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Cancer Stone: The Luckiest Gemstones for Cancerians

Cancer Stone: The Luckiest Gemstones for Cancerians

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Insecure, indecisive, sensitive, loving, and protective – all these words describe a Cancerian perfectly. They’re really caring and loving people. A Cancerian person’s heart is filled with concern, and these people are very close to their families. Once in love, the Cancerian man or a woman gives 100% loyalty and fidelity. 

Since we are talking about Cancerians, many of you would like to know how they can attract good luck. Perhaps wearing the right Cancer stone can help. 

That’s right! This article will highlight the luckiest gemstones for Cancerians. It will not only attract wealth – you can expect good luck, good health, and a promising and fulfilling love life too. 

Let’s dive into the article to find out more about the Cancer birthstone and its many types that can sway luck in your favor.

The Luckiest Gemstones for Cancer Rashi 

Cancer Rashi is one of the most lovable yet sensitive Rashi. People belonging to this zodiac sign are very passionate and love happens to be their biggest priority in life. 

The color of love is red, so Cancerians can turn to the ruby gemstone for luck, love, and money. 

Ruby is a beautiful and wonderful stone. Women adore wearing rubies, but it may or may not have a significant effect on them. However, a Cancerian woman or man wearing a ruby ring or any jewelry piece with rubies will benefit from it. 

Financial gains are possible if a Cancerian wears the deep red gemstone. 

Since the natives are ruled by Planet Mercury, they should wear the deep red ruby as it brings out their best attributes. 

The Best Gemstones for a Cancer Man 

As we suggested before, a Cancer man should wear a ruby ring. These men can also carry a ruby in their wallets, but it might be an unsafe practice. 

Men have very few choices when it comes to jewelry pieces. If you wish to keep your masculinity intact and reap the benefits of the deep red stone, get a ring made. 

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of fake jewelers. Make sure you get the ruby from a genuine source. Only clear and high-carat gemstones can offer astrological benefits. 

Also, if worn as a ring or locket, the stone should touch your skin directly m 

  • The Ruby gemstone harnesses the power of the ruling planet. 
  • Feeling the universal love and leaving behind selfish acts is also possible by wearing this beautiful gemstone. 
  • Ruby has positive effects on the wearer’s personality. 

Cancer men happen to be very sensitive, but they can be highly passionate as well. With ruby on them, there’s a chance that a spark will arise inside them. 

Ruby can fire up the Cancerian’s heart and give rise to passionate feelings. This Cancer stone is beneficial in many ways, so make sure you buy a genuine one. 

Please note that rubies come in various colors. You can wear the deep red ones as they prove to be beneficial for the Cancerian man (and woman). 

The Best Gemstones for a Cancer Woman 

Once again, the best stone for a Cancer woman is ruby. Rubies are a woman’s best friend – they’re better than diamonds if your zodiac sign happens to be Cancer. 

All the credit goes to its beautiful appearance. The deep red and sparkling appearance makes Ruby the topmost choice amongst women. However, Cancerian women should pay more attention to the benefits. 

Since women have a lot of choice in terms of jewelry, they can place the ruby on a necklace, a ring, bracelet, earrings, and so on. However, a ruby ring is something you can wear on a daily basis

Don’t just treat ruby-like an everyday accessory – it has some extraordinary power, especially for Cancerian women (and men). 

The next best choice for a Cancerian woman has to be pearl. Pearls can be worn in the form of necklaces, bracelets, and even a ring. 

Moonstone and emerald are also great for Cancerian women. They’re the next best choices in case you do not wish to wear pearls or rubies. 

Luckiest Gemstones for Cancer Moon Sign – REVEALED 

You need a good-quality pearl to reap the benefits. A 2-carat pearl is recommended in this case. 

Ask the jeweler to fix it on a silver ring as it will bring positive effects. The Cancerian man/woman should wear it on their ring finger to reap maximum benefits. 

Wearing a pearl will prove to be beneficial for the Cancerian man/woman. It will attract wealth and prosperity. Who doesn’t want to earn extra and get more wealth in life? The answer is – EVERYONE. 

Some already have it, and some crave for it. Those who have a lot wish to make more money. If that’s the idea and you’re a Cancerian man/woman, then wear a pearl silver ring. 

It is also believed that pearls can make the Cancerian disease-free and happy. 

Concluding Thoughts 

If you believe in the Astro science behind the mystic powers of gemstones and are positive that wearing a pearl or a ruby ring can be a game-changer, then find a good source to buy the Cancer birthstone

Coral stone is also considered lucky for Cancerians. Coral or moonga can be procured from a jeweler or an experienced astrologer. 

Wealth, good health, love, and a positive mind – all this can be attracted with the right gemstone on your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which gemstone is lucky for Cancer?

Moonstone is the right gemstone for this year since it promotes success in business and love, as well as enhancing intuition and creativity, because the moon rules over those born under the sign of Cancer.

2. What is the lucky color for Cancer?

Cancerians are among the fortunate individuals who have not one, but three lucky colours. BLUE, WHITE, and SEA GREEN are the colours.

3. Can cancerian wear blue sapphire?

Wearing blue sapphire as a birthstone by a native cancer ascendant is almost certainly HARMFUL. Because Saturn rules the 7th and 8th houses in this sign, which is neither exalted nor major, blue sapphire is not suggested for Cancer Ascendants.

4. Can cancerians wear diamond?

Wearing a diamond is beneficial to one’s health. Diamond is regarded auspicious for Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Virgo, and Capricorn ascendants. In specific circumstances, a Cancer zodiac sign native can wear diamonds. In the fields of glamour, cinema, and media, diamond is seen to be good.

5. What is Cancer birthstone color?

Ruby is the birthstone for Cancer. Ruby is a valuable red gem that symbolises self-assurance. Cancer is the star sign of those born between June 20th and July 22nd. Water is the element of Cancer, and the crab is the zodiac sign’s symbol.