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40 Best Water Puns and Jokes – 40 Water Puns for Instagram

40 Best Water Puns and Jokes – 40 Water Puns for Instagram

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In case you have been searching for “Best Water Puns and Jokes” or Water Puns for Instagram, then you are at the right place.

You’ve come to the perfect location if you’re sea-king a good water pun. Explore the lists of our funniest water puns, jokes, and Instagram captions below to laugh yourself silly.

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Water Jokes And Water Puns for Instagram

How do you know if an ant is a boy or a girl? If you toss it in the water and it sinks, it’s a girl. If the ant floats, it’s buoyant.

How do you make holy water? Make sure to boil the hell out of it.

The weatherman said it might get a bit drizzly outside. You can expect a Lil’ Wayne.

What did Snoop Dog need to get an umbrella? Fo’ Drizzle.

When does it start to rain money? When there is change in the weather.

Why are oceans so meticulous? They like to be pacific.

What is the king’s favorite type of precipitation? Hail, of course!

What is another king’s favorite type of precipitation? Reign!

To be pacific, I love the Arctic ocean the most

I just heard a joke about a waterfall. It was a pour joke

Long tide, no sea

You can run, but you can’t tide

Go with the float

I’ll never get tide of water puns

Bliss comes in waves

Life is water-ful

Sea, I told you these water puns were funny

We had to rain fast in order to not get wet

Have you heard about the three holes in the ground? Well, well, well…

It’s all water over the falls

I don’t know water you docking aboat

Sea they never stop

My room by the ocean is very tide-y

That shore was a long day

You swim me right round, baby, right round

My friend couldn’t pay his water bill anymore. I sent him a Get Well Soon card.

Why do sharks only swim in salt water? Because pepper always makes them sneeze.

Why did the ocean leave the party early? She was getting really tide.

Why is river an amazing roommate? He just likes to go with the flow.

What can you do if you are in the ocean? Whatever you want.

Did you ever hear the joke about the three holes in the ground? Well, well, well.

What did the beaver say after she slipped in the water? Dam it.

What do you call two days of rain in a row in Seattle? The weekend.

Consuming a whole bucket of water could turn you pail

I have so many emoceans

I’ll swim for about ten minutes, no sweat

Life’s a drip

Don’t get tide down

The water you doing tonight?

I really lake you

Seas and greetings

I shored like you