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Bhrigu samhita: Origin and Significance!

Bhrigu samhita: Origin and Significance!

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As fascinating as it gets, Hindu mythology is full of rich stories, and the story of how bhrigu-samhita came into existence is quite mystical. In fact, bhrigu samhita is the only practice that’s even older than astrology!

It is believed that bhrigu samhita has the mention of names and the future of all people who have and will ever live in this universe. Maharishi Bhrigu is considered to be the creator of bhrigu-samhita. 

If you believe in astrology, then this guide on how bhrigu-samhita came into existence will also intrigue you. Dive in!

Who was Maharishi Bhrigu?

Maharishi Bhrigu is known to be the 8th manasputra of none other than Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe. 

It is believed that it was Maharishi Bhrigu that helped Lord Brahma in not just creating the universe, but also balancing the scales.

After humankind came into existence, Maharishi Bhrigu and all other gods were greatly bothered by the immense pain and sufferings that humans had to endure during their life on Earth. 

The sage especially felt a surge of strong compassion for all the beings. Hence, he was given the responsibility of choosing a leader for the Universe who would protect and nurture life on Earth. The sage had to pick one God between the trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesha) to head the universe.   

Sage Bhrigu ended up choosing lord Vishnu and named him the head of the entire universe. 

Why Did Maharishi Bhrigu Choose Lord Vishnu as the Leader of the Universe?

A great mahayagya was supposed to be organized to ease the pain of humans on earth. It was up to Maharishi Bhrigu to choose which of the three lords – Brahma, Vishnu, or Mahesha (Shiva) – would be the head of the Yagya; hence, the head of the Universe. 

The different experiences that Maharishi Bhrigu had with all the three lords separately made the sage decide who the head should be. Find the details below!

Maharishi Bhrigu and Lord Brahma 

Being the manasputra of lord Brahma, Maharishi Bhrigu first went to Brahma Lok to test whether lord Brahma could be appointed as the head of the universe.

He was disguised as a Brahman. When he reached Brahma Lok, Lord Brahma was so immersed in writing the Vedas that he almost didn’t pay any attention to who had come to his door. 

This inattentiveness offended sage Bhrigu. He was aghast that how can somebody be oblivious to the fact that a guest had arrived! 

He was of the opinion that Lord Brahma cannot be appointed as the head because he might not pay attention to the prayers of humans seeking help. 

It irritated the sage so much that he cursed lord Brahma that nobody will ever worship him. Seeing the rage that the sage was in, lord Brahma apologized for his fault. 

It reduced the anger of Maharishi Bhrigu who then pardoned lord Brahma and said that he would have only one temple in Pushkar where people will worship him. 

The fact remains so to date: there’s really only one temple of Lord Brahma in Pushkar. 

Maharishi Bhrigu and Lord Shiva

After his bitter experience at Brahma Lok, Maharishi Bhrigu went straight to Kailash to meet lord Shiva and test whether he should be the head of the Yagya.

Sadly, since lord shiva was making love to his dear wife at that point in time, the Sena (army) of Shiva did not allow the sage inside. 

Maharishi Bhrigu was deeply offended and cursed lord Shiva that no human in kalyug will ever worship him.

When Lord Shiva came to know that he had unintentionally insulted Maharishi Bhrigu, he apologized and pleaded with the sage to lift his curse. 

Maharishi Bhrigu then took back his curse but said that Shiva will only be worshipped in the form of a Linga. 

Maharishi Bhrigu and Lord Vishnu

After his bitter experiences with Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva, Maharishi Bhrigu didn’t expect hospitality from Lord Vishnu as well. 

In fact, the sage assumed that even lord Vishnu would be ignorant. Deep in his fury, when he reached Vaikuntha Dham (the residence of Lord Vishnu), he didn’t bother to disguise. 

The sage hit Lord Vishnu in the chest with his foot. Instead of taking offense, Lord Vishnu opened his eyes and started patting the sage’s foot with a cloth, fearing it was hurt. Lord Vishnu then folded his hands in front of Maharishi Bhrigu and sought his blessings.

Seeing how benevolent and forgiving lord Vishnu was, Maharishi Bhrigu declared that it was Lord Vishnu who was worthy and appointed him as the head of the universe. 

What is BhriguLanchan?

When maharishi Bhrigu hit lord Vishnu, it left an imprint on the chest of Lord Vishnu. Instead of being bothered by the foot imprint, lord Vishnu decided that he will keep the imprint on his chest in the sweet memory of the sage. 

That imprint of Maharishi Bhrigu’s feet on the chest of Lord Vishnu is known as BhriguLanchan.

What is Bhrigu Samhita?

Bhrigu samhita is a book (an ancient scripture) that’s believed to be written by none other than Lord Ganesha himself. The book consists of a deep conversation between Maharishi Bhrigu and Lord Shukra.  

Bhrigu-samhita, as per astrology, if understood, is spiritually enlightening. It can guide humans in the path of moksha, away from materialism.

Fascinating Facts About Bhrigu-samhita

  1. It is considered to be even older than Vedic astrology.
  2. It is believed that bhrigu-samhita has the horoscopes of every person who has ever existed or would exist until the end of the universe.
  3. It is believed that the future of every person is mentioned in the Bhrigu Samhita.

Concluding Thoughts:

Bhrigu-samhita is one of the oldest scriptures that is believed to have the information of every living soul (past, present, and future) on the earth. 

It is believed that if a human can understand the dialogue exchange between lord Shukra and Maharishi Bhrigu in the true sense, that human will become spiritually enlightened and free from the bondage of life and death.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Bhrigu Samhita true?

As a Bhrigu reads the fading words in a poorly lit office, Sushil Garg of Patiala remarks, “It is a real storey of my life.” According to the family, Sanskrit scholar Pandit Pali Ram of Amritsar recognised the text recovered by Des Raj to be the Bhrigu Samhita.

2. When was Bhrigu Samhita written?

Bhrigu, the son of Brahma, whom believers regard as the creator, is said to have written the book on palm leaves around 5,000 years ago. In Sanskrit, samhita refers to a compilation.

3. What is Samhita in astrology?

An ancient Hindu astrological text with horoscopes drawn for the period of consultation, reputed to contain details of millions of lives. Although a printed version is supposed to be 200 volumes long, the majority of Indian astrologers who use the technique operate using loose manuscript pages.

4. Who can read Bhrigu Samhita?

Karoi Rajasthan Pandit Nathu Lal Vyas Pandit Nathu Lal Vyas is currently the most well-known and skilled Bhrigu Samhita reader. He is almost 80 years old and has been studying this subject since he was 36 years old.