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Who is Chris Mortensen Son? What Happened To Chris Mortensen?

Who is Chris Mortensen Son? What Happened To Chris Mortensen?

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The sports journalistic community is in sorrow following the sad news that Chris Mortensen, a cherished figure recognized for his extensive NFL coverage for ESPN, passed suddenly on Sunday morning at 72.

Mortensen has left the football reporting industry after an impressive career spanning more than 30 years, during which he was known for his unparalleled commitment to the sport.

What Happened To Chris Mortensen?

From 2016 onward, Chris Mortensen has been vocal about his battle with throat cancer. Sharing the news that he had Stage IV throat cancer, he made his announcement public. Despite this obstacle, Mortensen persisted in using his profession to express his love for football. He continued to report and analyze games with remarkable strength.

Even after receiving his diagnosis, Mortensen remained resolute. Despite his illness, he continued to work for ESPN, making contributions and even covering the NFL draft in April, the month before he retired. His courageous battle with cancer served as an example of the strength that can overcome adversity. Although it was a tribute to Mortensen’s strength that he battled cancer, it was ultimately the cause of his death.

Since joining ESPN in 1991, Chris Mortensen has been an integral part of the network’s coverage of the National Football League. Among his many ground-breaking news pieces was the 2016 exclusive on Peyton Manning’s retirement. It is a tribute to his lasting impact in sports journalism that the Pro Football Writers of America honored him with the Dick McCann Award that same year for his work.

Who is the son of Chris Mortensen?

Alex Mortensen is the name of Chris Mortensen’s son. The dual roles of coach and former NFL quarterback have brought Alex widespread renown. He continued his family’s tradition of football success by playing the game and eventually taking up coaching.

As a young football player, Alex Mortensen showed promise as a quarterback. After retiring from playing, he turned his attention to coaching, where he could put his extensive background to use. His commitment and love for the game of football shone through during his whole career.

Alex Mortensen has devoted his coaching career to sharing his knowledge with teams and players so that they can reach their full potential. His coaching skills and dedication to the sport have left an indelible impression on the football community, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

much if Alex Mortensen’s achievements in football are noteworthy in and of itself, the fact that he is related to Chris Mortensen gives his story much more weight. Their combined contributions to football have been immense, and they will be remembered by fans and players alike.

Who was Chris Mortensen?

Chris Mortensen was a famous American journalist who covered football and other sports extensively. He contributed reporting and analysis to numerous shows for the widely-watched sports network ESPN. Mortensen was well-respected by both his peers and fans for his work in sports media.

The career of Mortensen, who was born on November 7, 1951, in Torrance, California, began after he discovered he couldn’t continue playing sports after high school. Before taking his career to bigger stages at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The National, he began his career as a writer with the Torrance, California, Daily Breeze. Over the course of his career, Mortensen received numerous honors for his investigative reporting and sports coverage, especially of NFL clubs.

Mortensen was involved in the Deflategate affair and criticized for endorsing Domino’s Pizza without revealing money, among other scandals. Nevertheless, he was successful overall. Nevertheless, his influence on sports journalism is undeniable, as his writings molded the way sports fans comprehend and participate in the sporting world. Those who value Mortensen’s impact in the field will remember and honor his legacy for a long time to come.


Throughout his impressive career, sports writer and columnist Chris Mortensen contributed substantially to journalism. While working for the Daily Breeze in Torrance, California, he got his start in the industry and eventually became well-known for his contributions. Mortensen’s hard work and talent got him jobs covering sports for bigger magazines like The National and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Nevertheless, it was upon joining ESPN in 1991 that Mortensen’s career truly blossomed. His reporting and commentary for ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, Monday Night Countdown, Sports Center, ESPN Radio, and made him a recognized face to sports fans. A respected figure in the field of sports media, his analysis and reporting on the National Football League were invaluable.

The George Polk Award and the National Headliner Award for Investigative Reporting were just two of the many honors bestowed upon Mortensen during the course of his distinguished career. Mortensen was committed to his art no matter how many controversies he encountered. Both fans and colleagues in the field of sports writing continue to honor his legacy for the impact he had on the profession.


Throughout his life and career, Chris Mortensen was supported by his close-knit family. He and Micki Mortensen had a son, Alex Mortensen, during their marriage. Just like his famous father before him, Alex became a coach and even tried to make it as a professional quarterback. Chris Mortensen was probably quite proud of his son’s accomplishments both on and off the field, and the fact that the Mortensen family shared a love of football probably helped bring them even closer.

Like many members of his family, Chris Mortensen was very committed to his Christian faith. No doubt, his faith was a compass that helped him navigate the ups and downs of life. Mortensen persevered through adversity, including his fight with throat cancer, and his example of courage and drive served as an inspiration to many.

Chris Mortensen’s tragic death at the age of 72 on March 3, 2024, was the tragic conclusion to his fight with cancer. Both Mortensen’s contributions to the field of sports writing and the love and care he received from his family members enable his legacy to endure.

How Rich Is Chris Mortensen?

As of 2024, 6 million dollars was Chris Mortensen’s net worth.