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Birthstone for April – What Birthstone is for April?

Birthstone for April – What Birthstone is for April?

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Every month has a gemstone that best expresses and balances the energy of that month. Individuals wear birthstones to increase their quality of life and conquer any hurdles they may face.

What Birthstone is for April?

The magnificent and highly desired Diamond is the April birthstone. Diamonds are the hardest and most resilient stones on earth. Moreover, they are highly valued, making them a favourite choice for most jewellery, particularly among April-born individuals. The term diamond comes from the Greek word ‘Adamas,’ which signifies unbreakable or invincible. This is true since diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth. This stone can be cut through glass and other stones, but only a diamond can cut it.

There are several levels of diamond clarity, with better clarity being more precious. The April birthstone is not only beautiful, but is also known to possess beneficial qualities such as beauty, strength, and vitality, which contribute to its allure.

To maximise the benefits of using the diamond birthstone, make sure to purchase only clean, clear-cut, natural, untreated, and unheated stones of superior grade.

History of Diamond

The history and Mythology of the Birthstone of April Diamonds have been used since antiquity and were prominent in Greek and Roman mythology. The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were the tears of the gods or fallen star fragments. Owing to its natural connection with the gods and the cosmos, it was connected with good fortune and security.

For this purpose of protection, strength, and bravery, soldiers wore diamonds as part of their uniforms. Some tribes also believed that diamonds might protect them from disease and death. In addition to being associated with love and happiness, diamonds have become a popular symbol of love in the form of engagement rings and presents.

Historically, diamonds were worn uncut because ancient cultures felt they were divine gifts. Cutting a diamond was not viewed as a positive omen and was believed to diminish the stone’s protective powers.

Astrological Significance of Diamond

The wearing of a birthstone following one’s astrological chart can provide immense benefits. Venus (Shukra) is the ruling planet for diamonds, according to astrology. Considering this planet symbolises love and luxury, it should come as no surprise that diamonds are associated with riches and are a popular option for engagement rings. Diamonds can bring success and wealth to those who wear them. In addition, it is claimed to improve mental clarity and self-assurance.

Venus is also associated with femininity and beauty. For women, diamonds can also boost their appearance and romantic and social interactions. It will also stimulate the individual’s creative and expressive feelings and artistic tendencies.

Colours Associated with Birthstone for April

Often, diamonds are linked with a transparent or white colour. But, there are also coloured diamonds, which are frequently highly precious. Diamonds can be found in a variety of hues, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, and black.

The greater the value of a diamond, the rarer its colour. The emerald diamond and red diamond prices are notoriously exorbitant due to their rarity and aesthetic appeal.

This stone, which is of a light and transparent kind, is strongly related to the head chakra. It fosters clarity and paves the path for a new, more spiritual mode of thought. Utilizing diamonds to balance the crown chakra can help one feel more connected to the energies of the universe and elevate their energies.

Significances and Folklore associated with Birthstone for April

  • The word “diamond” derives from the Greek word adamas, which means unconquerable or indestructible. Therefore, “adamant” also derives from this word!
  • In Sanskrit, the word for a diamond is the vajra, which also means lightning; in Hindu mythology, Indra, the king of the gods, used vajra as his weapon.
  • Pliny the Elder, a Roman naturalist, is claimed to have declared, “Diamond is the most valuable item in the world, not only among precious stones but among all things.”
  • Once upon a time, it was believed that a diamond could protect against the evil eye, which was believed to inflict illness, poverty, and even death.
  • In the past, it was believed that diamonds had healing properties, acted as an antidote to poison, and offered protection against the plague.
  • During the Medieval Ages, diamonds were believed to alleviate pituitary gland and brain disorders.
  • Before the technique of diamond formation was known, some ancient cultures believed they were made by lightning, while others believed they were God’s tears.
  • Some believed that holding a diamond would offer power, beauty, and happiness in addition to being a sign of lifelong love and marriage. Some possible advantages include equilibrium, clarity, and abundance.

Advantages of April Birthstone

April-born individuals might derive several benefits from wearing the diamond gemstone. It has been venerated as a protective amulet and divine gift. Among the advantages of using the April birthstone are:

  • April Gemstone Diamond aids with Self-Love and Self-Acceptance and bestows the ability to live without self-imposed restrictions and boundaries.
  • It aids in harnessing feelings of bravery and inner strength even during challenging moments.
  • Diamond birthstones help eliminate negative energy and foster feelings of love and unity.
  • For those who are feeling lonely, this stone can help bring romantic and self-love impulses.
  • In antiquity, this stone was believed to provide protection and healing against diseases and poisons.
  • The energy of diamonds can improve one’s emotional well-being and mood.

How To Recharge Your April Birthstone?

To reenergize or recharge the April Birthstone Diamond, place it under cold running water for a few minutes, followed by three to four hours of direct sunlight. After this, you can proceed with the further stages.

  • Take a shower and put on clean clothes
  • Be in a state of meditation and avoid all interruptions.
  • Burn a stick of incense or sage and present its smoke to yourself, your environment, and your April Birthstone diamond jewellery/geode/crystal.
  • Hold the April birthstone diamond between the palms of both hands.
  • Focus your body’s energies on your palms. Imagine positive energy flowing into the diamond as you create a focal point on both sides of your palms.
  • Imagine that the purpose you’ve endowed Diamond with is manifesting.

Throughout the preceding procedure, you can chant the Beej Mantra for the Sahasrara (Crown) chakra, which is OM or AUM.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does April only have one birthstone?

April’s substitute birthstones are white topaz and quartz, which are also two of the most popular diamond alternatives. Both topaz and quartz exhibit a spectrum of hues.

2. What is the symbol for April?

Typically, the birth flower is either the common daisy (Bellis perennis) or the sweet pea. The zodiac signs for April are Aries (until April 19) and Taurus (April 20 onwards).

3. What is April's birthstone color?

April’s birthstone, the diamond, is typically associated with love, making it the ideal present for a loved one. While white diamonds are the most prevalent, fancy coloured diamonds are available in a number of hues, including yellow, blue, pink, and others.

4. What does April birth mean?

The Greek word “adamas” translates to “invincible,” and the diamond is one of the hardest minerals on earth. The “healing properties” attributed to diamonds consist of equilibrium, clarity, and vitality. Daisy flowers represent purity, innocence, and love that conquers all.