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Are you a Capricorn? Find out who your enemies and friends are

Are you a Capricorn? Find out who your enemies and friends are

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Want to know about the goat? Capricornians are extremely hard-working and goal-oriented. They are always serious about their goals at the professional and personal front. Improvement in status is always on their mind. Moreover, they are trustworthy and reliable.

Even though the goat is not exactly an extrovert, they are sincere friends and others can depend on them.

Since we are talking about friendships, you should know about Capricorn friends and enemies.

Here is an articles that unravels the friends and enemies of Capricornians – they say you should keep your enemies closer.

The Best Friend Match for Capricorn

Capricornians are loyal and hardworking. They will be sincere towards their friends. There are times when you feel they are getting distant because of certain goals in life, but when in trouble, these people will always be around you.


Taurus is one of the best match for Capricornians. The friendship between these two is much more precious than diamonds or gold. Both the zodiac individuals will be loving and loyal.

Perhaps the two of you will plan your retirement together and build a fortune as well. When you both get together, you like to discuss your future plans and goals. This pair will be interesting and the friendship will be fruitful as well.


Cancerians are opposites of Capricorn, but the former has the power to melt the latter’s heart. There will be a good balance in this friendship. One is emotionally intelligent and the other is practical. The friendship between you two will be long-lasting.


Videos are compatible with Capricornians. The friendship will last a lifestyle. Since both are earth signs, the individuals will be attracted to security and safety of friends. Capricornians will admire Virgo’s fashion taste. Virgo individuals would love Capricornian’s approach towards business.

The friendship between these two zodiac signs will be fulfilling and fruitful.


Capricornians and Scorpio will treat each other with utter respect. They are comfortable with each other and understand the outlook in life. If any of the two goes silent, the other party understands. Words need not be said – both Capricorn and Scorpio have a good sense of humour. The good thing about both the zodiac is that they know how to maintain relationships.


Capricorn will get along with fellow goats as well. Together they will build a dream team. The two pals can depend on each other and take risks together to make their dreams come true. Goats are gifted individuals because they understand other’s potential. If a fellow Capricornian has a plan or new venture on their mind, their ideas will be welcomed.


Pisces and Capricornians will be good friends. Pisces are a bit impractical, but they learn to be responsible and sensible in your company. There will be storm-like situations in a Pisces’ life, but Capricornians will ensure that everything is streamlined and in sync. Pisces friends will always stick with you and give a shoulder to cry on as well.

Revealing Capricorn enemies

When we talk about Capricorn enemies, there are only two zodiac signs that fit the position. However, hatred and enemity are negative emotions. They do not make you a better person. There are chances you will be able to be friends with these zodiac signs at some point. Adjustment would be needed in this case.


Capricorn cannot get along with Aries. They are different personalities, so friendship would be difficult. Aries like to look forward to everything and Capricornians tend to look back. Capricornians like to stay cool whereas Aries are hot-headed. Aries are competitive and they always want to be ahead in the race, but Capricornians like to enjoy life. Ariana are always on fast-track mode, but Capricornians like to slow down a bit and do things at a comfortable pace.


Librans and Capricornians are different from each other. Capricornians will deal with facts whereas Librans like to play with concepts. Librans can be a bit dreamy and Capricornians are practical and realistic. The seriousness in Capricornians can drive a Libran crazy. This is not exactly a match made in heaven.

Concluding Thoughts

Now that you are aware of Capricorn friends and enemies, it will be easier to make wise decisions. Although you should not hate anyone because life is short and there is as much time.

Make new friends, try to adjust at times, and if you do not get along with someone, try to communicate with the other person. Communication is powerful, so make sure you do not judge someone based on their zodiac sign.

Feel free to connect with one and all and try to find out whether you are comfortable with the person or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Capricorns best friend?

A Capricorns best friend would be Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, or Taurus.

2. Which horoscope does Capricorn hate?

Capricorn hates Aries because they are hot-headed and fast-paced.

3. Who Capricorns should avoid?

Capricorn should avoid Sagittarius, Aries, and Libra.

4. Are Capricorns loyal?

Capricorns can be stubborn at times, but they are loyal towards the person they love.