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Crystal Tortoise: Whats its Relevance and Placement in Vedic Astrology?

Crystal Tortoise: Whats its Relevance and Placement in Vedic Astrology?

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Ever seen a crystal tortoise in Indian households? It’s significant in both Feng Shui and Vastu. You might have seen, ‘Finding Nemo’ movie. If yes, you will remember the tortoise saying that he’s 150 years old. Well, a tortoise lives a very long life, so it represents longevity. 

Most Feng Shui and Vastu experts would recommend older people keep a crystal tortoise to extend their lifespan. 

Moreover, crystal tortoise can also help with Vastu refinement because it harmonizes and balances the world around us. So, if Vastu dosha has been haunting your life, the crystal tortoise will remove that negativity too.

Just because you have a crystal tortoise doesn’t mean it will be effective. If you want to reap the benefits of feng shui, you have to plan the object in a specific orientation. 

In case you place the tortoise in the wrong location, you won’t be able to reap the benefits. 

Whether it’s your home or workplace, you need to place these objects in an appropriate space.

Here’s an article that highlights the four heavenly creatures, the different types of tortoise for home, their placement, and the benefits of keeping a crystal tortoise at home and workplace. 

Let’s dive right in to find out more on this subject. 

The Four Heavenly Creatures – Revealed by FENG-SHUI 

The tortoise is one of the 4 heavenly creatures and it is considered to be the guardian. 

The other creatures include the green dragon, red phoenix, and white tiger. As per feng shui experts, these four creatures are in charge of an individual’s vitality. Having these creatures at home will be beneficial, but you need to understand where these need to be kept inside the home. 

Relevance of the Tortoise in Feng Shui and Vastu 

The tortoise signifies longevity. The crystal can be kept in the home or the workplace. It purifies the environment and cleans the energy of the home. 

We must keep it with us all the time to get rid of bad energy. Placing the crystal on your study table can be beneficial as it improves the overall concentration. 

If you have a child at home who is not able to concentrate on studies, you can keep the crystal tortoise on their study table. It will prove to be beneficial for the child. 

We will tell you more about the placement of the crystal tortoise, but let’s first understand the different types of tortoises that are available and their relevance. 

Which tortoise is good for money? 

You shall find that out very soon! Just look at the upcoming sections.

The Metal Tortoise 

The Metal tortoise should be placed towards the north-west or north direction. If you put it in the north, it will enhance your focus and bring good fortune. 

The Wooden tortoise 

As per Vastu Shastra, a wooden tortoise should be placed in the southeast or east direction. It is helpful in blocking bad energies. 

The wooden tortoise brings positive energy into your home and excellent luck as well. There are Vastu and Feng-shui experts that believe a wooden tortoise can bring good fortune, joy, and wealth as well. 

The Crystal Tortoise 

A crystal tortoise looks beautiful in any corner, but you should keep it in the northwest or southwest directions. 

  • As per feng-shui experts, you should place them in the southwest zone if you want to attract wealth.
  • North-west zone placement is meant for bringing renown. This placement also lengthens a person’s lifespan. 

The Earthen Tortoise 

The Earthen tortoise or wooden one is placed in the Southeast or East direction. It brings tranquillity, harmony, peace, and all kinds of riches. 

These were the four kinds of tortoises/turtles you can place inside your home or workplace. If the placement is wrong, it might attract bad energy or there will be no effect. Hence, make sure you place it correctly. 

The Placement of Crystal Tortoise 

Now that you are aware of the different types of tortoises, let’s cut back to the chase and understand the right crystal tortoise face direction at home.  

  • Place it in the north sector of the home. 
  • Place it in the east direction for improved health. 
  • In case of insomnia or general sleep troubles, keep the crystal tortoise towards your head while sleeping. 
  • A crystal tortoise should be kept on a yellow cloth in case you are placing it in the temple. 
  • You can place the crystal tortoise inside a locker for a good flow of money. 
  • In case you own a shop, place the tortoise in a cash drawer of the showroom. It will boost the overall sales. 
  • Place the crystal tortoise under full moonlight to energize it. 
  • In case you are not using the crystal tortoise, keep it in a cotton bag and hide it. 

Please, Note: You must get the crystal tortoise – any crystal in general – cleansed and activated before using it. It should also be energized. Meet a feng-shui and Vastu expert as they know about the Vedic mantras/phrases that are used to energize and cleanse the crystals and gemstones. 

Concluding Thoughts 

The crystal tortoise is able to attract money, a lengthy lifespan, and lots and lots of good luck. It is a stress-relieving stone that looks gorgeous in a home setting. The crystal will also improve focus and help you study better. Perhaps you need to get one for your home. 

Make sure it is cleansed and energized as you don’t know where it has been before it arrived at your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do you keep a crystal tortoise?

According to Vastu Shastra, the tortoise figurine should be positioned in the north direction. Kuber, the Lord of Wealth, is in charge of the direction. It’s worth noting that Vastu Shastra recommends having a crystal tortoise facing north in your home or office.

2. Which tortoise is good for money?

Keep a couple of tortoises together in the family to avert any family strife. Silver tortoise is beneficial for commerce and business, whereas black tortoise is good for career. Money troubles are kept at bay by the crystal tortoise. Tortoise also contributes to the preservation of peace and prosperity.

3. Is it necessary to keep crystal tortoise water?

The crystal tortoise should be positioned in the south west or north west. If you want to put a tortoise family in your living room, this is the greatest option because it will improve family unity. Water is required for tortoise figurines.

4. Which type of tortoise is lucky?

Certain animal statues are considered lucky in Vastu, such as the green dragon, red phoenix, white tiger, and black tortoise.

5. What do turtles symbolize in the Bible?

In Christianity, the turtle represents a burdened human, drawing a parallel between the thick shell it carries and the heretics’ sins. It’s also thought to be a nasty, dirty combat spirit. Because of its lengthy life, the turtle has a biblical meaning of immortality.