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The Best Sleeping Direction as Per Vastu

The Best Sleeping Direction as Per Vastu

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Do you wish to overcome certain health problems or something related to your personal life? We don’t put a lot of emphasis on our sleeping direction, but it says a lot about our personality and affects our equations with people around us. This guide will take you through the sleeping direction as per Vastu to make your life easier. 

The literal meaning of ‘Vastu’ is dwelling or house. It has its origin in Sanskrit. It was first started by Lord Brahma who is considered to be the Creator of the Universe. Vastu is one of the ruling factors in human life and existence. It determines a major part of our happiness and well-being. 

Did you know that determining the best sleeping direction as per Vastu can be of great help to you? Many people are not aware of this face. We are here to shed some light on the worst and best sleeping direction as per Vastu. 

Let’s get started!

The Importance of Vastu

Vastu Shastra is a very crucial element for our living. If you wish to live harmoniously without any stress and problems in your domestic life, Vastu Shastra can help. Many builders, nowadays, ensure that the home is Vastu-compliant. Believers of Vastu will never buy their property. 

But who does not want to lead a better life? Therefore, Vastu Shastra is a way to help you to live a better and healthier life by keeping your environment supportive towards you. 

Environmental energy is what defines the energy generation in your mind and body. Hence, let Vastu cure the problems you are facing. Make the various parameters of Vastu affect your life positively from different spheres.

Sleeping Direction as Per Vastu

Several ancient traditions like Vastu Shastra have revealed the best ways to make your life better. One of them is the sleeping direction. Not all sleeping directions will lead you to a prosperous life. It implies that when you lie in bed, your head must be in a particular direction and your feet in the exact opposite direction as per Vastu. 

Now Here Comes the Declaration from Vastu: 

South is the best sleeping direction as per Vastu. Does it mean that you cannot sleep in any other direction? Not really. But, sleeping in the direction as suggested will serve you with some of the influential positive energies and help your mind to stay calm while sleeping. 

  1. Sleeping by facing towards the southward direction lowers the blood pressure of a human body and, thus, improves the sleeping quality.

Did you know that nature has aligned the system of Cattles and deers in such a way that their bodies naturally align themselves in the north-south direction while eating or resting.

The concept of the best sleeping direction as per Vastu leans on the beliefs and mythologies of Hindus. 

Practitioners also contributed to the fact that keeping the head in the southward direction helps in reducing headaches and cardiovascular diseases.

Vastu has mentioned the best direction towards which you should point your head and towards which you should point your feet. Though you can point your head and feet towards other directions, yet, pointing your head towards the South and your feet towards the North is beneficial as per Vastu.

The Best & Worst Sleeping Direction as per Vastu 

North positioning of the body is considered to be the worst according to Vastu. Besides, the best direction as mentioned, the East direction is also thought to be a good position.

The rules of Vastu suggest that the human body works like a magnet. The head is considered to be the North Pole. If it’s pointing towards the North, the Earth and North pole of your body will repel each other. It affects blood circulation and will also cause an energy drain. Expect some amount of stress and disturbance in your mind. 

As we mentioned before, East is also a favorable direction. It represents innovation and creativity. Expect higher grades, better job opportunities, and promotions because this Vastu rule will benefit you. 

Effects of Sleeping in Other Directions as Per Vastu Shastra

Sleeping in the west direction is believed to make a lot of changes in your energy as per Vastu Shastra. When you wake up after having a deep sleep in the west direction, you shall experience negative energy prevailing in your mind and body. Sleeping in the west direction is strictly not recommended by Vastu. 

The cons of sleeping with head towards the West have been highlighted by many practitioners. The basic reason behind this is considered to be the Sun. Since the rising of the Sun takes place in the East, sleeping with the head facing East would mean your feet will be facing the Sun during Sunrise. It’s considered to be a disrespect to Surya Deva (Sun). Therefore, one should never sleep with their feet towards the Sun. 

  1. Sleeping in the West direction is not good for your health.
  2. It will maximize the negative energy in the human body. The person will feel lazy and not get the motivation to work. 
  3. The proper functioning of the brain is also likely to get disrupted.

Choosing The Best Side for Sleeping as per Vastu 

It is believed according to ancient traditions that sleeping on the left side helps to keep the heart-healthy. Moreover, the overall health can only be benefitted when you choose to sleep on your left side. 

This is because the organs are thought to be free. According to Vastu Shastra, this position of sleeping is linked with happiness and prosperity. Further, the best quality sleep is provided to the body by sleeping on the left side. 

As mentioned earlier, South is the best sleeping direction as per Vastu studies. Keeping the head pointed towards the South with the feet towards the North will be in your favor in many ways. Follow Vastu guidelines and reap the benefits. 

Best Sleeping Direction for Couples

People usually wonder which is the best sleeping direction for couples? So, we have the answer!

Husbands must sleep on the right side of the bed whereas wives are recommended to sleep on the left side of the bed. It helps in maintaining a smooth relationship between the couples. Moreover, a loving relationship will prevail between the couples. 

For newlyweds, it is extremely necessary to maintain the words of Vastu to experience ultimate love and intimacy. Keeping the head towards the south is of course the best option. Though, a good and healthy relationship can be maintained by pointing the head towards the southwest direction too.

Overall, the best sleeping direction as per Vastu is South. And sleeping position Vastu says right side for men and left side for women is beneficial. 

Try to follow the instructions as provided by Vastu Shastra to attract positive vibes. Do not let Vastu become a barrier in the way of your happy life. Moreover, the Vastu tips mentioned for the married couples will surely help you lead a smooth marital journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which direction should we keep our head while sleeping?

Pointing the head towards the South is the best direction while sleeping. It implies that you need to point your feet towards the North.

2. Is sleeping in West good?

Sleeping in the West is not considered to be good. Pointing your head towards the West while lying in bed is considered to be the worst position you can ever sleep in because it is a disrespect to Surya Deva (the planet, Sun).

3. Which side is best to sleep?

Sleeping on your left side has an immensely positive effect on your body. Your body and mind will feel fresh and function properly.

4. Which is the best sleeping direction as per Vastu?

South is the ideal sleeping direction. Sleeping in the Southern direction will reduce high blood pressure.

5. In which direction should husband and wife sleep?

The husband should sleep on the right side of the bed. Wives should take the left side. It maintains peace and harmony in a marriage.