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As per Astrology, know the Best Time and Day to Buy a Vehicle

As per Astrology, know the Best Time and Day to Buy a Vehicle

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Astrology is a very important factor for many Indians to consider while making critical decisions. And, as you may be aware, purchasing a vehicle is one of life’s most significant decisions.

In the automobile industry, astrology is quite essential. It is an important component whether it is for booking and taking delivery of a new car or buying or selling a used car.

In this article, we would be exploring the right day and time of delivery of your new vehicle as per the science of astrology

Day of Delivery

We’ll need to choose a delivery date when we’ve settled on the vehicle and registration number. From an astrological sense, this is noteworthy. Many people will even wait up to 15 days to receive their car in order to pick an auspicious day.

During the first part of December, which is the first half of Dhanur Masa in the Hindu calendar, car deliveries are nearly non-existent in most dealerships. Because the month of Ashada is considered unlucky, few cars are delivered during this month.

The delivery of cars skyrockets throughout the following month of Shravan and thereafter. This clearly demonstrates the public’s opinion in the importance of the time of day while taking delivery of a vehicle.

Once the month is chosen, the specific day depends on the moon’s position. The indicative days are as below:

  • Good: up to 5 days before and after full moon day
  • Average: 6 to 10 days before and after full moon day
  • Not good: 11 to 15 days after full moon day

Time of delivery

Following the arrangement of the delivery day, the delivery time becomes extremely important. As a general rule, avoid taking delivery of a new vehicle during Rahu Kala, which is a one-and-a-half-hour period that occurs every day.

Day Rahu Kala
Sun   04.30 PM to 06.00 PM
Mon   07.30 AM to 09.00 AM
Tue   03.00 PM to 04.30 PM
Wed 12.00 PM to 01.30 PM
Thur   01.30 PM to 03.00 PM
Fri   10.30 AM to 12.00 PM
Sat  09.00 AM to 10.30 AM

The table above shows the chart of Rahu Kala each day. The timing mentioned is according to Indian standard time and can vary by a few minutes on particular days and particular places. As long as you take delivery at any other time, it should be fine.