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9 Signs a Capricorn man is playing you – [BONUS] Tips on what to do with a Capricorn Man Player

9 Signs a Capricorn man is playing you – [BONUS] Tips on what to do with a Capricorn Man Player

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In case you have been searching for “Capricorn man is playing you ” or “are Capricorn man players “, then you are at the right place.

A person born under the Capricorn zodiac sign will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. They are so motivated by desire and the hunger for success that the price is irrelevant. Even if the price is paid in human emotions. Have you started to feel that you may be in a similar circumstance?

Possibly, Capricorn man is playing you. However, he will make it incredibly difficult for you to determine if he is truly in love with you or simply using you.

The question then becomes how can you determine his strategy? What are the indications that a Capricorn man is not interested in a serious relationship with you?

Here are 9 unmistakable signs that a Capricorn man is playing you:-

9 Signs a Capricorn man is playing you

1. You are NOT part of his social circle

Although he spends time with you and takes you on dates, you have yet to meet his pals. When he makes plans with his friends, he always excludes you.

It is possible that he has not introduced you to any of his friends. If the latter is true, it is unmistakable evidence that the Capricorn man is playing you.

If his friends are aware of your presence, that is the extent of their knowledge. You’ve not spent much time with them. Neither does your Capricorn male appear motivated to make it occur.

2. He has NOT made the relationship Public

Are you now an Instagram official? If not, then are you two a couple in the eyes of your friends?

If you answered no to both of these questions, please answer the next one. What happens when you discuss making your relationship public? Does he feel uneasy about it?

He could be one of those individuals that like to keep their personal lives private.

There is a simple way to determine if he belongs in that category. Were his colleagues and friends aware of his additional relationships? If they were, and his approach to you has altered, you should be wary about his commitment to this relationship.

3. He does NOT talk about his personal life

The Capricorn male is not an incurable romantic. Likewise, he is a very private person. When it comes to the lady he loves, though, she does reveal details about his life. Ultimately, even the most reclusive individual requires a confidante.

Therefore, ask yourself how much you know about him. Do you know more about him than his peers?

Perhaps you are not that far along in your relationship. But does he answer when you inquire about his life? Does he willingly discuss his day and what is occurring in his life? Does he express his emotions to you?

If you answered no to all of these questions, a Capricorn man is not interested in you. He is simply playing you.

4. He is NOT romantic

Capricorn man is not hopeless romantics. He isn’t very skilled at making huge gestures. However, he retains an element of romance. The Capricorn man exerts effort for the woman he cherishes.

He would accompany her on dates. Buy her gifts. And demonstrate his affection for you with acts or words. I’m not suggesting you should only mistrust him in the absence of all this evidence. Even if he is playing you, he will attempt to maintain your interest.

But do his efforts appear insincere? And the randomness of his efforts will be eerie. Like each time you threaten to leave or call the relationship into question. Then most certainly a Capricorn man is not interested in you. He is simply playing you.

5. No matter how hard you try, you cannot alter the situation

And you have attempted to convey all of your concerns to him. You’ve informed him that you’re feeling ignored. And you have also attempted to improve the situation. But none of your efforts has yielded results.

Then most certainly a Capricorn man is not interested in you. He is simply playing you.

6. He enjoys showing you off, yet in private he’s quite aloof

Here is yet another circumstance you may encounter. Your Capricorn guy is a gentleman in public around you. You are acquainted with all of his acquaintances, and he frequently takes you out to meet them. You are also invited to his office gatherings. He enjoys telling the world that you are his girlfriend.

But when you and your partner are alone, the situation changes dramatically.

In private, he appears completely unconcerned. He rarely initiates contact unless you do so first. Or he has a requirement. He pays no attention to you while no one else is present. He utilises you just to improve his social standing. Consider what he gains by being affiliated with you.

7. He lacks real concern for you

This gets me to my subsequent point. He engages in just superficial activities. Gifts, movie evenings, dates, etc. In contrast, he is not concerned with matters of greater significance.

Does he contact you when you become ill? Consider your health or offer you delicious food while you are ill. Is he attentive when you describe your difficulties? A dispute at the workplace or with a friend. Or anything that causes you distress.

If you answered no to all of these questions, a Capricorn man is not interested in you. He is simply playing you.

8. You have no place in his existence

In general, Capricorns prioritize their work above all else. Even married Capricorns place their family low on their list of priorities. Therefore, it is acceptable if you are not his number one priority. His labor and goals will always surpass yours.

However, are you even on the list of top priorities? Does he ever prioritize you and your requirements? Does he care at all about your problems and well-being?

If you answered no to all of these questions, a Capricorn man is not interested in you. He is simply playing you.

9. He flirts with others

Capricorns are not notorious for being dishonest. When they commit to someone, they do not play games.

However, that is not what you see or hear.

You are aware of his accomplishments. You observe him flirting with other ladies at parties and other social gatherings. Do you hear from his pals that he is still infatuated with his ex-girlfriend? Or that he was socializing with an unknown woman? You should probably take immediate action on this.

[BONUS] What to do with a Capricorn Man Player?

1. Put down your foot

If you want things to turn out the way you desire, you must begin by establishing clear expectations. You want him to stop treating you like a side girl and take you more seriously.

2. This is what you must convey to him

Make it clear to him that the current arrangement is unacceptable.

He may have no idea that this is the situation. In this scenario, you are exposing him to possibilities he has likely never considered.

And if he says he doesn’t want what you desire, it is time to proceed. renounce all intimacy.

3. Take Action

Either cut him off or seek other men, but refrain from making empty threats. Once this Capricorn man realizes you’re serious, he’ll either end your casual connection and stop talking to you, or he’ll kick every other woman out of his bed and choose to be with you.

4. Time to move on

If you have done all possible and the Capricorn man has not changed his mind, you must move on. If he has decided he is not interested, it will be difficult to convince him otherwise. In addition, allowing yourself to be strung along will not make a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are capricorn men players?

As with most aspects of his life, the Capricorn male takes love seriously. He is neither a player nor a flirt. He believes in true love, will patiently wait for it, and will work hard to retain it once he finds it.

2. How does a capricorn man test a woman?

Capricorn men place a strong emphasis on loyalty, and they want a partner that shares this trait. If you can demonstrate your loyalty, he will be more inclined to pursue you.

3. Are capricorn men liars?

Capricorn’s lies are nearly tough to detect. You may be scared to ask him if what he’s saying is the truth, but that won’t get you very far because he covers his tracks by claiming he never lies.

4. Signs a capricorn man is not into you?

They despise self-important people, along with moochers, liars, flakes, and gossips, which is understandable. Capricorns can distinguish between intelligent and irritating behaviour with ease and despise the latter.