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Clairalience definition: What does it mean and what are the benefits of being a clairalience psychic?

Clairalience definition: What does it mean and what are the benefits of being a clairalience psychic?

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Ever heard the words, Sixth Sense or Intuitive Power? Well, those are the kinds of superpowers that astrology believes in. There are different kinds of psychic abilities that you may or may not possess. And one of those abilities that can also be developed is known as clairalience.

Clariarience definition is related to a heightened level of smell that one can relate to predicting the emotions of a person. 

A highly experienced clairalience psychic can also see the future and communicate with spirits. 

Wondering whether you have this amazing ability? Well, this guide will take you through the actual clairalience definition, how you can identify if you are a clairalience psychic, what different smells mean, and a lot more. Take a plunge and explore all the secrets. 

Clairalience definition: Should you be scared if you have psychic abilities?

Let’s face it: each one of us has had the dream of being Spider-Man or Superman or any other superhero at some point in time. 

A clairalience psychic ability isn’t any different from having a superpower. The only difference is that whilst superheroes from movies are fictional characters, clairalience psychics are very much real. 

Being a clairalience psychic means you can identify spiritual smells that others can’t. Those smells could be a good omen or a bad omen. You’re very much capable of helping others. In fact, you yourself become a lot peaceful since you’re able to meditate better and relax.

Top 3 Signs that you’re a clairalience being

It’s an absolute waste of talent when someone is unaware of the superpowers that they have. If you do have a heightened sense of smell but you’re not sure if you’re really a clairalience

person, the following signs might help you. 

Detecting the smell of deceased people

It’s more than nostalgia. It feels real because a deceased member might actually be trying to communicate with you from a different realm. 

If it’s just you who’s detecting this smell, not once but frequently, and the smell is invoking an uncanny feeling that somebody is trying to talk to you, it’s a strong sign that you have clairalience psychic abilities. 

You smell odors that nobody else can 

Have you been detecting the smell of roses although there are none? Have you been able to smell something rotten in a house while others can’t smell a thing? Have you been getting sudden bouts of sneezing whenever an unknown smell hits your nose? If yes, you could be a clairalience psychic unaware of your powers yet. 

Bear in mind, if anybody else around you can perceive those smells but not as strongly as you do, you don’t have to be disheartened. Since your sense of smell is heightened than others, you can practice meditation and become a clairalience being. 

How to develop clairalience abilities?

Now, we can’t make you Spider-Man. But what we can do – with the help of astrology – is groom you to become a clairalience being. Here’s how you can develop this ability:

  1. Start meditating while thinking about different smells. You can also keep different things around you with strong odors while meditating. It will heighten your sense of smell. 
  2. Practice a lot since practice really does make a man (and woman) perfect. Smell a lot of things. You can also invite your friends over and try to predict their moods and emotions based on what you’re smelling. 
  3. Focus on keeping certain crystals around you while you’re meditating. Use those crystals that are known to open the throat chakra and root chakra. When these chakras open, they give you psychic abilities since they will bring you closer to the spiritual world. In fact, the root chakra is associated with the sense of smell. 

3 Most Important Smells and their Meaning 

Now that you know clairalience definition and clairalience meaning, you might be interested to know the meaning of certain smells that you could be feeling around you. Here’s a quick section!

Demonic Smell 

Demonic smells are something that isn’t good. It could be the smell of a dead body, sulfur, or rotting food and garbage. When there’s no source of demonic smells around and it’s just you who’s smelling them, it means there are evil spirits around

Smell of Roses

This is probably the best smell that is a clear indication that there’s a guardian Angel around you. It’s especially true if you feel this smell while worshiping or meditating and there are no roses around you. It also means you have the blessings of God and that a Holy Spirit is taking care of you

Smell of Places 

Some people call it nostalgia. But, nostalgia doesn’t have a smell now, does it? 

There are two kinds of meanings here. 

  1. If you can actually smell a place from your past, it means your Guardian Angel is watching over you and nothing bad will happen.
  2. If you are constantly feeling the smell of a place you haven’t even visited yet, you’re about to meet somebody. 

Did you know that some people report smelling a wet dog after their dog has died? If you do too, it means the spirit of your pet is still lingering around, protecting you and your house.

The benefits of being a clairalience psychic

Do you mean other than the fact that you really have superpowers? Well, for one, you can detect smells from your past and use them to identify what your current life’s purpose is

Clearly, you’re one of those very few people who aren’t confused about the purpose they were born to serve. Other than that:

  1. You’ll be extremely peaceful and calm because you’re able to meditate. Since you’ll be able to see beyond money and materialism, you’ll be happier and closer to your spirit guide and higher beings. 
  2. You will be able to help others using your powers to identify the smell of spirits. 

Concluding Thoughts:

Clairalience definition doesn’t deviate from the fact that you have a heightened sense of smell that only you can feel, not anybody else. You can use this power for the greater good, connect with the spiritual realm, and identify the goal behind your life. 

If you’re not currently a clairalience being, you can still be one. We hope that you’ve understood the meaning of clairalience and will now be able to evolve as a clairalience psychic.