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Cindy Landolt Age: Know Her, Height, Boyfriend, and Net Worth

Cindy Landolt Age: Know Her, Height, Boyfriend, and Net Worth

An exceptionally talented athlete, Cindy Landolt possesses one of the most bizarre bodies you will ever lay eyes on. By applying what she learned in the gym, she went from being a model and bodybuilder to becoming a personal trainer for famous people and regular people. How she achieved her level of accomplishment is detailed in her biography.

How Old is Cindy Landolt?

The daughter of a long-distance Swiss Master Cyclist, Cindy Landolt was born in 1985 in Wetzikon, Switzerland. It appeared from the beginning that her life would be filled with activity. She began her gymnastics training at the tender age of five, thus this turned out to be true as well. She began to improve her athletic figure at a young age through ballet, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, and hiking, among other activities.


Cindy started her journey towards fitness at a young age. She became very good at gymnastics after taking it up. Her lifestyle has always been full of activity. By 2001, when Cindy was sixteen years old, she had become too big and heavy to participate in gymnastics. Still, she went to the gym with the hopes of shaping her ideal body, capitalizing on her genes. She fell head over heels for fitness and weightlifting very quickly. Consequently, she decided to make a name for herself in the fitness business and enrolled at the Swiss Academy of Fitness and Sport to acquire accreditation as a fitness instructor.

Cindy is now qualified to work as a certified fitness coach thanks to her three years of college education. The next step was for her to begin making plans to start her own business.

Cindy advertised her personal training services online. A large online following as a fitness coach and Cindy’s personal body, with an emphasis on her abs, had been formed by 2016. So that her fans may join her in Zurich, Switzerland, she established a personal training facility.

Cindy Landolt Boyfriend

She is reportedly not in a relationship at the moment. A lack of desire in marriage is something she has said on social media.

Cindy Landolt Height and Weight

By all accounts, the fitness sensation is towering over the crowd with a ripped figure. She seems to be about 1.79 meters (5 feet 11 inches) tall.

Cindy Landolt Net Worth

The Wealth of Cindy LandoltCindy Landolt is worth an estimated $2 million.