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Birthstone for August – What Birthstone is for August?

Birthstone for August – What Birthstone is for August?

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Birthstones are gemstones that are connected with a certain month. Certain stones are considered to have innate properties that benefit those born in that particular month. By wearing their birthstone, a person can amplify the positive qualities of their life and achieve greater success.

What Birthstone is for August?

The hypnotic olive-green Peridot is the August birthstone. While most gemstones come in a variety of colours, the August birthstone is only available in this green Peridot Stone.

The name peridot is derived from the Arabic word faradat, which means gem. Not only was it appreciated for its great aesthetic appeal, but it was also thought to bestow prosperity, success, and even spiritual progress upon its wearer. Because of this, it is frequently claimed that the name is derived from the Greek word ‘Peridona,’ which means abundance.

History of Peridot

Many societies throughout history have associated this August gemstone with a variety of medical, spiritual, and protective benefits. The defensive properties of this stone were formidable. In ancient times, this stone was utilised for protection from damage, negative energy, and evil spirits. In addition, it was believed that this stone may prevent nightmares and promote restful sleep.

Peridot has been associated with wealth since ancient times. It is thought that the Peridot birthstone may do wonders for attracting good luck, good fortune, success, affluence, and wealth.

The Egyptians identified this stone with the power of the Sun, and as a result, it was supposed to rid the wearer of melancholy and gloomy thoughts and instil joy and calm. Peridot is said to increase one’s relationship with the Divine and promote spiritual progress in addition to its material benefits. Hence, Peridot, the August birthstone, was widely found in churches and other religious institutions.

Colours associated with Birthstone for August

August’s birthstone, Peridot, is a gorgeous olive-green colour. Even though this is the only hue connected with this gem, the darker hues are more precious due to their scarcity. The hue represents the transition from summer to autumn, making it the ideal birthstone for this month.

Green is connected with expansion, wealth, and equilibrium. This gemstone helps persons born in August attract prosperity, success, and abundance. In addition, this colour helps calm the mind and discharge unpleasant emotions such as anxiety and rage. This beautiful green stone is also considered to boost one’s confidence and strength.

This stone’s capacity to balance emotional health has led to its significant link with the Heart Chakra. It can help calm negative thoughts and emotions and instil the wearer with joy, serenity, and harmony.

In certain instances, this August birthstone has been used to repair the Sacral Chakra. Peridot is also a wonderful choice for this chakra, as it aids with self-esteem and self-love and is associated with the self-realization chakra.

Advantages of the Peridot

Wearing the Peridot gemstone confers a variety of advantages that are not confined to those born in August. It has acquired appeal as an energy booster, a symbol of good fortune, and a shield against negative energy. Let’s examine some of its intrinsic advantages:

  • When placed close to the bed, Peridot can prevent nightmares and encourage restful sleep.
  • Peridot’s defensive properties serve to repel negativity and evil spirits. It keeps stress and worry at bay and fosters happiness and harmony.
  • Peridot is one of the most common stones used to manifest riches and abundance.
  • Peridot is said to foster spiritual connection and a sense of unity with nature.
  • Peridot inspires confidence in oneself and those around one.
  • Peridot fosters harmonious and healthy relationships
  • The August birthstone promotes closer relationships by eradicating destructive emotions. It encourages self-love and self-esteem in addition to forgiving.
  • Peridot aids in the recovery of cardiac and circulation disorders.

How To Re-Energize And Recharge Your August Birthstone Peridot?

To reenergize or recharge the August Birthstone Peridot, place it under cold running water for a few minutes, followed by 3 to 4 hours in the sunlight. After this, you can proceed with the further stages.

  • Take a shower and put on clean clothes
  • Be in a state of meditation and avoid all interruptions.
  • Burn a stick of incense or sage and present the smoke to yourself, your surroundings, and your August Birthstone Peridot jewellery/geode/crystal.
  • Hold the August birthstone Peridot between the palms of both hands.
  • Focus your body’s energies on your palms. Imagine positive energy streaming into your August Birthstone Peridot as you create a focal point on both sides of your palms.
  • Visualize that the purpose for which you adorned Peridot is manifesting.

When performing the preceding procedure, you can chant OM or AUM. While Peridot acts on the Anahata (Heart) Chakra, one can also recite the “YAM” mantra.

Significances and Folklore associated with Birthstone for August

  • The origin of the name “peridot” is unknown. Some say it is derived from the Arabic word faridat, which means “jewel,” or from the Greek term peridona, which means “give generously.”
  • With its likeness to the hue of currency, peridot is sometimes connected with wealth and fortune.
  • Ancient Egyptians referred to the peridot as the “jewel of the Sun” because they believed it safeguarded its wearers from night time terrors.
  • Some tied peridots strung on donkey hair around their left arms to ward off evil spirits.
  • Egyptian priests believed that peridot possessed the power of nature and used peridot-encrusted goblets to connect with nature deities.
  • According to Hawaiian religious beliefs, peridots are the tears of Pele, the Hawaiian Islands’ creator and goddess of fire and volcanoes.
  • Peridots were believed to treat respiratory disorders, sleeplessness, and bleeding. Historically, it was also believed to increase memory and facilitate work.
  • Years ago, it was believed that peridot beads and talismans offered protection and promoted love, happiness, and fortune.

Alternative Birthstones for August

August’s traditional birthstone was sardonyx, but peridot is now the gem most commonly associated with August. Spinel was very recently added to the list of August birthstones.


  • Sardonyx is a mixture of the chalcedony varieties sard and onyx. The gem is composed of alternate layers of sard and onyx, producing a yellowish-red to reddish-brown zebra-striped gem with black or white stripes. Simply envision Jupiter as a precious stone.
  • Greeks and Romans wore sardonyx into combat in antiquity. It would be etched with pictures of gods since the ancients believed the stone could inspire courage and provide protection.
  • In addition, sardonyx was believed to promote contentment and clear communication. Others believed that placing a sardonyx gemstone in each of the four corners of a home would protect from evil.
  • Traditionally, sardonyx was employed in seals and signet rings because the wax would not adhere to it.
  • The precious stone can be found in numerous countries, including India, Brazil, Germany, Uruguay, and the United States.


  • Many consider the spinel to be one of the most undervalued gems. Throughout the years, the gem was frequently confused for ruby and pink sapphire. Several of history’s most renowned rubies were spinels, notably the Black Prince’s Ruby and the Timur Ruby, both of which are part of England’s Crown Jewels.
  • Because of chemical differences, spinel was not distinguished from ruby until the 18th century.
  • In addition to other red jewels, the spinel was thought to treat blood problems and inflammatory ailments. It has also been related to happiness and positive emotions and is believed to promote relaxation.
  • In addition to its well-known red hue, spinel is available in a range of other hues, including cobalt blue, pink (bright and light), purple, orange, black, yellow, and brown.
  • The distinguishing characteristics of spinel are its octahedral crystal structure and single refraction.
  • In Burma, the gem is described using the phrase nat the, which translates to “polished by the spirits.”
  • Spinels can be found in Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and the United States, among other places.

Spinel was added to the list of August birthstones in 2016, and it is also presented as a gift for the 22nd wedding anniversary.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What color birthstone is for August?

The mineral olivine gives peridot its enviable lime-green hue, which is the gemstone’s most recognisable characteristic. In contrast to many other diamonds, whose hues result from impurities, this one does not contain any. It is also one among the few gemstones available in a single hue.

2. What are the negative traits of Thursday-borns?

The original August birthstone was sardonyx, a stone with hues ranging from amber to vivid green. Owing of its similar hue, peridot was frequently confused for sardonyx and eventually became the second August birthstone.

3. What is the benefit of peridot?

Through balancing emotions and the mind, peridot is said to promote good health, restful sleep, and harmony within relationships. This vibrant green stone has the amazing power to stimulate eloquence and creativity, and it also provides joy and happiness.

4. Which day to wear peridot stone?

For maximal Peridot stone benefits, it is advised to wear a Peridot ring on the ring finger of the working hand’s little finger on a Wednesday evening after sunset.