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Benefits of keeping Camel miniature in the House | As per Vastu Shastra

Benefits of keeping Camel miniature in the House | As per Vastu Shastra

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The camel is a symbol of survival in the face of adversity.

Camel also represents endurance, adaptability, long-distance travel, resilience, survival, and safety. 

Hence Keeping camel figurines at home or workplace signals all these aspects of life.

Now let us explore the various benefits of keeping a camel such as an image, photo, painting, drawing, miniature or figurine in the house:-

  1. According to Vastu shastra, having a camel picture, photo, painting, sketch, miniature, or figurine in the house can help in overcoming many health difficulties.

  • A metal camel statue symbolises never give up attitude, hence keeping it in the northwest direction can help you get rid of bad luck.
  •  Vastu experts think that placing a small camel or picture in the northwest direction can also help in overcoming negative thoughts.

  • People who expect great returns from investing and financial markets can keep a pair of metal camels at home.

  • In case one’s investment is blocked, then keeping a pair of camels with a hump at home can help in getting some relief.

  • It is thought that having a pair of humped camels at home may help people find an earlier solution to money locked in property, investments, and land.

  • According to Vastu experts, placing a camel idol in your study area or office will help you focus. This will benefit students and job seekers alike.

Please note that in all the above tips, the ideal direction to keep the camel for best benefits will be northwest or northeast direction.