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40 Funny Butt Puns and Jokes That Will Make You Laugh

40 Funny Butt Puns and Jokes That Will Make You Laugh

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In case you have been searching for “Best Butt Puns and Jokes” or Butt Puns for Instagram, then you are at the right place.

We can find amusement in nearly everything, including buttocks. Some people may find it sensitive to joke about, but why do we not view it as commonplace as other body parts? Consequently, these top butt jokes will blow your mind and provide you with a fantastic time.

This article contains quotations by poets, writers, and influential figures about Best Butt Puns Pick Up Lines. Let us explore

Butt Puns for Captions And Butt Puns Funny

I will be posting telepathically later today. So if you think of something funny later, that was me

I punched a clairvoyant who was laughing at me once. I like to strike a happy medium

As my but is much bigger than my heart. I want to say “I love you baby with all my butt!”

The reason why ducks have feathers is that they would cover the butt quacks with them.

Yesterday, somebody butt-dialed me again. It seems like that only assholes want to talk to me.

Which song of Marry Blige would Nicki Minaj want to cover the most? Take Me Ass I am.

When the dishwasher stops running, you just need to slap in its ass and get back to work.

Where do fortune tellers go on vacation? Palm Springs

I saw this notice at a metaphysics shop the other day: ‘Out of body, will be back in 15 minutes’

Why did the psychic refuse to board the Titanic? Because it was too large, he wanted to board a medium ship

Did you hear about the psychic who was arrested for possession of marijuana? In his defence, he said he was ‘just a happy medium’

What did the client say to the funny tarot reader? You’re such a card

I do not like anything, butt corgis for this Christmas.

Each morning, I always kiss my wife before going to work and say “I hope your day is as good as your butt.”

Do you know why the toilet paper does not cross the road? Because it gets stuck in a crack.

The ice cream says to his best friend popsicle “Perhaps more people might like you if you would relax and stop acting as you had a giant stick up your butt.”

I think my butt is broken, but the doctor says that there is always a crack in every butt.

In a therapy session, a butt says “I sometimes feel like I am full of nothing butt crap.”

What is the most favourite food of your poop? Butt-er

I have just made a butt plug out of a carrot in the refrigerator. It is so cool.

My doctor examines my butt and says that I have got more crack than any drug dealers.

How would a butt flirt with another butt? Just say “Hey, cutaneous!”

Did you hear about the woman who was told by a psychic that her husband would meet a violent end soon? She asked if she would be acquitted

What’s an astrologist’s favourite food? Dates

Did you hear about the man who was told by a psychic that lots of money was coming his way? He was hit by a Securicor truck that afternoon

What is a psychic’s favourite game? I spy with my third eye

What is the world’s longest astrology reading? I don’t know but it’s on a planetary scale

If someone is burnt and needs a skin graft, can I donate the skin tissue on my butt? Ass-skin for a friend.

Why does a duck have tail feathers? To cover its butt quack.

Why did Buddha start pulling coins out of his butt? Because change comes from within.

Being a scarecrow isn’t for everyone. Butt hay, it’s in my jeans.

What do you call it when a duck farts? A butt-quack.

When I was a child, my mom always tried to teach me that you are butt you eat.

Everyone knows that uranium is dangerous because you might get a nuclear “bum” after swallowing this chemical.

The teacher asks her students why they lie in the doorway of the classroom only with their top half. The students answer “Because you say “No butts!””

Do you know why does the man carry a bottom in the elevator? Because he brings up the rear.

Where is the best place to keep your fake poo? In your bottom drawer.

The butt gets a slap because it is so cheeky.

The toilet paper is rolling down the hill because it wants to hit the bottom as soon as possible.

What do we call a person who gives you there wishes whenever you rub his butt? He is called a Genie – Arse!

What is the biggest butt in the world? It must be the bottom of the sea

When you hit the rock bottom, what would happen? Bum Crack

I’m thinking of getting a new car bumper sticker… It’ll say “Think ‘honk’ if you’re telepathic