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Breaking Bad: Find Which Breaking Bad Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Type

Breaking Bad: Find Which Breaking Bad Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Type

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Breaking Bad is an American television criminal drama series. It is centred on a high school chemistry teacher named Walter White, who evolves into a vicious figure in the local drug trade. After being diagnosed with lung cancer, he is pushed by a desire to provide for his family. A series of incidents puts his life in jeopardy.

Breaking Bad is widely regarded as one of the all-time best television programmes. During the fourth and fifth seasons, the show became extremely popular. Let’s see which Breaking Bad character you are based on your zodiac sign!

hank schrader

1. Aries: Hank Schrader

Aries is typically the start of anything exciting and tumultuous. Hank, like Aries, is a boisterous and opinionated individual. Aries people are known for being charming and strong leaders, which Hank is. He is eager and optimistic, as are most Aries. As a result, he is extremely popular.

skyler white

2. Taurus: Skyler White

Tauruses have a tendency to overprotect their loved ones. Skyler is a practical person who will go to great lengths to keep her family together. Tauruses are also known for their intransigence. They are viewed as outcasts. Similarly, no one expects much from Skyler, but her knowledge allows her to tackle a variety of challenges.

gustavo fring

3. Gemini: Gustavo Fring

Victoria’s vampire superpower appears to be quite similar to a regular Gemini “superpower,” which is the ability to know what to do and when to do it. While Victoria excels at reading situations, Geminis excel at reading people, and while they have a reputation for being “two-faced,” they’re actually quite adept at recognising what people want from them and exhibiting the aspects of themselves that those people will enjoy.

tuco salamanca

4. Cancer: Tuco Salamanca

Tuco’s personality is unstable in the episode. Tuco’s severe mood swings and combative personality make him a Cancer, and Cancers are easily frustrated. Tuco, on the other hand, is fiercely devoted to those he trusts. This is a characteristic of Cancer. Above all, Cancers adore their loved ones and enjoy spending time with them. Tuco adores his elderly grandmother and his wheelchair-bound uncle. Tuco is a Cancer because of these characteristics.

jimmy mcgill

5. Leo: Jimmy Mcgill

On the programme Breaking Bad, Jimmy McGill also goes by the name Saul Goodman. People born under the sign of Leo are self-assured and assertive. Jimmy is a Leo for a variety of reasons. Jimmy is, first and foremost, brilliant and crafty. Second, he goes about his task with assurance. Above all, Leos excel in communicating and maintaining interpersonal relationships. Jimmy appears to be a nice and friendly person when first met. He gets along well with the majority of the individuals he knows.

mike ehrmantraut

6. Virgo: Mike Ehrmantraut

Virgos are people who are exceedingly careful and attentive. They are incredibly intelligent and hardworking. Mike, on the other hand, is an extremely clever, patient, and caring individual. Mike gets pushed to his limits by people who irritate him at times, yet he never loses patience. This is a Virgo characteristic. Virgos are trustworthy individuals. In the Breaking Bad series, Mike is the most dependable character.

Lydia Rodarte Quayle

7. Libra: Lydia Rodarte Quayle

Libras have a sense of equilibrium and are analytical by nature. They are more likely to consider the consequences of their actions before acting. Lydia, too, is cold and calculated. She seemed to be in complete command of her fate. Libras make good business people because they analyse the advantages and disadvantages of every situation. Lydia is an excellent businesswoman. Lydia, like other Libras, despises conflicts, and she refuses to accept the harshness of the drug industry.

jesse pinkman

8. Scorpio: Jesse Pinkman

Jesse, like the majority of Scorpios, is impetuous and hedonistic. Scorpio is the zodiac sign with the strongest sense of loyalty. Jesse, on the other hand, is a really trustworthy and honest person. He’s also a fearless individual. And this is a typical Scorpio feature. Above all, Scorpios are a lot of fun to be around, and Jesse knows how to throw a good party.

walter white jr

9. Sagittarius: walter white jr

Sagittarius has the ability to speak his mind without being polite. Breaking Bad’s Walter White Jr. is the only member of the family who is honest. He also isn’t diplomatic and doesn’t lie in situations. Extroverts, cheerful, and enthusiastic are the characteristics of Sagittarius. Walter Jr., on the other hand, is constantly upbeat about his father’s health.

Walter White

10. Capricorn: Walter White

Capricorns are the most professional of the zodiac signs. They are goal-oriented and high achievers. They’re really calculated. As a result, Walter White does not make any snap decisions. Even in instances where a quick judgement is required, he maintains his composure. Walter is extremely motivated and committed to reaching his objectives. They enjoy being praised for their efforts. Walter is concerned about these issues. Furthermore, he becomes irritated if he does not receive them. Capricorns also value social accomplishment.

gale boetticher

11. Aquarius: Gale Boetticher

Aquarius is a character with a unique personality. Gale, on the other hand, is a mild-mannered, pleasant, and eccentric individual. Gale’s musical taste reflects his unusual nature. Aquarius is also a highly intellectual person. Gale’s character is extremely intelligent. Gus hires Gale because of his uniqueness, creativity, and intelligence, all of which are Aquarius characteristics.

marie schrader

12. Pisces: Marie Schrader

The personality of a Pisces is usually multifaceted. Marie is a complicated individual as well. It’s a difficult concept to grasp. She is superficial and vain on one one, but she sincerely loves her sister and husband, Hank, on the other. She also presents herself on the outside as posh and joyful, but she is an emotional disaster on the inside.