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Brandi Mallory ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ Star Dies At Age 40

Brandi Mallory ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ Star Dies At Age 40

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Unknown causes of death have claimed the life of “Extreme Weight Loss” star Brandi Mallory, who was 40 years old at the time. Mallory, an accomplished makeup artist, passed away in Georgia, United States, on November 9. On November 19, a memorial service is planned in conjunction with a funeral on November 20, providing an occasion for family, friends, and supporters to express their condolences.

In 2014, she ascended to prominence throughout the fourth season of the ABC reality weight loss program. She lost approximately 69 kilograms during the competition.

In a 2018 interview with, Mallory detailed the sequence of occurrences that brought her to the program. “Since that time, each step I have taken has been divine,” she reflected on her path from an unsuccessful audition for ‘Biggest Loser’ to an appearance on ‘Extreme Weight Loss.’

Recently, Mallory has also gained recognition as a fitness influencer through her leadership of group dance exercise classes. Her post-weight loss physique became ubiquitous in 2018, serving as an inspiration to a great number of individuals embarking on their own fitness endeavors.

In 2018, she detailed in an interview with Kirby Carroll her path to Extreme Weight Loss, describing how the passing of a sorority sister served as a wake-up call. “It was devastating, and she wasn’t as large as I was,” according to Mallory. “Her heart attack occurred.” I genuinely awoke each day with the thought, “This might be the last day I wake up; I have no idea what will transpire from here on out.”

Following her failed attempt to be accepted into The Biggest Loser, Mallory was chosen to participate in Extreme Weight Loss. “Every footstep since then has been God,” she asserted. “Before submitting that application, I meditated on it in prayer. “I prayed at each and every step along the way.”

With motivational captions and glamorous photos, Mallory maintained an Instagram account with hundreds of thousands of followers that detailed her cosmetics and fitness routine. On Tuesday, Dance Your Pounds Off in Atlanta, where she also worked as a dance instructor, published a video in her honor with the caption “We love you, Brandi.”

Further this week, a funeral and memorial service are scheduled, as stated in the death notice.

Additionally, Kim Williams Maxile, an Extreme Weight Loss season 5 contestant, honored Mallory on social media. “You are greatly missed. She wrote, “I will never forget how inspired we were by your season while I was in boot camp for season five; it motivated us to persevere.” “I found your episode to be my favorite due to the numerous similarities we shared, including participation in pageants, occupation as a makeup artist, and an overall passion for life… You have undeniably inspired and revolutionized society through your fervor and dedication to body positivity. Being able to have encountered you in this world is a blessing. “I truly adore you, sis.”