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Know Your Child’s Strengths as Per Birth Number

Know Your Child’s Strengths as Per Birth Number

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Strengths and weaknesses in an individual are mostly ruled by the birth numbers

According to numerology, an individual’s birth date influences a significant portion of their personality. The birth numbers largely govern the highs and lows, strengths and weaknesses.

A person’s birth number is calculated by adding the digits of their birth date. A person born on the 14th of the month, for example, will have the birth number 1+4=5

In this article, we will look at the good characteristics of a child based on their birth date.

Birth Number 1

According to numerology experts, children with birth number 1 represent freedom and independence. These children have a free-spirited personalities.  They value and respect the independence and use it to make key life decisions. Number one persons are also thought to be born leaders.

Birth Number 2

Children with birth number 2 are related to empathy and kindness. Children born on this date are known for their compassionate disposition and are looked up to for their problem-solving abilities. Number 2 birth number kids are natural buddies who take great satisfaction in being with their friends.

Birth Number 3

Children with birth number 3 are naturally social. They are the life of the party and always bring a smile to everyone’s face. Number 3 children are known for their ingenuity and are appreciated by both instructors and peers.

Birth Number 4

The greatest strength of those born with the birth number 4 is their practicality. They are obsessed with facts and rely on statistics to make decisions. A firm believer in reality, four children are expected to excel in scientific fields.

Birth Number 5

 Children with birth number 5 are adventure lovers. While this may give parents a headache, the good news is that these children find their own happy place without relying on anyone.

Birth Number 6

Children with birth number 6 have the ability to shoulder responsibilities from a very young age. These children take care of people, and also take care of their emotions.

Known for their humanitarian roles, these children are much valued by people.

Birth Number 7

Children with Birth Number 7 are firm believers in truth. Overthinking holds them back, yet their desire for truth and respect for honesty distinguishes them from others.

Birth Number 8

If anyone is ambitious, it should be a child with birth number 8. Their intense focus on goals enables them to attain success early in life. They do not leave anything till it is completed, from finance to everything else.

Birth Number 9

Children with birth number 9 place humanity above all else. Even if they have their own problems, they make an effort to support others. They are known as givers because they will go to any length to assist others.