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Cancer Leo Cusp: Explore Cancer Leo Cusp Compatibility and Cancer Leo Cusp Dates Right Here!

Cancer Leo Cusp: Explore Cancer Leo Cusp Compatibility and Cancer Leo Cusp Dates Right Here!

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Do you happen to be a Cancer Leo cusp person or someone in love with these people? If the answer’s a resounding YES, this article is meant for you. It will reveal the personality traits of Cancer-Leo cusp people and the many ways to sweep them off their feet if you’re in love with them. 

A lot of questions might already be cluttering and crisscrossing your mind as a Cancer Leo cusp (the same goes for people who are in love with Cancer Leo cusp people). If that’s the case, then we’d say, curiosity is a good start – after all, you should know the positive and negative traits of your prospective partner. 

So, let’s dive in and find out the details such as Cancer Leo cusp dates, their personality traits, and the different ways to attract a cancer Leo cusp man and a cancer Leo cusp woman. 

Leo Cancer Cusp Meaning – What are Cancer Leo Cusp Dates? 

Leo and Cancer are two different and entirely opposite zodiac signs. A Cancer man and woman can be extremely sensitive as they’re ruled by the Moon. The Moon is an emotional planet whereas the fiery Sun, that’s the Lord of Leo, is fearless. And that’s precisely why Leo-borns are proud, fearless, and unfiltered. 

So, if you’re a cancer Leo cusp person, it means you’ve got the charm of both, the Sun and the Moon under your wings. 

Cancer Leo cusp people are born between 19th July and 25th July. Since both Cancer and Leo are different zodiac signs, the person born during the cancer Leo cusp dates will have multiple personality traits. 

Cancer-Leo cusp is more popularly known as the ‘Cusp of Oscillation’. Thus, the person born during this time will be influential and powerful.  

4 Positive Personality Traits of Woman & Men Born During the Cancer-Leo Cusp 

Imaginative, positive, and energized – that’s who a Cancer Leo cusp is. 

Cancer Leo Cusp People are Born Leaders 

These people can be very emotional, but they’re assertive and strong at the same time. Hence, Cancer-Leo cusp people have leadership skills, but, the best thing about them is that they are compassionate leaders. So, if they become a leader, they will not be the next Hitler.

Cancer Leo Cusp People are Entertaining 

They’re emotional and very sensitive at one point, but they can also be sarcastically funny at the same time. It is quite entertaining to see them schooling others. They’re hilarious. 

Besides, if they’re hurt, they will cheer themselves up without needing external intervention. And that’s a wonderfully rare quality. 

Cancer Leo Cusp People are Loyal Passionate Lovers 

Cancer-Leo Cusp people are true lovers. When they fall in love, they will give their heart and soul to their partner. 

A Cancer-Leo cusp personality is so assuring that other people want to share secrets with these people. 

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Cancer Leo Cusp People are Alluring 

Many people get attracted to Cancer-Leo cusp borns. Blame it on their personality! They are dynamic people and their humor shines through at every junction of life. 

If they become a leader, there’s a possibility that people will listen to them and do as they please. The empathetic nature will take a Cancer Leo cusp to different places! 

2 Negative Personality Traits of Women and Men Born During the Cancer Leo Cusp 

Cancer Leo Cusp People can be Overly Sensitive 

A Cancer Leo cusp person feels too much. Since this is the ‘Cusp of Oscillation’, its natives keep oscillating between the personalities of the Moon and the Sun. If someone throws this cusp off the balance, these people can get very sensitive and also aggressive. This is the one rare reason that can make a person born during the Cancer Leo Cusp a difficult friend or a family member. 

Cancer Leo Cusp People Can be self-absorbed 

Cancer Leo cusp people are way ahead of their peers. That’s not bad until it either makes these people egoistic or too self-absorbed. 

Of course, these people are compassionate and helpful, but there can be times when they would only think about their emotions, failures, and victories. 

Cancer Leo Cusp Compatibility: How to attract a Cancer Leo Cusp Man and a Cancer Leo Cusp Woman?

Love is in the air, isn’t it? You’ve fallen in love with a Cancer-Leo cusp person and want to know how to attract him or her. If yes, then we’d say, when we talk about Cancer Leo cusp compatibility, it means these people need someone loving, caring, and a hopeless romantic. 

Cancer-Leo cusp people have so much to offer that they want a partner who deserves all of it. Earth signs – Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo – are perfect for a Cancer Leo cusp person because Earth signs are going to keep cancer and Leo cusp people balanced in tricky situations. Water signs – Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio – are also a good fit for Cancer Leo cusp people. 

Bear in mind, cancer/Leo cusp people need someone who is going to stick around no matter what happens. No matter the earth shatters or the planet explodes, Cancer Leo cusp people will expect you to be around them! 

How to Attract a Cancer Leo Cusp Man? 

A Cancer Leo cusp man is sensitive, romantic, and lovable. However, he can be very possessive as well. If you wish to attract a Cancer-Leo cusp man, make sure you showcase the same love as he does. 

Showcasing your love and letting him know that you care about him will attract him instantly. More than looks, a Cancer Leo cusp man needs love, assurance, and commitment. 

How to attract a Cancer Leo cusp woman? 

A Cancer Leo cusp woman is well-intentioned and highly empathetic. Don’t break her trust. She trusts people too easily and regrets it later on when people walk all over her. 

She needs a partner who can support her emotionally and physically. Men see her as an erotic, selfless, and fearless creature. Give her the same kind of love that she showers on you.

Cancer Leo Cusp people are serious about love and they want and need a fairytale story. Don’t let them down! They may showcase a shy and emotional side most of the time, but they are fireworks inside the bedroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Cancer Leo cusp compatible with?

Cancer Leo cusp people are compatible with Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer.

2. What is Cancer Leo cusp called?

Cancer Leo cusp is better defined and called the Cusp of Oscillation. A person born during the Cancer Leo cusp dates has many qualities.

3. What are Cancer Leo cusp dates?

Cancer Leo cusp dates fall between 19th July to 25th July.

4. How to attract a Cancer Leo cusp man?

Attracting a Cancer Leo cusp man is not that easy. You have to be a blend of compassion, kindness, and loyalty. He’s a man who needs stability and commitment. Playing with his emotions is a very bad idea.

5. How to attract a Cancer Leo cusp woman?

Give a Cancer Leo cusp woman lots of love and respect (even behind her back). Also, you should be emotionally available for this woman to attract her. She won’t give in until she trusts you. She’s been hurt way too much to be too naive to misjudge a man’s real intentions.

6. What are the positive personality traits of Cancer Leo cusp?

A Cancer-Leo cusp person is positive, emotional, compassionate, kind, energetic, brave, sophisticated, and has excellent taste. These people love their families and they shower tons of gifts on their partners.

7. What are the weaknesses of a Leo Cancer cusp?

Leo Cancer cusp people can be overly sensitive, self-absorbed, and too much dependent once they get in a relationship. So, it’s in your best interest to not throw these people off-balance as they might get aggressive.