. They mean good at heart and they do not treat women inferior to them whatsoever. So, if you don’t have much ego, then there’s nobody better than a Capricorn man to marry to.

Here’s what makes them special

  1. They plan things financially so that their family remains secure.
  2. They are loyal.
  3. They will never make you feel left out even if they’re surrounded by a million people.

Men of Mixed Traits

Aside from our list of the top 3 best male zodiac signs to marry, there are some other zodiacs that qualify as good husbands. But, they come with their own limitations that might sometimes be too much to deal with. That said, they still have so much good in them that they always have the scope to improve. Have a look at the zodiacs that we are talking about.

  1. Leo

Leos are full of humour. You’ll never have a single dull moment with them. You’ll have tears in your eyes, but those tears would be the tears of laughter. Other than being funny, they’re loyal and appreciative too. But, they can be brutally judgemental at times. If that’s something that you do not mind, then Leo could be the best male zodiac sign to marry, especially if humour is your thing.

  1. Cancer

Loving? Yes. Compassionate? Yes. Faithful? Yes. So, what’s the problem? Well, they’re not really ambitious. You’ll find them lazing around on a couch or just sitting idle. So, if you don’t mind a man who needs a bit of push, then, cancer makes pretty good husbands.

Men that are Red Flags

We aren’t generalizing all men here, but, if talking strictly in terms of astrology, most men of the remaining zodiac signs can be bad news in a lot of ways.

  1. Gemini

As long as you say yes to their way of living, they’ll treat you like a queen. Try going against them and you’ll see how quickly they’ll emotionally detach from you.

However, here’s the thing about Gemini men, IF they really do fall in love with you (they do not commit their heart and soul so easily), then there’s no turning back for them. You’ll be their world.

Whether or not you want to gamble on the ‘IF’, that’s entirely your call.

  1. Scorpio

They’re not entirely hopeless. The biggest problem with Scorpio men is their flaring temperament. They won’t ever harm you physically. But don’t expect to be mentally and emotionally rested at all times if your husband is a scorpion.

  1. Aries

Aries men are smart, intelligent, rich as kings, as well as good looking. But it’s easy for them to cheat on their wives. They do feel guilty later on, but it’s hard for them to stay loyal to one single person.

  1. Virgo and Aquarius

Their idea of beauty might not be your idea of beauty. Virgo men would always want their wives to look physically attractive. So, don’t get shocked if they ask you to eat less or get a nose job done.

Aquarius men might not mean to be rude, but they can actually be very harsh at times. Besides, it’s hard to reason with them. If they decide that they have to close the gate of communication between the two of you, they will do it.

  1. Libra

Naturally, since they are last in our list of best male zodiac signs to marry, you can’t expect them to be loyal. They might love you but they will lust many others. What they’ll be good at, though, is hiding their affairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the luckiest zodiac sign in marriage? 

If your husband is a Taurus, then trust us, there’s no one luckier than you.

Which male zodiac sign is most attractive? 

Aries would find the top spot if one has to make a guide on the most good-looking male zodiac sign.

Which male zodiac sign is most romantic? 

Pisces and Sagittarius are the most romantic male zodiac signs. They are very mindful of the feelings of their wives.

Which zodiac sign is a tomboy? 

Taurus is a tomboy before marriage and Pisces is a tomboy after marriage. Hope you see the difference.

Which male zodiac sign is the best kisser? 

This would absolutely go down to Libra. They’re the perfect blend of tenderness and strength.

Which male zodiac sign is the best in bed? 

Scorpio men sure know how to get the steam flowing. They’re, hands down, the best in bed.